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  1. Wrong. The team that wins the league should go up. They have proved themselves over the course of the season and not just a few cup games
  2. So all these clubs you want to see promoted at who’s expense
  3. Does this mean it’ll be on tv
  4. I’ve heard it’s a 6 pm kick off and not 3-30. Don’t know if this affects anyone who’s going for the day or have trains to catch to some other place
  5. You could solve all these problems by doing away with the silly bash and promote the top team
  6. Think Leigh will tell you the same
  7. Nah. Fev came 2nd in a cup competition at the end of the season
  8. It doesn’t work for most clubs. Suppose you could say it works if your at or near the top as in fev last season and YORK the season before. For everyone else it’s a failure or that’s the excuse. For me it’s just plain wrong on every level
  9. Hi gav. As you can guess I have no time whatsoever for duel reg. why run with a big squad when your going to get players from cas
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