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  1. A lot of people keep mentioning London for super league. I wonder can anyone explain the criteria they meet
  2. Ditto everyone except Wigan saints and Leeds. How boring is that
  3. Seems to me that all they’re doing is having meetings about meetings
  4. Sozi. Paul white. Judah. Godfrey .......
  5. Before my time but I do remember my dad saying the imps played in challenge cup
  6. Worth a punt. My guess the imps
  7. DEANO

    New stadium

    Rumour had it we we’re getting a new stadium 5 years ago ?
  8. Think you will find all clubs including super league need the sky pot to survive
  9. You are correct about only winning one final
  10. Oh I thought they’d won 2 grand finals. They were of course denied a place when sky bought the game
  11. I do believe fev topped the league and won grand finals many times but were denied access
  12. For most of those years there has been no automatic promotion
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