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  1. Agreed, a lot of people tend to vote for very trivial or spurious reasons and often without using their brain. That doesn't make claiming they would vote for a non-party with no leader, no policies, no candidates, no unifying ideology and no official stance on any issue any less stupid though.
  2. Corbyn is the leader of an established political party with policies, candidates, unifying ideology and and an official stance on every issue. So no. Also aren't you the one who was adamant that people vote for their local candidates rather than parties (or even just the party leader as you seem to be implying)?
  3. Not really. The fact that people would supposedly vote for a non-party that has no leader, no policies, no candidates, no unifying ideology and no official stance on any issue is just proof if it was further needed that a) polls are stupid and b) people are stupid too.
  4. There's no principle in being a loser. These people could've stood up for their beliefs within the party rather than quitting and ultimately achieving nothing. Besides, these people aren't standing up for their beliefs, most of them can't even articulate what they stand for or what their beliefs are. And it's only a third choice cabinet and 'party of protest' because everyone else quit in protest! The likes of Umunna and Berger were in the shadow cabinet FFS. The fact that they now aren't in the party at all is on them. If they had stuck it out, worked together in order to try and maintai
  5. Well clearly it was the right decision for him because he's now in charge and, like it or not, is in a position where he could potentially become Prime Minister. Whereas the defectors now never will be, and will not even be in a position to have any influence at all. So I'm not really sure why you would applaud them for shooting themselves in the foot.
  6. For the umpteenth time on this forum, I am not a Labour spokesman or even a Labour member, I'm not affiliated with the Labour party in any way and I'm not trying to win your vote. I don't care who you vote for. If you believe that stuff about Corbyn then fine. I prefer to judge people on their actions rather than vague concepts and speculation, and Corbyn hasn't really done anything during his time as leader that I particularly disagree with yet. And if we're honest I suspect you would probably be struggling to find something too, but I might be wrong. You'd be one of the first on this forum t
  7. This unfortunately appears to be the crux of the issue for many and makes them totally incapable of accepting him as leader, to the point where they would rather destroy their own party than see it succeed with him at the helm. Corbyn voted against the government on certain issues but I'm not sure he ever attempted to purposely sabotage and subvert his own party in the way the rebels have been doing for years, but I might be wrong. The bigger issue being that these people seem to be hell-bent on pursuing an approach which spectacularly failed in 2010 and 2015 and is not wanted by the vast majo
  8. I'm really sorry to hear that someone was mean to you on twitter. Maybe if you didn't use phrases like "the dear leader and his cabal" people would be nicer to you.
  9. I haven't particularly seen any bullying or abuse towards 'Blairites', in fact the vitriol seems to have been almost entirely in the other direction although I'm not denying that may not be the case at Labour grassroots level, again I'm not a Labour member so wouldn't know. To me though there seem to be a lot of people causing problems, behaving unreasonably or in bad faith and then claiming they are being bullied or pushed out as a result, presumably due to historical grudges against certain individuals. Again, the likes of Umunna don't seem to have made any attempt to work with the party lea
  10. I see a lot of hysterics, bluster and finger-pointing. I see few if any tangible problems that anyone has pointed to. Owen Smith's manifesto in his leadership challenge was virtually identical to Corbyn's. Corbyn's 2017 manifesto was universally praised and was a vote-winner. As far as I can see it's purely a case of people who hold historical grudges or align themselves with those who hold the grudges being unwilling to put them aside and work together, to the extent that they've preferred to try and sabotage their own party and then imploded completely. As a complete neutral, to me Corbyn ha
  11. No I see why they left, and why many on this forum seem to be supporting them. I just think it's inane, hysterical nonsense. I've already asked multiple times what specifically Labour is doing outside of Brexit that they (you?) disagree with and nobody has ever been able to answer. I'd be quite happy to see a system where there are no parties BTW and local candidates stand on individual tickets, but that isn't in any way realistic or practical. If you think that people in the real world voted for these candidates based solely on their individual merits, and they just so happened to repres
  12. O'Mara should've also called a by-election, and is a complete waste of space. The small difference is that he was initially suspended by the party and his leaving was based on a disciplinary matter rather than just walking away for reasons which he and his supporters (if he has any) can't really articulate, as is the case with Umunna and friends. This thread is also not about Jared O'Mara, unless he has joined this group and I missed it.
  13. For about the 5th time on here, I'm not a Labour candidate or even a Labour member. I have no affiliation to the Labour party at all so I'm not sure why you think I'm representing them in some way or should be trying to win them votes. And I'd really love to know what part of my post you think was 'digging' or would lose anyone any votes. Apart from that I maybe said some things that were truthful that you didn't like.
  14. Not really, both the Labour and Tory breakaway MPs are currently holding seats under false pretenses, which needs to be addressed but won't be because of the apparent cowardice of those involved. The comparison with religious zealots isn't remotely accurate as none of them have renounced their ideology, they have just left their parties based either on a single policy issue in the case of the Tories or seemingly very little tangible in the case of the ex-Labour MPs.
  15. Berger should be the first to hold a by-election as she was only saved from deselection last week by a spectacularly misplaced intervention by Tom Watson. Her constituents want her gone, and rightly so.
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