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  1. Not wanting to take the gloss off havens year as it’s been fab but not sure they would have won their last 3 games had it mattered. Suppose play offs will tell us
  2. Assuming you actually know whether he’s been offered a contract by the knights
  3. I’m sure we will. All I’m saying is the whole loan system is farcical
  4. Quite simply the best captain we have ever had at the knights or before. Hope he’s got his caching badge
  5. Will miss this one. Will be on holiday
  6. Well done. Couldn’t see us winning this one
  7. Don’t understand the supporters trust. They want a say but aren’t liable to any losses
  8. Honestly thought Gateshead reformed after been shafted. Carried on playing as Gateshead until they moved grounds and re branded as Newcastle
  9. So if they can, Barrow can or anyone with sky money and a sugar daddy
  10. Absolute tosh. Besides Newcastle have already been there under a different name and we’re shared to save a “ big” club
  11. Unlike cas and wakey stadia and Salford’s support
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