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  1. As someone who has a growing interest in the NRL can you elaborate please.
  2. I met Mike Nicholas on a few occasions, He was very friendly and clearly loves Rugby League.
  3. For me it is a great game. I have supported Rugby League in South Wales since 2006. (Celtic Crusaders). My friend Keith and I support West Wales Raiders although we are still seeking a winning team. This must show that we love Rugby League.
  4. I really enjoyed the Women's Final. An excellent game in a good atmosphere and crowd. Th joy and emotion at the end was good to see. I will be supporting the Cardiff devils next season. And of course the Raiders.
  5. I wish that Sky cameras would show more of the supporters enjoying themselves outside and inside the ground. Instead of the continuous prattling of the studio experts. It is the supporters who make the game.
  6. I really enjoyed the game. I thought that the Army were unlucky but a great result for Wales. I hope that the demons will be in Women's Super League next season. I will try to support them.
  7. I really enjoyed the game between The Army and Cardiff Demons. I thought that the Army were unlucky but a great result for Cardiff. I may go to watch the Demons next season. I hope that they get in to Women's Super League
  8. I understand your thoughts on distance of travel for away teams but I am against another relocation. Welsh Rugby League has gone from Bridgend, Neath, Maesteg and Merthyr. Steboneath is an excellent little ground.
  9. I have been a fan of Rugby League in South Wales since 2006. Currently supporting West Wales Raiders.
  10. I do not know his CV, But his response to the Australia/ New Zealand withdrawal was very articulate. Rugby League needs an Intelligent spokesman. Taxi for Ralph Rimmer?.
  11. Yes there were signs of improvement yesterday. Again credit to our players they do not give up.
  12. Thank you for your words of encouragement. we are still trying to do our best.
  13. I am afraid so. But I will applaud the players for giving 100% . it must be hard to receive punishment each week. I do hope that things will improve.
  14. Agreed. Hope we can surprise a few this tear.
  15. What huge entertainment, Drama and excitement. Yes it is the great game.
  16. From Swansea. My wife and I always attend the Grand Final in Old Trafford. We stay at the Premier Inn in Salford Quays. And enjoy a banter in the Lowry Centre before and after the game.
  17. You may well be right. But this is Championship One not Super League. We have lacked good half backs since our beginning, Now we have Two. His experience will guide the younger players. It will be interesting to see Rangi Chase at this level. Come on Raiders.
  18. After Canberra Raiders, New Zealand Warriors are my second choice. They were good last weekend.
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