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  1. 2 hours ago, Sticklebricks said:

    One wasnt yanto  was it, didn’t think you were still playing marra 😜

    Hung the boots up five years ago after playing 80 minutes for Den Haag v Rotterdam. 

    Was coaching but registered to play never thinking I would need to... Mistake 🤔

    Still feeling that last game now marra. 

    2 hours ago, The Rocket said:

    So are these blokes that you and Harry mention are they blokes picked out of the German and  Dutch comps. or like when Anthony Siebold played for Germany , just have a German or Dutch grand parent and therefore qualify.

    All the Dutch side play in the domestic competition. 

    Number 4 Thomas Farrell and number 11 Frank Longford are the only two " none Dutch" and qualify on the five year residency rule. 

  2. 21 hours ago, koli said:

    Its been useless for me since the restart.

    Week 1 Saints v Cats was the live stream but just got Cas v Saints from March.

    This week it was working fine on Saturday but on Sunday just got a blank screen  saying streaming will start once broadcadt begins.



    Same as. 

    Customer service is also great... Three weeks to respond to my last email. 

  3. On 04/08/2020 at 04:10, RugbyLeagueRaj said:

    @Oldbear If you decide to buy WatchNRL then the link below should give the Canadian Rugby League a commission


    The USARL have a similar scheme at https://www.usarl.org/


    A SL streaming package would be great. I wonder if the OurLeague app could be used as the platform?


    live.rugby-league.com is the official SL streaming media for none UK and has been around for a few years now. 

    All SKY games streamed live and on demand. 

    100 quid a year, but to be honest I have had lots of problems with it, especially the live games. 

    Yesterday after being unable to once again access the live games I emailed them asking for a refund after two years of problems which they have yet to solve. 

    I would be interested if anyone else uses this platform and how they find it? 


    Edit.. Seems most / a lot of countries are geo blocked 🤔


  4. Not sure if this has been reported before but Graeme Thompson is doing podcasts with people involved in developing the game on the continent. 

    So far Kevin Rudd, Simon Cooper, Tyrone Mccarthy, Milan Mrytnec, Julia Bennison and yours truly have been featured. 

    Some good stories and worth listening to for any one interested in finding out why people took to spreading the game in Europe. 

    rlef. eu.com




    Deluded pom posted the first podcast I see when I look further into this forum. 

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  5. Have I missed much ?

    Back in Norway for work 13 hours a day for 12 day's so not much time for idle gossip. 

    But anyway some background checks came up with this..... Not saying anything else ???

    Off all the cities in Europe how much of a coincidence is it that the guy behind the Moldova team lives in Valencia. ?

    Check out his Twitter 

    Eugeniu Procopi



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  6. Love the video..

    Lots of " oppertunites of the devolping the game in the country as well as providing  coaching oppertunities  and referee oppertunities"  

    Great comments .

    But excuse me where has Moldova been when the RLEF has been providing these same oppertunities over the last 20 years due to Erasmus  grants funded by the EU and secured by the RLEF ?

    So now the Euro XIII are promising ,by the guys talk in the video,to also provide funding to develop coaches and referees.



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  7. On 25/06/2020 at 13:58, M j M said:

    No you can't. The harbour arm alone is a magnificently rejuvinated public space, the public artworks littered around are amongst the best, as a collection, in any small English town, as you say the cliff area is quite charming and the Hotel Burstin is an aggresive, brutal centrepoint which I imagine makes reactionary types heads explode (but which actually has a hidden core of graceful Victorian saloons and bedrooms.)

    Sadly they allowed the both the Rotunda and the brilliantly designed pilot station to be demolished but it remains a seaside town with a great depth of interesting buildings and areas of interest and is a place I always recommend a visit to for anyone who happens to be in that part of Kent.

    Lived in digs on Tontine Street (?) opposite Pipers Night club for a few year when working on the channel tunnel terminal at Cheriton. 

    Some good memories of Folkestone ?

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  8. Regarding seating and a suitable stand. 

    I wonder how many of the clubs have access to such facilities? 

    I know Rotterdam have a great set up at Sparta Rugby but they would not meet this criteria. 

    Guess it's another expense to have to hire a venue or hope for an away tie every round of the competition. 

    Do you know if Euro XIII will cover venue costs??? 

  9. 7 minutes ago, welshmagpie said:


    Little tidbit of info from training tonight.

    Euro XIII clubs must utilise grounds with seating/a suitable stand. 

    The draw will also be seeded.

    At least we are now getting some info on minimum standards. 

    Thanks for this. 

    But seeded draw?? 

    How does anyone know the strength of each club?? 

  10. 2 hours ago, scotchy1 said:

    So they should leave government funding not through the RLEF on the table?

    It would be interesting which NRB's to date have actually been recognised by their governments for funding. 

    In my experience most nations only recognise a sport that is a member of Sport Accord through their Olympic Committee. 

    RLEF and IRL are trying to be accepted into this organisation. 

    World Rugby League appearing on the scene didn't help the application and do you think Euro XIII will be an asset or another stumbling block. 

    If Sport Accord look at the governing body of European rugby being undermined by a Rebel... And yes I believe this is now a rebel breakaway group... Then this is going to set us back ten years. 



  11. 2 hours ago, Eddie said:

    Great idea, we should club together and enter the 2022 Euro XIIIs cup. Valencia Hurricanes v Flat Cap Northern Monkeys would be live on BBC1. 

    Would be an ideal candidate for Euro XIII vision. 

    New club, never played a game, not a member of any domestic competition. 

    You know what Eddie this could work mate. 

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  12. 1 minute ago, Eddie said:

    I don’t know why he’d keep an eye on an irrelevant RL forum, but good if he is, would be great if he’d come on and answer some of your more detailed questions. 

    What better way  to get the opinions of a cross section of flat cap northern monkeys than follow them discussing his plans on a forum. 

    The man's not daft ?


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  13. Want some more info Eddie ?

    As previous stated by someone.. Not sure who now... Dean Buchan is keeping his eye on this conversation. 

    If not Buchan himself he has someone reporting back. 

    I have conclusive evidence but its confidential. 

    Trust me on this point ?

  14. 25 minutes ago, Impartial Observer said:

    They went to Cumbria in the Challenge Cup this year, so they are used to going to the back of beyond ?

    Barrow is still Lancashire if you ask those that live there and us West Cumbrians .

    Nowt to do with God's country ?

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