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  1. 39 minutes ago, Rowan said:

    Surely it is only in the third tier semi-professional Rugby League that  somebody can come along, willing to spend their own money to bring the sport to a place where there are not a dozen or more clubs already scrambling around to attract the same customers only to be told it can't be done and anyway we don't want you breaking into our private little  world because you are too faraway. 

    Of course it may flop just like a few others in the past and League One clubs will have to fork out a few extra pounds to travel to Cornwall (they wont have to travel  twice ALLTHE WAY up to Cumbria next season. but they are not about to raid the diminishing player pool (at least not by much) so let's give it a go and give Perez and Co a chance. If all the doom merchants get their way and it does fail in the end it is hardly going to be earth shattering  - just confirmation that the game is for North of England and Southern France and that the elite (currently called Super League) is nothing more than The Trans-Pennine and District League.(plus French guests).

    I know the last sentence is tongue in cheek but unfortunately it’s true

  2. 6 hours ago, Johnoco said:

    After the split in 1906, the soccer side of Bradford FC, Bradford Park Avenue applied -and got- membership of the Southern League (after Fulham joined the Football League) This was before cars or even coaches were widely available. 

    So it's nothing new.....

    Think England used to play in Australia pre flights😀

  3. 9 hours ago, Johnoco said:

    Let's phrase that another way.

    Why do clubs who have achieved pretty much nothing since the formation of the Northern Union and bring very little to the table apart from sentimentality, have the power to drag the game down to their level? 

    Woah woah woah !!! Assume your talking about Huntley and keighley there. Both denied access to the promised land. Oldham and swinton were also big names from yesteryear

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  4. 11 hours ago, Tommygilf said:

    What bad publicity though? Literally nobody batted an eyelid at any of the failed Southern expansion teams demises. It doesn't register on either their own local radar or even to the broader RL radar except maybe briefly because of the publicity (or rather lack of) devoted to League 1.

    Nobody loses here. Either Cornwall are a success and RL has a new home in the South West, or they fail and RL has spent virtually nothing save a bit of time in a club that barely registered whilst someone else has spent their own money, whilst leaving a number of people with a new interest in RL.

    I find the "bad publicity" argument naïve at best, disingenuous at worst. I take no notice because the same criticisms are levelled at seemingly everyone who wasn't there in 1960 and tried to join since; including might I add, Sheffield and Manchester.

    I don't actually blame some of the existing clubs for this, we're asking a lot of very small organisations and indeed asking them to operate way beyond their current capabilities. But if you keep asking the people who can't why you shouldn't then you'll get the same responses.

    Funny that. I know loads of people who don’t follow rl cos they think it’s A joke

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