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  1. What makes me laugh is there is supposed to be interest in some of your youngsters from super league and that that would raise some revenue. There will be a clause in their contract that they will be allowed to go for free or maybe a friendly against their reserves
  2. Think you will find glassings just about everywhere these days. A sad indictment on society
  3. It can only work if they have a playoff for the imbalanced fixture so therefore a play off to get into the play offs and a play off for relegation etc
  4. Damn right I’m not
  5. The women’s game has grown in all sports since the London olympics when the ladies hockey team won gold. Long may it continue
  6. I don’t get that they should be in super league. There are routes to get in but you have to be good enough
  7. No iall I’m saying is there are blow out scores in the men’s game as well
  8. What is the point of the extra round full stop. It just makes it an unbalanced league
  9. Err didn’t sky try to do this years ago when they bought the game
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