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  1. 19 hours ago, paulwalker71 said:

    Another good presentation, but I'm not a fan of Leon Pryce doing the colour commentary

    He was fine last week doing the punditry, but he mumbles too much into the mic to be a good colour commentator. In fact, he was so incomprehensible most of the time, I couldn't tell you if what he said made any sense!

    Thank goodness for Jenna Brooks,


    19 hours ago, paulwalker71 said:



  2. 44 minutes ago, Jughead said:

    , I can understand the reasoning behind feeling failed as a fan. The lack of a coach, the merchandise, the social media output and website are all points that have been raised numerous times when speaking of West Wales so I don’t disagree with attempting to raise these points with the club. 

    Was the letter a result of any form of consultation between Welsh/West Wales fans or just a one man crusade?

    As a regular supporter of the Raiders I endorse these views.

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  3. 58 minutes ago, Marauder said:

    Top comment, the guy instead of knocking them should take his superior knowledge and help them out.

    To which club do you refer. At 80 years of age I feel that my chances of volunteering are limited. BUT I have hardly missed a Raiderrs home game and I feel that my continual support through the turnstile deserves better.

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  4. 21 hours ago, Dan Taye-Sinferno said:

    There are difficulties of course, the geographical isolation of the club, the presence of a world famous union club in town etc. but the great potential for a successful club in South Wales,which most people would hopefully welcome, is presently being wasted. I wish the Raiders all the best and would love to see them prosper but I fear for the worst.


  5. On 16/11/2021 at 12:03, The Rocket said:

    I wasn`t going to comment on MJM`s post but since you are so interested I`ll briefly put the NRL`s side of the story.

    First and foremost it`s important to remember that the NRL had 15 000 000 more views than afl up to this years finals series. That`s for a 200 game regular season compared to their 207 and we didn`t have our pre-season matches televised, there was no NRLW and viewers from NZ are not counted. They had the first two in their figures.

    In 2023 we will have 17 teams and that advantage could increase to 30 000 000, if we eventually go to 18 we could easily be ahead by over 50 000 000. Easily I add because starting next year as well all 32 pre-season matches will be telecast as well and the women will be back.

    Rugby League was widely regarded as the premier sporting competition in this country up until the the mid-90`s. It still is for many. The NSWRL`s ` Simply the Best` campaign with Tina Turner blew everything out of the water. It was fashionable amongst all classes to support a League team, League players like Luke Ricketson were in the social pages of the papers every week dating models etc. etc. League was fashionable.

    One might even say we were victims of our own success because a certain media mogul looked at the game and said I can take this game any where, plonk down a team, scrap 100 year old clubs and it will be a rip-roaring success. Thus began the Super League war and the game tearing itself apart. Murdoch estimates he spent $100m trying to take over Rugby League and in the end all he achieved was bitterness and dislocation and a lot of people walking away from the game. I can only imagine now how that $100m could have been spent constructively, teams in Perth, Adelaide the sky could have been the limit.

    On broadcast deals up until around 2014 the deals were roughly similar, in that year Lachlan Murdoch as part owner of channel 10 thought they had the NRL FTA rights in the bag in cahoots with his old man at Foxtel. It looked like a done deal until a last minute monster deal was done with Channel Nine cutting out Ten and Foxtel. This was when an enraged Rupert Murdoch made a trip in person to Australia ( he`d never done that before) for the unveiling of the next afl deal. 

    Murdoch famously said at the time `afl has always been our preferred sport` and tacked another several hundred million onto their deal to spite the NRL. The absolute ludicrousness of his statement was plain for all to see, the bloke by his own account had spent $100m trying to buy the game 20 years previous, still owned 66% of the Broncos and had tipped in $50m + into the Storm until they got on their feet.

    But truth mattered little to a media mogul scorned or for that particular media mogul at any time.

    I could go on forever but one point where MJM is definitely correct is the problem we have in our game with player image and its` consequent effect on attracting sponsors and really breaking out of our working class demographic. If the NRL could get this one problem sorted a lot of the other issues were we lag would sort themselves out. We lost a big sponsorship with a national hardware chain early this year because of some off-field issue. It ain`t a good time in history for blokes behaving badly, especially towards women. Personally I`m hoping the growth of the women`s game and the integration of more women into clubs might nullify the boys club mentality that can pervade the game. Here`s hoping.

    Unfortunately we are in a position now where League players are fair game and it`s considered newsworthy if you can find a scandal involving League players, real or manufactured. This is going to be hard to fix overnight. I put a story up on the cross-code page of a union player ripping the handle off a door of a toilet at the Prime Ministers residence for a souvenir, it was treated as a great big laugh, if it had of been a Leaguie, god help us.

    Any way mate enough from me, one for sure though League is fighting back and if we can a few things right, look out.

    NSWRL - Winfield Cup 1991 - Simply the Best - Bing video

    Thank you for your detailed response.




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  6. 12 minutes ago, Snowys Backside said:

    Let's be Frank about this, average players have just slushed around and found their way docking in Toulouse.

    The biased expansionists are again cracking one off stating Toulouse, this, Toulouse that and a City the size of Mexico will bring home the corn.

    The fact of the matter is that they will have a very average SL side next year, get decent crowds before dwindling into oblivion when adrenaline vanquished and finish rock bottom on a damp squib.

    They will win a few on location alone and that's about it folks. It's deja Vu. Wakey look poor again but will do enough at the vital times.

    Cest la vie Jean ! Au revoir Toulouse!

    You ARE miserable.

  7. 1 hour ago, welshmagpie said:

    It’s been a very positive year for RL in Wales.

    The growth has partly been because we were the first code to go back to ‘near’ normality, local RU clubs are only just having local 15-a-side games again as their season starts up after COVID. 

    This has certainly helped league in Wales and the importance is now in maintaining this interest. Of note, WRL have always enjoyed good numbers at U13 and U15 age groups but have tailed off at U17s. This has now changed due to the emergence of the Salford partnered WRL academy and trust me when I say, there or one or two potential stars in that group. The U17s competition has been fantastic as there’s now that extra incentive. Cynon Valley vs Bridgend this weekend should be a cracker!

    What’s next in terms of growth?

    1) Maintain U10s, U13s, U15s, U17s for next year. 

    2) Look to reestablish clubs in Newport and Carmarthen and help to consolidate the efforts in Llanelli and Swansea that have come from this year. 

    3) Build on the reemergence of the North Wales league by adding a few more fixtures and potentially introducing one age group competition up there on a small basis such as 4/5 U15s games.  

    4) Enter Cardiff Demons women into the Women’s Super League*

    * 5) Bring the Raiders back East (this is my controversial one) rebrand them as Cardiff Demons and play League One rugby out of the Arms Park in Wales’ major city. The Raiders do a great job and own their own ground by 80% of the players travel >1 hour to matches and many >45 minutes to training. Cardiff would be much more central and would be in the midst of south Wales’ strongest amateur clubs in Torfaen and Valley Cougars. 

    I understand your thoughts on distance of travel for away teams but I am against another relocation.  Welsh Rugby League has gone from Bridgend, Neath, Maesteg and Merthyr.

    Steboneath is an excellent little ground.

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