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  1. Yes. Real shame as your fans were excellent st POR today, gracious in defeat and a credit to your club.
  2. Indeed a good game and you just about deserved the win. I saw the lad who got carried off on crutches in the clubhouse after the game so he's up and about, best wishes to him. Shame about a minority of your fans (two) who seem to have an attitude problem, unacceptable really but it happens I'm afraid. Hope it's as good a game tomorrow.
  3. Ideas to improve the game below Super League: Dont scrap the Northern Rail Cup, however make the competition a bit more interesting by making it a straight knockout format but ties over two legs. The Game On magazine, scrap this lump of garbage completely. No one likes it and teams are losing important advertising revenue by not being able to have programme adverts as well as it being full of things that have no relevance to the game you are at. Make it a monthly league review magazine instead. Re-introduce promotion and relegation to Super League, on a champions only basis. Squad quality shouldnt be the be all and end all here, theyve won the league and thus deserve a crack at SL, isnt that what every player strives for? We all know that "licencing" was just a cover to fast-track the Celtic Cheaters into SL without them winning NL1 so maybe the RFL will now give up the charade and make it fair. Eleven teams in NL1 and ten in NL2 is a bit low. Make it 12 in each by introducing a team from Edinbugh to NL2 as well as a Conference National team who is ready to make the step up. Introduce a team from Paris into the Championship (ideal now Paris is 2/3hrs from London by Eurostar). Abolish the relegtaion exempt rule for the frenchies, you want to join the english league you have to play by the same rules as the rest of us. Abolish the dual-reistration system, utter tosh and has been shown not to work effectively. Instead encourage SL teams to loan for a season youth and reserve players to NL1/2 get match experience at a higher level that SL reserve grade. This will surely only benefit their development and thus England in years to come. Rule changes: Give the referee authority to determine when a team has or has not gained an advantage from an opponent error by allowing them to shout "advantage" and "advantage over" union style, this would avoid the confusing mess we often get in games. Video referees at all matches. Sky must show at least one home game from each team per season in NL1/2 to allow a more even distribution of TV cash. Opinions?
  4. The supporters club are running a fans coach to the Featherstone away match. This is a 49 seater coach with a toilet and will depart from Cherry Street at 1pm. The prices are
  5. For me personally it is difficult to do anything during games due to my media commitments. We are looking into putting something in the match programmes but this is all cost and time. Watch this space though. Griff's right. Ive volunteered on many levels for the club for a few years now but you only have so much time you can give.
  6. The Supporters Club are in the after match suite every game and are easily contactable via email. I personally am at every game and am well known so any questions please feel free to ask me. Regarding the other points please feel free to talk to Simon Proctor (Match Day Manager) on any match day or contact him via the club. He will be happy to respond to those points made.
  7. Good job my missus has a good sense of humour..... Great game, your not far away. I expect Patch was rather unpopular afterwards.
  8. That is negative, ive been there every game. See the reply posted elsewhere.
  9. Theyve all left because of negative posts like this from negative people.
  10. Due to a lack of interest we have had to cancel the coach for Sundays game.
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