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  1. Play offs are not needed in any of the leagues
  2. DEANO


    The question of crowd figures has been mentioned loads of times. Isn’t it time whoever is in charge to tell the public why attendance’s aren’t published
  3. Don’t think it matters who your next coach is. There is always some other club with a bit more brass
  4. So nobody ever gets injured
  5. I have the programme to prove it gary
  6. Wasn’t there a lot of criteria set 20 odd years ago when sky bought the game. You know. The ones that weren’t adhered to cos their face fitted or didn’t. Just saying like. Enjoy your friendlies
  7. So if it was not fit for purpose before but you got away with it why change now
  8. Your 1st paragraph states you’d be out without the improvements. So why have you been in all these years. Or are these new rules
  9. Don’t think I’ve ever agreed with anything you have said before but on this occasion I think your right
  10. Totally agree gav. Just wish they hadn’t have said price freeze
  11. Well he did say teams like fev shouldn’t be in super league
  12. Brilliant result which shows investing heavily doesn’t always work
  13. I’m not the one complaining
  14. Perhaps you could buy him out and then you could tell us all what’s happening
  15. Let’s not forget this Leigh squad wont be allowed in super greed
  16. Nobody is promoted yet. If batley do the unthinkable and beat leigh they wouldn’t want to go up. Does that mean Toulouse are safe. Just asking
  17. I guess your in the know. You know how and if he trains and his attitude to buying into systems
  18. Don’t forget fev spend heavily for what
  19. Watched the game in the tavern. Immensely proud of the lads. Could of completely rolled over but kept trying to the very end against a full time side who wouldn’t look out of place in super greed or the nrl against a patched up York side including a couple of kids
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