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  1. Got that shirt..."News and Star" local paper across the shoulders
  2. 12 - 12 after 34 minutes. Tries now worth 4 points.
  3. Decent stream...some one please tell the Spanish it's only four points for a try. On screen score showing 7-7
  4. Parramatta,Leeds (at the crazy price if 4/1 )and Bunnies...just need Salford with 8.5 start and it will make my day.
  5. I think so .There is an "On Demand" section
  6. Just a heads up the NCL play off between Thatto Heath and Wath Brow is live on Our League in half an hour. Should be a decent game.
  7. Mine just arrived. Like a cheap stretchy sublimated tacky T shirt. First time I have had any Oxen gear and should have taken heed of comments on here. Very disappointed to be paying 58 quid for it to be honest.
  8. Hi Gordon ...Have you ever spilt blood at Tattersfield, Athletic Stadium, Recreation Ground,Derwent Park, Naughton Park ,Knowsley Road,Wilderspool,Clarence Street,Station Road,Central Park,Post Office Road bla bla bla ...if not I guess you love the new ikea stadiums but never experienced the old skool. Nowt wrong with that marra but give me a full Knowsley Road v a full Toatally Wicked any day Just read back....not sure if Gordon is for or against modern stadiums
  9. In trouble now..locals want to watch some women's football game in half an hour .
  10. Town looking decent despite all the things that have gone.on in the background this week.
  11. Enjoying this. Sitting in Bridgewater Somerset spreading the gospel. Town shirt on but very concerned (reading about the money problems and the release of players) how we will turn out in the West Cumbrian Derby.
  12. Change of plans ...I have to go look at a new flat this weekend and guess what time and date the landlord wants to meet me... Hopefully will be other oppertunities marra .
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