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  1. Was on 6.00 (6/1) here in Holland for HRK to win..who would not have took that after one game and it being a local derby...But guess the bookies know better Cracking game. The fixtures have made the opening weeks of SL great to watch.
  2. yanto

    2020 Squad

    Not sure if I should post this My contact from Aussie is not happening. The big lad has been offered a good job in the Illawarra mines so his rugby travels are on the back burner for now. Shame as I thought he could have done a job at Town.. but that's what I heard from a mate, who was told by a mate, while in the queue for a pie at Haigs.
  3. Yep no problem. But today I have no sound??? Any else experiencing no sound???
  4. yanto

    Away shirt

    Be good walking around Redfern in a Town shirt next time I'm Down under and people asking me about the colours Will go nice with my 86 "Smith Crisps" Rhabittohs shirt. Great looking kit and ordered last night
  5. Just seen an update 21:01 Canberra time (15 minutes ago )...It is now to late to leave ....fingers crossed that life and property is not lost !!!! This is an EMERGENCY WARNING level bushfire warning. SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY. The fire is starting to spot close to Tharwa Village. People in the areas of THARWA VILLAGE, BOBOYAN ROAD, APOLLO ROAD and TOP NAAS ROAD you should: SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY. It is now too late to leave. If you are not in the area, do not return. The fire may pose a threat to all lives directly in its path. People in these suburbs are in danger and need to seek immediate shelter as the fire approaches. Driving now is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly.
  6. Drove from the Southern Highlands to Melbourne (and back) in October. Even then you could see the changing landscape from lush green farm land to dry scorched land as you drove down the M31. Three month later without any rain I can imagine how dry it must be now even though this latest one seems to be to the south of Canberra. The wifes cousin is a volunteer fire fighter in Seville west of Melbourne and he showed us around his local station. Back then he was expecting to travel up to Northern NSW to help fight the fires that were raging . One thing he did say was "that the world wont make it news until it becomes catastrophic" and he forcast that it was going to be a huge problem. How right he was.
  7. According to the news this is suspected to have been started by a defence helicopter !!!!!!!! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-28/namadgi-orroral-valley-fire-to-canberras-south-worsening/11907438 " The Department of Defence has admitted the fire was likely caused by one of its own helicopters, after one of its landing lights created enough heat to set the grass on fire."
  8. yanto

    2020 Squad

    Disclosing a text from MY mate to ME about Australia day being on a Sunday with a little gossip tagged on the end that some people on here are / may be interested in. Guess my crack is no different than any crack that comes from a mate who told a mate who overheard it while having a pi&& at half time down the Rec. There are plenty of those posts Chill... if it's going to happen I doubt any gossip from me on here is going to make any difference. I will just leave it at that.
  9. yanto

    2020 Squad

    Why ?? Its no different to gossip between folk at home. Im not connected to any party ,have no personal interest in any party, I'm just passing on rumours and gossip ,the same as what fills this message board 95% of the time. Why is this any different ??? Same as whats discussed in Sellafield canteen every day of the week OR is discussed on this forum every day !!!!!!! Folk talking about "possible" signings. Like all speculation its just a mate telling a mate..but one happens to live Downunder and one happens to live in the Netherlands. So if there is a rumour that Fui Fui cant get a visa or someone posts "Chris has said he’s not rushing in and I’ve heard that there’s a few in the pipeline" these can not be discussed ??? Maybe you know more about the situation than I do ??
  10. yanto

    2020 Squad

    Updated about two hours ago from Downunder on what I discussed. "Yeah mate Australia day holiday today. The bastards took the Anzac Day holiday off us this year because it falls on a Saturday so better make the most of today ha ha Tom is still sorting out his visa, don’t think he has officially signed yet." So maybe he (they) are still targets or maybe not anymore. Have to wait and see.
  11. Cheers marra.. Didn't notice that thread.
  12. My subscription has still not been updated. It seems maybe that NA IS getting coverage of SL, then Watch RL would be Geo blocked. What's going on with me in Europe is anyone's guess. Email reply says "some one will get in touch shortly." I hope it's before Thursday
  13. any one back home having trouble with the sound or is it just my computer ??
  14. For those not travelling (or live away) the game is being streamed live on the Barrow website apparently.
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