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  1. Have I missed much ? Back in Norway for work 13 hours a day for 12 day's so not much time for idle gossip. But anyway some background checks came up with this..... Not saying anything else ??? Off all the cities in Europe how much of a coincidence is it that the guy behind the Moldova team lives in Valencia. ? Check out his Twitter Eugeniu Procopi
  2. Love the video.. Lots of " oppertunites of the devolping the game in the country as well as providing coaching oppertunities and referee oppertunities" Great comments . But excuse me where has Moldova been when the RLEF has been providing these same oppertunities over the last 20 years due to Erasmus grants funded by the EU and secured by the RLEF ? So now the Euro XIII are promising ,by the guys talk in the video,to also provide funding to develop coaches and referees. AMAZING ?
  3. Lived in digs on Tontine Street (?) opposite Pipers Night club for a few year when working on the channel tunnel terminal at Cheriton. Some good memories of Folkestone ?
  4. Rest Easy big lad. Many great memories together ??
  5. Regarding seating and a suitable stand. I wonder how many of the clubs have access to such facilities? I know Rotterdam have a great set up at Sparta Rugby but they would not meet this criteria. Guess it's another expense to have to hire a venue or hope for an away tie every round of the competition. Do you know if Euro XIII will cover venue costs???
  6. At least we are now getting some info on minimum standards. Thanks for this. But seeded draw?? How does anyone know the strength of each club??
  7. It would be interesting which NRB's to date have actually been recognised by their governments for funding. In my experience most nations only recognise a sport that is a member of Sport Accord through their Olympic Committee. RLEF and IRL are trying to be accepted into this organisation. World Rugby League appearing on the scene didn't help the application and do you think Euro XIII will be an asset or another stumbling block. If Sport Accord look at the governing body of European rugby being undermined by a Rebel... And yes I believe this is now a rebel breakaway group... Then this is going to set us back ten years.
  8. Would be an ideal candidate for Euro XIII vision. New club, never played a game, not a member of any domestic competition. You know what Eddie this could work mate.
  9. Me and you can get that on our own marra.. Easy ??
  10. What better way to get the opinions of a cross section of flat cap northern monkeys than follow them discussing his plans on a forum. The man's not daft ?
  11. Impartial Observer you may well laugh. ??? Deadly serious mate. Asking for women's teams to apply for 2021.
  12. Want some more info Eddie ? As previous stated by someone.. Not sure who now... Dean Buchan is keeping his eye on this conversation. If not Buchan himself he has someone reporting back. I have conclusive evidence but its confidential. Trust me on this point ?
  13. Yep,and the proposed women's competition.
  14. Nothing we didn't already know Eddie.
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