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  1. And so say most of the fans.
  2. I wish we still had him back at Hornets.
  3. I of course know who he is ,but like yourself thought him very disrespectful with out Paul’s input I don’t think we would be having this discussion,
  4. whos Durant? is he going to give Hornets 170,000 pounds ?.
  5. You missed what I was trying to say ,Pathetic in numbers Only ,Not Passion.
  6. I, like most true Hornets fans was disappointed with the result, however, I think it is totally unfair to blame Alan Kilshaw, who, as we all know, is totally dedicated to the club. The blame should be directed at the pathetic following the club has What is the coach supposed to do, apart from play young inexperienced players, due to the total lack of funds required to purchase more experienced players. hasnt this always been the case at Hornets. I was fortunate enough to be speaking to Frank Myler (in my opinion one of the best coaches we had) who told me that despite his reluctance to leave Hornets, there was never any money to improve the team.
  7. What a sickener like to wish him all the very best,
  8. Well done York what a win did not expect that .
  9. Great news where there's life there's hope.
  10. How very true.over the years we have had some great tussles with Oldham and Swinton,I for one would hate to see any one of them go down,
  11. You did your team proud ,it was a great match which in my opinion no team deserved to lose I sincerely wish things work out for you,
  12. .I really do not have a problem with the team.just the foul mouthed supporters who think it's ok to use language like that in front of women and children
  13. I would like to wish Feb all the very best on Sunday against those very nice supporters from Batley,
  14. Best of luck today lm sure you can do it,
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