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  1. Tries from todays game in Bodrum. https://youtu.be/GGnOZLoI38k
  2. Polo shirts are also nice. Great quality and decent price. https://www.1895sports.com/product/nrlb-polo/
  3. 12 - 20 Half time. Phew..Will have that. Turkey look the stronger,bigger, fitter side but hats of to the Dutch coming away with points most of the times they have been in the Turkish 22.
  4. Sales pitch. Available from 1895 Sport https://www.1895sports.com/product/netherlands-replica-shirt/
  5. Four days. Flew in yesterday morning and won't get back until Monday. Also pay for their own travel and don't even get paid for playing. True amateurs . ❤
  6. Not the stadium that was advertised. The games were to be held at the Sehir Stadi in the center of Bodrum ,a 4,000 capacity ground with stands on all sides. Unsure what venue this is being played at. No Eddie watching from home. I have no real involvement with the national side anymore and had to make the choice between a cold weekend in West Cumbria watching Town win the League 1 play off ,or five nights in Bodrum. Not really a warm weather man As for the Cobra players they either didnt want to be involved in the quite strict (3 times a week) preperation or the coach decided none were good enough. I did find it a bit strange also that not one Amsterdam player was selected.
  7. Decent enough game. Looks like Czech have found their legs after a slow start. Hoping the TV is playing tricks because there are some big units on both these teams. A little concerned for the Dutch who look a bit light weight in comparison. Find out in a couple of hours.
  8. Malta v Czech and Turkey v Netherlands in Euro D. Both games live streamed this afternoon from Bodrum. https://europeanrugbyleague.com/articles/2038/euro-d-championship-set-for-kic
  9. Awesome.. Glad I made the effort to get across. Met some old faces for the first time in years and frequented a few drinking dens form the past. Left town around 10pm and the bar's were still bouncing and the players enjoying the victory. Some bad heads this morning I bet. But it shows a successful club can also generate the feel good factor all over the region. Everyone connected to the club can rightly hold their heads up high. Brilliant just Brilliant
  10. Dont forget to message me marra. Its been a long long time ( nearly 40 years or sommat) since we last had a beer. Shame about the High Duties reunion Friday. I will be down DP with Peter Gorley so you wont be able to miss his big ginger heed .... Oh sorry hes like you now ...bald...but we gotta meet up . Maybe the last chance .
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