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  1. What the rules about playing the ball?
  2. Thanks for pointing out my mistake
  3. What are the rules regarding penalty try’s. saints would definitely scored had the winger not been fouled
  4. Noooooooo. I mean has fordy been announced. Think he’s out of contract soon
  5. 2 incumbents of sl have never met the criteria
  6. Not every club in super league right now is eligible to play in the top flight without serious upgrades
  7. Why hasn’t it. After all they did with Paris Catalan Newcastle Widnes and London
  8. If Toulouse don’t win next week they don’t deserve to be in super league
  9. Of that there is no doubt. Till they are forced to merge with other clubs for the “ good “ of the game
  10. They are indeed but if that’s how you measure “ massive success “………
  11. You forget to mention Oxford Gloucester Scarborough Carlisle Nottingham Toronto Kent Southend various names of Blackpool and I’m sure there are more
  12. There maybe some I the final the week after
  13. When is mr Ford going to sign or have I missed it
  14. Relegation wouldn’t stop you winning this award
  15. Not wanting to take the gloss off havens year as it’s been fab but not sure they would have won their last 3 games had it mattered. Suppose play offs will tell us
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