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  1. Hundreds of Canadians excited about attending Championship RL, great to see.
  2. Apart from Joe Bretherton's try in the last minute all of Toulouse's try scorers were home-grown juniors who came through the club's academy system. Youngster Jussaume doing some damage on only his second senior appearance.
  3. Yes could be an opportunity for Mourgue to make the breakthrough, remember George Williams coming into the Wigan team in a similar way filling in at hooker. Won't happen though, based on his track record McNamara will probably go with something like Smith at hooker and Langi and Bird in the halves.
  4. Thought for a while that Lewis Tierney is not a SL standard player. I'd rather see one of the wingers from St Esteve than him.
  5. Meresta-Doucet is alright and was praised by Bosc when he was coaching the reserves.
  6. Every time someone complains about dangerous barricades around the pitch I think of this
  7. Yep, they played the rest of the match in relatively good spirits, shook hands and even had a group photo together at the end. This stuff is not that uncommon in Serbia.
  8. It used to happen in 13-a-side RL but was changed back because it meant teams already on the back foot were then immediately pinned again inside their own half and it led to hammerings. In RL field position is more important than possession, much less so in 9's.
  9. I don't think that's the point he was making. I was a big supporter of Hemel entering the pro game and their first season was encouraging, but after that they failed on so many levels. And it's not things that were unavoidable or out of their control, last time I was there about a year ago the signs at the stadium still said 'Amateur Rugby League Club' FFS. Obviously not such a big deal in itself but it just summed up the overall slackness and amateurish nature of the club. Of course starting a pro club in a new location is hard, but it's made so much harder when the people in charge completely fail at the basics.
  10. Agreed, a lot of people tend to vote for very trivial or spurious reasons and often without using their brain. That doesn't make claiming they would vote for a non-party with no leader, no policies, no candidates, no unifying ideology and no official stance on any issue any less stupid though.
  11. Corbyn is the leader of an established political party with policies, candidates, unifying ideology and and an official stance on every issue. So no. Also aren't you the one who was adamant that people vote for their local candidates rather than parties (or even just the party leader as you seem to be implying)?
  12. Not really. The fact that people would supposedly vote for a non-party that has no leader, no policies, no candidates, no unifying ideology and no official stance on any issue is just proof if it was further needed that a) polls are stupid and b) people are stupid too.
  13. Just the 300km from Jos and 1,100km from Lagos. I'm confused about the logistics of this league.
  14. There's obviously been some sort of prompt for both League Weekly and League Express to be running the story at the same time, particularly as Perez hasn't been heard from for over a year. That said I agree it does sound pretty dubious.
  15. Oliver Partington and Harry Smith too. Romano on dual reg from Catalans for TOXIII.
  16. I think certain posters were trying to claim that at one point, unfortunately it doesn't seem to exist outside of totalrl.com
  17. The fact that they are a small amateur club and don't have any money? There isn't any money behind this bid. They wanted to build on their existing setup and infrastructure by entering League 1 and using central funding to buy pro players. The RFL are (rightly IMO) not going to let them do that, so that's the end of the story. The RFL are not just passing up on a great opportunity for the sake of it, despite what online zealots will tell you.
  18. Why shouldn't they? League 1 isn't an amateur comp or a token competition where we can put in a bunch of going-nowhere, zombie clubs just to feel good about ourselves. If clubs aren't capable of competing at a pro level they shouldn't be involved. The fact that we already have a number of clubs like this isn't a good thing and doesn't mean we should just be happy to bring in more.
  19. They fail yet teams that were brought in with the same business model as Manchester Rangers were a million miles away from being able to compete with them. FWIW I think a Manchester club would probably be able to be more competitive on the field solely for geographical reasons, however that isn't the point. We don't need more zombie clubs languishing at the bottom of League 1.
  20. As I stated probably two years ago on here, the reason it was denied is that their business model was "we're a decent amateur set up with decent facilities, give us central funding and we can buy some pro players". Would've been fine 6 or 7 years ago, but with the failure of Hemel, Oxford, All Golds and lack of progress of some other clubs the RFL don't want to follow this model any more, and rightly so TBH. Any new clubs coming in will need to be like Toronto, fully funded and able to make an impact straight away. Manchester Rangers to their credit are very good at getting hype on the internet.
  21. There's no principle in being a loser. These people could've stood up for their beliefs within the party rather than quitting and ultimately achieving nothing. Besides, these people aren't standing up for their beliefs, most of them can't even articulate what they stand for or what their beliefs are. And it's only a third choice cabinet and 'party of protest' because everyone else quit in protest! The likes of Umunna and Berger were in the shadow cabinet FFS. The fact that they now aren't in the party at all is on them. If they had stuck it out, worked together in order to try and maintain their political ground within the party and have their voices heard while also respecting the wishes of the membership rather than constantly attacking and trying to overthrow the leadership and then publicly sabotaging and subverting their party at every opportunity then things might have worked out better for them.
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