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  1. 17 minutes ago, Robin Evans said:

    Relax Colin. Have a Rolo.

    Soon be the new season... my 49th... yours many more. Just enjoy.

    Hi Robin, yes it is my 84th season of watching and participating. You are right been through a lot in the past. Just been having memories of three of the mates I lost in Egypt and Cyprus. I will just sit back and enjoy. Nobody wants my help anyway. Nice to hear from you. UTR. Just thought if I have a Rolo I could give them a mint. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, POR said:

    colin he was earning around $850,000 per-year, that's over £ 400000 in proper money 


    Sorry misread the figures. That is a lot of money. Not going to find that down the back of the settee.  Roughly £200  a head per supporter. Not going to work for full amount. So where is the money coming from if we sign him?

  3. 2 hours ago, POR said:

    All fans need to  look down the back of the settee to get some pennies to pay his contract 🤣

    How long was his contract for the $80,000? If only for one year with us how much is needed? Nothing down back of settee and have paid £30 extra for my season ticket. Would like to help but need to see the overall financial picture. 

  4. 57 minutes ago, POR said:

    Not yet Colin  but sometimes getting owt out of the club is like getting blood out of a stone however apparently  we have still to announce some very exciting signings moving forward.🤣

    Thanks POR.

  5. On 06/11/2021 at 08:42, POR said:

    Interesting take on his alleged signing JSL no longer on the quota but why is that a story we're not known for filling up our quota of overseas players


    Got his clearing now for signing.

  6. Our name is famous. Think of what we have accomplished.  People from surrounding areas come to us . In the old days I used to monitor trains running from railways stations to Featherstone full of suuporters. The size of the town is not important it is the way it is used with its assets to attract people into the greound and surrounmding areas. KEEP  the name and do some successful marketing and  use the land and resources to the best of our ability. If I was using Featherstone assets I would diversify and go down other paths of income raising. Use your products to the best of their ability. What do people spend their money on? Find the output and go for it. Name change? Forget it. We are a pround club with great traditions. UTR.  

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  7. Having read about this match I tried to see if it was being shown on television. Nothing on Sky and then  I found it was on BBC at 2pm. Looking in the RL Express under the heading French Round Up I found a reference to the match and it showed 15.30. I will of course follow the TV schedule but the lead up to the match is a bit confusing. So roll on 2pm on BBC One . 

  8. Haven't had a vote since Tuesday. So overall we had the Championship League winner as Hall. The semi final winner was Halton and the Final winner was Ferres. So a big thank you to all the players for what was overall a good season's perfdormance. Here's to next seaon. UTR. Thanks to everybody for their contributions.

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