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  1. https://www.totalrl.com/revealed-championship-clubs-set-for-march-restart-with-reduced-number-of-fixtures/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=revealed-championship-clubs-set-for-march-restart-with-reduced-number-of-fixtures
  2. Eagles GM Liam Claffey will be on BBC Radio Sheffield 'The Sports Academy' from 8:30pm tonight.
  3. Ottawa Aces have confirmed their third signing in the shape of Welsh international Matty Fozard. All the best Matty, enjoy the experience!
  4. Eagles General Manager Liam Claffey will be on BBC Radio Sheffield this evening from 6:30pm, discussing yesterday's announcement regarding the Challenge Cup with Andy Giddings.
  5. Still waiting for your insight into the current problem, please share!
  6. I hope you have shared your knowledge with Boris, he needs all the help he can get
  7. The Eagles website makes advance tickets available to all, please check it out prior to your next visit. Why should home supporters only have the option of buying a season ticket to obtain a discount, "Fairness for all really"? Some home supporter may have family or work commitments which means a season ticket is not value for money. Frankly, I don't care what other sports may, or may not, offer, I care deeply about the Eagles maximising their gate and staying in business. The evidence is that the current structure works.
  8. It's about risk mitigation, the studies show that 12 bodies closely bound for a period is a greater risk than 3 or 4 bodies in a tackle, it is not about "hazarding a guess". Contested scrums in the other code have resulted in career ending and life threatening injuries. Scrums in League are a device to collect the "big lads" in one place and leave gaps for a running game. I would rather see play the balls replace scrums and have rugby to watch than not have rugby to watch
  9. To be clear, you don't want a discount for buying your ticket in advance?
  10. It takes me 1.1/2 hours to walk to Don Valley, I've done it! Who do you suggest the Eagles, Whitehaven and London play, we don't all live down the road from our local rivals?
  11. No public transport on Boxing day and New years day, potential bad weather, genius!!
  12. Corey Makelim is heading home at the end of the month. "Speaking of his departure, Corey said; “My partner and I had to make the difficult decision to go home due to a number of reason that were out of our control and also feeling home sick through this time." The full story is on the Eagles website
  13. Interesting to be reminded of the continuity within the club. Four sons of team members have played for the current Eagles. Four player have been, or are, part of the coaching set-up. I don't know enough details about other clubs to compare but that looks like a pretty high ratio to me.
  14. A chance to watch the first-ever Super League match, between Paris Saint-Germain and Sheffield Eagles, in full on Sky Sports Arena from 7pm on Sunday.
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