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  1. I don’t get all this about what they would bring to super league lark. If they’re good enough and want to go up then so be it
  2. He never played against Widnes. Ok he was on the pitch but never played
  3. Ok. I’m clutching at straws looking for excuses. Obviously ref didn’t take them back 10
  4. It probably was forward and probably offside for the charge down but fact is fev we’re better and deserved to win
  5. Fev deserved the win. Far superior than us but couldn’t fault our commitment. 2 really soft tries for the winger. Would like to see if the charge down was on side. Good performance but fair result
  6. Nah. Whoever scores most points will win it
  7. Big things happening with the ladies. 7 signed today. Even got a good mention on look north deffo raising the awareness of the club. Good luck to them
  8. Announcement coming soon
  9. Minimum ban on something so high profile speaks volumes
  10. Had this happened in the street I’m sure the police would have been involved
  11. Think joe played in the last saints game
  12. Dixon mom for me. Thought although washbrook did nowt wrong he was effectively just an acting half back. Unless I missed it I don’t think jubby came back on
  13. Hard fought win. Rams are a pretty good side
  14. Good game. Very even
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