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  1. DEANO

    New stadium

    Sounds like there’s a long way to go yet rob
  2. DEANO

    New stadium

    Should have opened tomorrow
  3. Well I’m not very clever but I saw it
  4. Only if you’ve contacted the office
  5. Yes mate we’ll be there. Does mr noble still do the meet and greet
  6. There’s been some close games between them this year
  7. So what your saying is it doesn’t matter what you do throughout the season just don’t get any injuries for the play offs
  8. The whole point of the play offs is to give losers a chance of promotion and not automatically giving it to the winner
  9. Should charge Bradford £25
  10. So if there is a slight imbalance due to the unnecessary bash and you need a play off to decide who’s best then surely there should be a play off to get into the play offs and a play off affecting relegation.
  11. The team that finishes 5th will probably lose about 10 games out of 27. Not very consistent in my book
  12. If they have no injuries illness or suspensions for a one off game
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