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  1. DEANO

    New stadium

    Another week gone with no news. Bet the clouncil is loving this virus
  2. So if a club has 25 players signed on only 17 can play. Do the other 8 get paid. Just asking
  3. DEANO

    New stadium

    Their talking about clubs folding at our and city’s level. Now wouldn’t that be a laugh
  4. There may be a clause. No play no pay
  5. That’s all very well till the players get infected as in Toronto’s case
  6. Lol think the players had been on it
  7. Oh I heard some hornet supporters shouting for dale
  8. Disappointed with dale today. Thought they would have given a miss firing knights a better game
  9. Exactly what I’ve been saying for years
  10. Unconfirmed but city’s game was off due to staff members having corona symptoms. I guess the ground maybe contaminated
  11. DEANO

    New stadium

    Another week of no news
  12. Not looking good for us then
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