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  1. Brilliant player who gave everything. Remember going to Runcorn to watch Oldham play them (think Charlie McAlister may have been on trial??) and thought Cogger was the dirtiest player I had ever seen, as had a go at everyone. How things changed when he joined us, gave everything and put us on the front foot with every one of his many carries in a game. Remember him picking up from base of scrum and scooting away for a try down the blind side a few times - don't see that in the modern game!
  2. Someone has already mentioned the game against Australia in 86 at Sheddings. That was a special night in my memories of our old home. The teams came out and lined up for the national anthems and the guys looked seriously hyped up, non more so than the infamous Bruce "Bruiser" Clark an Aussie who went home with a t-shirt saying "I drank Oldham dry" who decided on this night he really wanted to play. During the anthems Bruiser launched a ball at the face of Aussie star Paul Langmack. This was the signal for game on let's give it the Aussies. The Roughyeds team gave them a serious physical battl
  3. That was quality. Supporter tackled Buster first and was taking his applause from the crowd when Braddy tackled him from behind going right through him - the lad must have gone home with whiplash. He got up and chased Buster all over the field. Still makes me laugh now!
  4. Oldham v Featherstone 88 playoff final at Oldham Trafford. We started well built a decent lead and then Feth came back second half to lead. Kevin Meadows dives over in the last few minutes to level the scores. Charlie McAlister knocks the conversion over to win the game. Remember some great homecoming scenes outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall with the Yeds parading the trophy and singing myself hoarse with a great bunch of supporters. Just wish a few that were present that day would come and look at what is going on at Bower Fold now as we have a really committed team and coaching staff working
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