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    Are we having any
  2. No you qualified on league position plus I think the 2 failed experiments in Gateshead and Paris
  3. If hull or kr had been denied access to super league Would they be where they are now
  4. We will never know. All we do know is that it went from cougarmania to nothing overnight once they were denied access to super greed
  5. Probably wouldn’t have been in that position 15 years ago had it not been for what happened 30 years ago
  6. Yep these clubs are struggling now because of rfl or sky rules. Who knows where keighley would be now with 3 years protection. They had to give way to failed expansion experiments like Paris and Gateshead
  7. I wonder where York donny fev etc would be with 3 years dispensation. Don’t forget they didn’t have to be promoted in the first place
  8. Says a lot for the game when one of the top sl clubs has no ground and can’t afford the rent on the ground it uses and then ask for central funding early just to stay afloat
  9. Both Page 1. Somebody talking about expansion and how well Catalan have done
  10. The relevance is anyone can be successful if they are protected and have a backer
  11. I’m still bitter about it and they’re not even my club
  12. Everyone seems to forget that Catalans are only there because they were protected in their infancy. With protection and a backer Donny York or anyone could make a fist of it
  13. So if they need the central funding now to pay their bills how on earth will they see the season out. Why does sport not work like any other business. Fair enough if you have assets to borrow against
  14. If true and Salford have spent the rent money will Wakefield sue like some football clubs are threatening to sue Everton
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