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  1. For what it’s worth I thought fev were the better side. Chisholm has to go and maybe ours too. Once your guy broke through I’d assumed he scored and turned away so never saw the grounding. All I will say is the ref was right there. You bombed lots of chances and should have won at a canter. If we meet again should be a great contest. Fantastic travelling support
  2. Chisholm Chisholm Chisholm. Turned the game on it’s head
  3. Shows how competitive they are with a full squad
  4. Spoke to Cameron after the game. Rotator cuff injury. Thinks he’ll play again this season and is hopefully signing on next year
  5. Had to keep putting mine down rob. Too heavy to hold
  6. Don’t understand why anyone would think they need London in sl. What exposure and fans do they bring to the game. If they go down it’s because their not good enough same as any team
  7. The team that finishes bottom will go down unless it’s leeds
  8. Would rather finish outside the play offs than spend money we haven’t got
  9. The players flew home straight after the game
  10. Yeah and I’m the good looking one
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