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  1. https://www.facebook.com/ragbiligesrbije.rs/photos/a.1693540100862094/2848443535371739/?__cft__[0]=AZWQVw3HUWPxvWx2cBv4YDuqBM7L_0L4kZX1xG0vIMTBGmBOKtPkkzSz7WdaZKNqRPUgZWMW151FGjtoIuMTmn2TYhNKnUz_OsodiusYmVnVY1uPKcruVpJehGnjbx52EQNZHjsB8V3rtbB7ui3frZP6&__tn__=EH-R Schedule of matches in the first spring phase of the Serbian Championship for seniors and the results so far . Hope you read Serbian !!!
  2. Not a bad effort and free to download https://leagueunlimited.com/news/35618-magazine-the-front-row-volume-2-issue-4/
  3. Malcolm played at Blackpool. The fourth brother Stan played at Town at the same time as Billy and Bobby. All three taking the field together...not sure. ***Just seen the reply above.
  4. Just waiting for Aussie to open up and I'm heading back ASAP. If you get the chance take it. Awesome experience.
  5. Done it for the Grand Final in 2014.May have been three weeks because I took in some play off games., 2016 another 14 day trip and Aussie v Kiwi and Dragons v Manly last year. Im lucky as accomodation was free in the Southern Highlands but yes its very doable. Here is your rough itinery on prices i have just looked at. Looking at flights in august 1200-1300 quid with Quatar. Fly Wednesday 4th August arrive Thursday 5th evening. Friday Parramatta v Bunnies Saturday Roosters v Panthers at the SCG Tickets a snip at 10 dollars to 30 dollars https://premi
  6. Played with Ged when him and Shane Varley came over in 82. Top bloke. RIP Marra and condolences to Debs and the family.
  7. Hung the boots up five years ago after playing 80 minutes for Den Haag v Rotterdam. Was coaching but registered to play never thinking I would need to... Mistake Still feeling that last game now marra. All the Dutch side play in the domestic competition. Number 4 Thomas Farrell and number 11 Frank Longford are the only two " none Dutch" and qualify on the five year residency rule.
  8. To be fair first and only game of the season for both sides. Laal bit of credit even if its just for getting the game on after covid rules kept changing (for the German boys) and they had to move venues 3 times.
  9. Strange place to play when Geoff Fletcher was leading the pack. Anyone experienced RL at its proffesional grassroots had to pull on a pair of boots here.
  10. Same as. Customer service is also great... Three weeks to respond to my last email.
  11. Erm.... live.rugby-league.com is the official SL streaming media for none UK and has been around for a few years now. All SKY games streamed live and on demand. 100 quid a year, but to be honest I have had lots of problems with it, especially the live games. Yesterday after being unable to once again access the live games I emailed them asking for a refund after two years of problems which they have yet to solve. I would be interested if anyone else uses this platform and how they find it? Edit.. Seems most / a lot of countries are geo blocked
  12. Not sure if this has been reported before but Graeme Thompson is doing podcasts with people involved in developing the game on the continent. So far Kevin Rudd, Simon Cooper, Tyrone Mccarthy, Milan Mrytnec, Julia Bennison and yours truly have been featured. Some good stories and worth listening to for any one interested in finding out why people took to spreading the game in Europe. rlef. eu.com https://anchor.fm/rlefofficial/episodes/Talking-European-Rugby-League---Ian-Thompson-egnp6i Edit Deluded pom posted the first podcast I see when I look further
  13. Tim Jonkers. St Helens. Jace van Dyke. South Wales Crusaders / Wynnum Manly Dane Nyrincx. Canterbury Bulldogs.. Dane actually played for the Netherlands in 2006.
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