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  1. I always enjoyed our trips to Batley. Smashing club and a brilliant set of fans......but I cant see them winning. Leigh by 10 at least. Good luck to both teams
  2. "French sides bring nothing to the game" ....lights blue touch paper and retires being a strong wall!!
  3. Maybe we'lll find out more when the IMG statement comes out on 28th!!
  4. I just hope the change in structure treats everyone fairly...but if the predictions are true League 1 teams could potentially be cut adrift financially. Those promoted this season have done more than just beat Cornwall and West Wales. Keighley have beaten everyone home and away and are deservedly promoted. Whoever gets the second spot will have had some really tough games especially against the teams in the top 6 of League 1....and those relegated will have had a bigger slice of the RFL central funding for the previous 12 months.
  5. I'm still backing Swinton to win...but fair play, Doncaster have hit really good form in the last 5 weeks or so Could be very close game.
  6. Well done Doncaster. They've certainly hit form at the business end of the season. Should be a good game v Swinton next week
  7. I've no dog in this fight but based on what I've seen after North Wales Crusaders lost to both of them, I think Doncaster will edge it. Whatever the result I think Swinton will end up getting the second promotion slot. Best of luck to both teams.
  8. I'm not sure they are published, Why would they be? I can tell you we have no players on contract; they are all on pay-per-play with additional win bonuses.
  9. Combination of both. Today we didn't get the rub of the green but then again we weren't in attacking positions often enough. A really positive season for Crusaders considering our budget compared to the rest of the top 6. We definitely punched above our weight
  10. ...but you cant beat getting the live experience.....get down to Parc Eirias, Colwyn Bay and experience it in person!
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