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  1. I think they discussed a few ideas that had been put forward. Think the general consensus was to look at some form of regionalisation to keep travel to a minimum and boost attendances and much needed revenue for clubs that are going to be struggling financially. Obviously a lot will depend on if and when the green light to resume comes and how the lockdown restrictions are lifted. I’m sure clubs will be consulted before any final decision is made but with so many unknowns it difficult to get anything concrete in place.
  2. It’s your understanding that is incorrect then, it is an England Community Lions Tour for those playing in the community game. No mention of amateur. Also once a semi pro contract expires or is terminated and they revert to playing unpaid amateur rugby with their community club. Thus making them amateurs again. The ideology that once a player has taken some of Satan’s silver they should spend the rest of their days in purgatory are out of date. Even professional boxers are now allowed to return to the “amateur” ranks to try box at the Olympics. I understand your point but i
  3. It’s not the 1970’s. “Forfeiting amateur status” is such an outdated - and in my opinion backwards - idea. These lads have given their all for their clubs in the “community game” this season. This is a tour for players in the “community game” therefore they are eligible for selection. I can’t be on my own in thinking that barring players from touring for striving test themselves to play at the highest level possible and chase a dream they’ve probably had since they were little kids is more than a little odd. Then when it hasn’t worked out at a pro club, or work and life has send the
  4. It’s not BARLA who have that rule in place. Ex Pros are allowed in the England Lions squad. Both players mentioned have spent the vast majority of their OA careers in the amateur game. Why should lads that have to forego any opportunity to ever tour or gain representative honours, just for having a crack at the pro game while they’re young and probably need the money?
  5. Top achievement by West Hull. Particularly with the vast majority of those points coming in the highest division.
  6. I think it’s wide open. All of the top four will rightfully fancy themselves as the best in the league on their day. Finishing in the top two and assuring a home semi final or two will be a big advantage. The next 3 all have more than enough talent to go away in the playoffs and cause an upset or two. It’s been a competitive league all the way through and any team having an off day can get turned over by anyone. The playoffs should make for great viewing.
  7. Both Ben Heyes and Cam Leeming were up and about in the changing rooms after the game. Both attended hospital later in the evening. Ben was checked over and diagnosed with concussion. Cam was also assessed as being concussed and has unfortunately also suffer fractures to his jaw and cheek bone. Hopefully both player make speedy recoveries. The spectator that took ill at the same time as the incident has also been released from hospital and is recuperating at home. A busy day for the medical professionals and volunteers who did an excellent job of looking after those conce
  8. Both Ben Heyes and Cam Leeming were up and about, if a little worse for wear, in the dressing rooms after the Thatto Dewsbury game.
  9. Free online programme for the game v Dewsbury https://www.flipsnack.com/THC07/copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-thatto-vs-dewsbury-rams-match-da.html
  10. Thatto Heath Crusaders v Dewsbury Free online matchday programme https://www.flipsnack.com/THC07/copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-thatto-vs-dewsbury-rams-match-da.html
  11. Don’t think the club has any hand pull ales. Between Thatto Heath station and the clubhouse there are The Springfield (adjacent to the station), The Vine and The Elephant (both on Elephant Lane). It’s been a while since I’ve been in any of those but don’t think they do either. Best bet would be the Brown Edge or the York but they are both heading away from the ground and again I couldn’t be sure they have any.
  12. Entry to the Thatto Heath v Dewsbury game is a £5 adults, £2 concessions. Kick Off 3pm Sunday Need to get as many people through the gate as possible as we have had to guarantee Dewsbury an amount to get them to agree to let us keep the prices to the same level as we did for the last game and not too much above what we charge for a league match. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/thatto-heath-slash-ticket-prices-for-challenge-cup-clash-with-dewsbury/
  13. Entry to the Thatto Heath v Dewsbury game is a £5 adults, £2 concessions. Kick Off 3pm Sunday https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/thatto-heath-slash-ticket-prices-for-challenge-cup-clash-with-dewsbury/
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