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  1. Why is there no such thing as an even future list. Get rid of magic and play home and away fixtures. In your world it’s right to call the champions the winners of a cup competition at the end of the season as its fair. Why not play off for the play offs and for relegation
  2. I would have thought any team promoted to sl with 3 years exemption from relegation would be able to make a fist of it.
  3. We both know in reality it doesn’t work like that
  4. Another example is if I was a plumber working for a firm and the gaffer said to me I’ve no work for you this week cos I’ve brought somebody in from another firm I’d be ###### off
  5. DEANO

    New stadium

    Official announcement on further delays due to drainage problems. Ready for Christmas. Crafty buggers don’t say which one
  6. I think rl is the best game in the world and would love it to be global sadly others don’t think the same or it would be by now
  7. Evidence speaks for itself. Nomadic clubs in their short history lack of crowds hammerings and. here today gone tomorrow. Much as I admire them and wish them all the best history shows it doesn’t work in Wales
  8. Well I hope if York do get there it’s mostly to do with what they’ve done on the field rather than ticking a few boxes
  9. 4000 for league 1 would be incredible more than some sl clubs
  10. Unfortunately the only headlines will be in the north of England
  11. Do you not think it would have happened by now if it was ever going to happen. Just been realistic
  12. If only. Point is wales don’t want rl. Sorry but true
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