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  1. Hoping all the Donny fans have a safe trip to North Wales and theres not too much traffic on the roads across. Remember we are at Queensway Stadium and not the Racecourse! Please not we are making efforts to go plastic free so we have changes to reusable drinks cups. There is a £2 deposit on our pint 'glasses' and £1 for a half. You can reclaim the deposit or keep your Crusaders branded cup as a souvenir. The Supporters Trust have recently added to the Club merchandise and we have some £2 pin badges which are popular with collectors. We are also selling Ian Goldens booklet 100 months of Rugby League in Wales. It contains articles about Rugby League in Wales that Ian has written and collected in a bound book format. The cost is £10 and the profits go to the Danny Jones Defibrulator Fund and Scotts Angels.
  2. A draw between Workington and London would suit us! Wins for Hunslet, Haven and Cougars. Can Cru make it 4 on the bounce? We're without Captain Kenny Baker this week so someone had got big boots to fill. Fingers crossed, we've got confidence and momentum. It will be close but let's return the favour and win by 2 points
  3. Admirable. I wish we had our own stadium to replicate this.
  4. I'm making a comparison of the funding that Wales Wheelchair Rugby League team get to that in England. Wales WhRL have ZERO funding...and that's a fact.
  5. Funding is the biggest problem rugby league has in Wales. ThecWRL hasn't got a pot to p*ss in. An example: North Wales Crusaders run two Wheelchair Rugby League teams - one in Super League, one in the Championship. We have more registered players than anyone playing this season and have had the fastest growth of any Wheelchair Rugby League teams. But we cannot access Sport England funding and Wales doesn't have anything to replicate it. Look at how England have developed their Wheelchair Rugby League side- training at St George's Park, a tournament in France. Wales Wheelchair Rugby League payed their own way to play in the Wheelchair World Cup and have zero funding from WRL and Disability Sport Wales. We achieve great things with no money and volunteer staff.
  6. A couple of more wins for us and we could have been in the top 5. It's really that close!
  7. Well, that strayed a long way from National Anthems!! As a Cymro I will always sing 'Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau' as the word resonate my pride and passion for Cymru. I will sing other anthems too. I stand quietly for GSTQ to respect other people singing it but won't sing it myself.
  8. Travelling home with the Crusaders faithful...a very happy bus! A real tussle today. I thought Haven had nicked it going 22 up and that Cru had just missed out missing a kick at 22-20 but an unbelievable last couple of minutes showed how well we can play as a team. Fantastic.
  9. Whats happening? Whitehaven RLFC away travel When? Sunday 23rd June 2019 How much? £22 per person What time? Leave from the Turf at 09:30 What else? It's also the Bake Off trip. This year we have renamed the competition the Lorraine McKeown Bake Off in honour of Lorraine who was a previous winner with a fabulous sausage plait. Bring your bakes, sweet or savory, and join in the fun. As always, a high standard of baking is expected...and a chance to win a trophy too. Hwyl
  10. Our first week of using them this week. It was great to see the litter bins empty of the usual pile of single use 'glasses'. Not sure if our kids did well or our fans are reluctant to part with £2! Next project - get rid of water bottles and have a refill point.!
  11. Well done to Newcastle Thunder - a well deserved victory over a very lack lustre Crusaders. I must watch the two most frustrating teams in Rugby League. I love Crusaders but cant put my finger on why they can be brilliantly entertaining one week (Doncaster) and absolutly dreadful a week or two later (Thunder). I hope our coach can get it sorted out...Ah well, next week its off to Perpignon to watch my other frustration...Catalans Dragons.
  12. A million miles??? List to Skolars by one point, lost to Oldham and Keighley by two. We've been poor are sei out games but we're definitely not a million miles away.... ...and we are above Coventry after yesterday's win
  13. All home wins...... Except Coventry Bears! It will be another nail biting edge of the seat game no doubt! If we play like we did at Doncaster we'll win. If we play like we did against Haven we won't. Its a crazy season - everyone wants out of League 1 this year before Ottowa arrive. We have 6 away and 6 home games left and we need to win the vast majority to stand any chance of getting into a position to get out of the League. Fingers crossed.
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