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  1. Night out with the girls tonight and I get to see the rugby lot tomorrow.
  2. I dont understand why my username has changed and the fact I couldnt sign in using the amy victoria one how annoying.
  3. woooo I'm off to see Girls Aloud on the 24th of April and then on the 26th of April im off to see Pink.
  4. I work with children I don't tell them that Santa doesn't exist. Yeah it is a good idea if your the boring one
  5. The shop Next has just rang me they want me to work for them on Saturday from 5 in the morning til 9 so its only 4 hours which isn't too bad.
  6. Ive had a lovely long sleep and im not working now til Saturday. Christmas is in 3 days woooooo
  7. Even though it was my first day I think im going to enjoy my new part time job.
  8. I am still sat around in my pyjamas. My grandma and granddad came round this morning and weren't impressed.
  9. This weekend I am working 5 till 11 tomorrow night at my new part time job. On Sunday I've got to work my final shift at BHS 10 til 2 and then I am working 5 till 11 in the evening. The good news is though I get paid Christmas eve as at my new job I get paid every 2 weeks.
  10. i have only just got up. Don't you just love the holidays.
  11. Wooo Ive finished college now until next year. Got tomorrow off and then 2 days to do at placement and then I've got 2 and a half weeks off.
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