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  1. Good first half from Wales but USA coming back into it. Last nights game ended USA 24 - 78 Wales. C'mon Cymru
  2. Well played Swinton, a well deserved win. Ill discipline cost us we has a spell of 11 v 13 plus at least 60 minutes of 12 v 13; given that 12 - 40 was about the best we could hope for. A decent second half from Crusaders in very blustery conditions. I'll probably go along to the Swinton v Widnes game next weekend to see how the two Championship sides do against each other.
  3. Midlands Hurricanes didn't play inside the Alexander Stadium last season, but on the training pitch you can see outside the stadium on the aerial shots. I think they're moving inside this season. Stadium CSM (Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay) has a lot more going for it than a few scruffy hedges!
  4. The Wales players and staff are all self-funding to get to the USA to play this game. They need mone for flights and accommodation. So if you can please give a few quid on their crowdfunder page: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/walestouroftheusa?fbclid=IwAR0mW_04wgEKn9R7YcFgTSQT9-p11G7QknqdkKIIKab47yz45L9NyQN8Bs8
  5. Just finished watching Carcassonne put 52 points without reply on Pia. One way traffic!
  6. Barrow Raiders vs North Wales Crusaders 13th January 3pm ko.
  7. Two Cursaders old boys.....Stuart Reardon has done plenty of modelling shoots and also done some online fitness programmes; I'm sure he'd be up to some acting opportunities. Gareth Thomas would be a natural. A more recent retiree who would make a decent fist of an acting career would be Kyle Amor...always comes across well when commenting as a pundit.
  8. What makes you think they don't have decent support already? I went to an Elite 1 game in Stad Albert Domec vs Lezignan and there was a decent crowd there - I'd guess around 1500 to 2000. They could grow that with the attraction of visiting UK rugby league teams. Nobody should make a plan for a rugby league side which relies on away fans! Away fans are a bonus on top of all the other season tickets, home ticket sales, sponsorship, planing, sales and merchandise.
  9. Back to the topic of Carcassonne....I'm in two minds; I love to see more teams in League 1 and I'd love a trip to Carcassone again - I've been on a couple of occasions and seen the Canaries play there against their close rivals. I follow them on their YouTube Channel and they look a skillful, well drilled team and potentially better than most in League 1, but I'm sure there will be people saying if they join they start at the bottom and work up. The other tack is to think will it weaken the current French leagues if one of the better teams leaves their system? But if they don't leave Elite 1 they have nowhere else to go , if they have ambition they'll want to progress to the Championship and eventually Super League. I like the idea of the top Elite 2 teams playing a series with top League 1 sides and the same for Elite 1 vs Championship - it could be done at the end of 2025 to give IMG/RFL some idea if the leagues are comparable/ compatable and end up with a great UK/French club contest at the season end.
  10. Wrexham FC are getting regular 10.000 crowds at home games and probably have the best away support in their league too....on the flip side they priced out North Wales Crusaders in 2015 and unfortunately theres no way the Racecourse stadium will be shared with a RL team .....so no, Truro isn't anything like Wrexham
  11. From a League 1 and North Wales Crusaders perspective its was an incredible season. Crusaders wer 0 wins from 7in the first half of the season. We played all but two of our home games 'on the road' (at Widnes, Llanrwst, Rhyl and Chester) and cme back from the dead to finish sixth. An incredible set of exciting play-off games saw us playing in the final for a place in the Championship!! Not to be; in the end Doncaster were the better team in the final. Congratulations to Donny and of course to Dewsbury who sprinted away from the rest of us. Significant that we lost West Wales Raiders andLondon Skolars and Newcastle Thunder are looking to their supporters for a resurrection. League 1 needs help...and quickly.
  12. Wales don't ave any full time staff as far as I know. I know Ian very well and agree he is passionate about Rugby League in Wales and as a journalist has raised the profile of all variations of the game. But I know Ian will be the first to say, hes not a player, coach or manager, he's not a development officer and although he works his sock off, he's limited in his influence outside the press box. We do have some passionate and dedicated people in Wales Rugby League such as Mark Jones the current CEO, Steve Jones the Wales Wheelchair Development Officer - but they're working within severe financial constraints; the WRL really doesn't have any money and needs help from the RFL and others to ensure Wales remains a viable competitive RL nation.
  13. Ranked No's 1 and 2 in the Wheelchair RL World Rankings so that absolutely correct. I just wish that we (Wales Wheelchair RL ) had the resounrces of these two teams.
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