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  1. Went over to pay my respects to the Big Man as an ex team mate ,opposition and long standing friend of the family. Les got a great send off. Despite the circumstances it was nice to meet up with guys who I have never bumped into since the old days. A great team could have taken to the field , ,Boxer,Korky,Banksy,Ian Rudd,Dave Smith,Harry Bev,Chris Arkwright,Harry Pinner,Risso,Bobby Blackwood,Shemmy Collister,Phil Kitchen,Spanky,Eddie Bowman,Buck,Keith Davies plus others I have proberbly missed. Some memories were re lived long into the night believe me. Gone but never forgotten marra.
  2. try this link https://play.ovo.com.au/event/12509 Ah ...Knights game is Geo blocked in NL .Looks like its only available (at present) to a handful of competing nations as I have just seen this ..but no worries I land in Sydney Friday evening . "The World Cup Nines on October 18 and 19 will be broadcast on the platform into seven competing nations: France, Samoa, Lebanon, Papua New Guinea, United States, Cook Islands and Fiji with a combined fan base of over three million people." Undecided if I will pop into Cambeltown yet (its on the way down to the Souther Highlands ) or head down to the village and catch the games in the pub . Wife and daughter in tow this time so s different holiday planned .Still defo going to the double header at Wollongong on the 25th. Knights game 04:00 am Aussie time ......could be a problem on a sunday morning !!!!
  3. Interesting development regarding the World Nines. Just been released via Facebook. England Knights v Jamaica game also scheduled to be streamed. https://mailchi.mp/f9a28e29177f/londonninespartnerswithrlwc-636465 I downloaded the app. Works fine in the Netherlands. Not sure if it will be blocked in countries that have Sky showing games. All legal and above board so worth seeing if its available where you live. Chromecast available on it also to watch on your TV.
  4. So many arm chair referees on here. Maybe one or two have taken up the whistle and been in charge of local footy games. Give the guys a break... Decisions on what they see.. In the heat of the moment... In the pace of the game... Anyone on here ever tried it at junior level never mind the pressures of the biggest game of the season.?? Anyway with the support of video referee we hope they get crucial calls right. Other calls are what's in front of them... After all they are only human. Cracking final
  5. Can't see what hockey has to do with it to be honest. Yes it's massive over here but their surface is totally different from the rugby and soccer fields. The councils are paying to roll out 3 and 4G pitches as apparently it is cost effective compared to maintaining natural grass. Unless you have visited the Netherlands its hard to imagine the facilities available to sport clubs. Real Eye opener when I first arrived. You have to remember over here a local soccer club (Sunday pub league equivalent in the UK) can turn out a lot of teams over a weekend and on training nights. Take my nearest soccer club RKDEO Nootdorp... Over 80 teams from under 8 to seniors to consider. Five pitches, 2 artificial turf. Rugby Union clubs are now heading the same way and replacing grass fields. AZ played against United at ADO Den Haag where they have been playing all their home games since a roof blew of one of their stands. ADO is ten minutes from my house and have a hybred pitch. Real grass intertwined with artificial grass.Nowhere near as bad as Ole Gunner said. I think he was getting excuses in before the game As for really big clubs I guess your talking about the big three Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord? These clubs still have natural grass fields. The rubber fill did cause a lot of concern a few years ago but newer fields seem to use a sand fill. The National Rugby Stadium in Amsterdam has a new 4G field. Den Haag Knights beat Amsterdam Cobras in the Dutch GF on this field with no more skin burns than can be expected in a summer dry grass field. One problem we had the week before, on the same pitch, was the heat being reflected of the artificial turf. It was crazy and something we had not even considered.
  6. 3G (now 4G) pitches are growing all the time here in the Netherlands. Local councils are installing them everywhere to cut down on the maintainence cost of traditional grass pitches. Apparently it is cheaper to maintain a 3G / 4G pitch . We have six in the two villages (Town) of 25,000 people, in four clubs. (soccer) But then again anyone who has ever been to play soccer or rugby in the Netherlands know even at the lowest level the fields are top quality..no park fields full of dog poo , ruts and broken glass. Six Dutch Premier League (Eredivisie) soccer clubs play on "Kunstgrass" and twelve Championship (Kuekenchampieon) clubs ...so there must be a benefit in it . Rugby union clubs are gradually changing to 4G fields and in my opinion its for the better. Regarding Rugby League, when we first started here in the Netherlands it was impossible to get a grass field from the end of May to midway in August due to them being closed down for maintainence. 3G /4G fields has now opened up a whole new season . From a sandy beach to a top quality surface..notice the difference
  7. Hacettepe are not a League club as far as I am aware. https://turkishrugbyleague.com/men/ Other code . Their Facebook page confirms this.
  8. has the filter been applied ?? fervent traditionalist becomes "fervent traditionalist " in the above post !!!!!!!! EDITED f l a t c a p p e r is no longer allowed and I was talking about myself !!!!
  9. No insult intended.... just an opinion . I have followed a small Town Northern Club for over 40 years..(a real fervent traditionalist me ),to League one,four Lancashire cup finals and before my time Wembley and Premiership winners to being on the verge of going out of business yet even I realise the game has to attract new investment to grow. Three years down the line and I dont see Toronto slowing down like Paris,South Wales,Mansfield,Trafford Borough,Kent Invicta etc etc . It seems to me that a lot of people want them to fail for their own reasons.
  10. Yep typical comment and thought process of a new fan. I watched my first game last night and loved it
  11. WOW after three years they have done what 100 year old clubs in the traditional heartlands have failed to do....bring in the crowds and believe it or not progressed from championship one to Super League .....on merit..no helping hand ..all their own work. Im sure this was a five year plan so Wolfpack are two years a head of what they set out to do. Pretty impressive or not ?? The game has seen a decline in Yorkshire and Lancashire and Cumbria ..100 year old tradition in these areas...yet you say its in decline in Toronto ...virgin ground... ..talent pool is down all over(though I disagree with this when you see how many Brits are cutting it in the NRL at the moment) thats not Wolfpacks fault..look closer to home for answers to why . Toronto will deliver more in SL than another small West Yorkshire town...just look at the vibes they have created since they came in to the competition. Yep a few thousand flat cappers are dissapointed that the marketing ploy and promises have not yet been fulfilled two years ahead of the target. Again Pretty impressive though ....or not ??? Honeymoon over ?? The Wolfpack are still at the wedding reception
  12. People make me laugh when they talk about the "Player Pool" I was brought up in the mid 70's/ 80's when the "Player pool" at amatuer level (where all/most the future SL players start off ) was half of what it is today. Cumberland RL had ten clubs ..yep thats all...yet that ten clubs produced enough players to keep three semi pro sides competing at a high level ..with local kids who played "A" team football before going onto the first team. Every club had an "A" team ...Lancashire combination and Yorkshire combination. So by all stats the player pool has grown smaller since the likes of Harry Pinner,Steve Norton,Gary Schofield,Ellery Hanley,Joe Lydon ??? Bigger myth than the Millenium Bug. Has modern day coaching coached skill out of the "Player pool" ..the game has changed but just look at the Canberra Raiders team in the morning.More Brits taking the field in an NRL Grand Final than ever. The player pool is NOT the problem the pathway is full of problems with kids getting signed and discared to early.
  13. How many would cut it in SL ...Top RU players have neither the skill set or the mind set..rather sign a load of NSW /Queensland cup players who know the game....cant see Wolfpack gambling on RU players..may one world star to give massive publicity but you bet your bottom dollar there will be very few converts especilly from the Canadian RU side who are currently getting hammered in Japan.
  14. Ever been to a West Sydney Wanderers game at Parramatta Stadium ?? Awesome atmosphere due to the "Ethnic European " back ground. I have also been to SOO,GF and stood on the "Hill" at WIN Stadium. Aussie League fans dont really get excited ......My Wollongong mates tell me when Hull played Wigan at WIN it was crazy compared to what they are used to.
  15. Phil we just need Newcsatle to win tomorrow. Give them a couple of years in the Championship then the M62 will be nowt but a memory for us old guys as we spread the game ...Toronto,Newcastle,Catalans, Tolouse. The likes of Batley,Donny ,Leigh, Dewesbury etc etc will find their own level and will still be around supported by their own fans. Two years ago I mentioned we are going to an Aussie style system. No promotion no relegation... Look at the NRL..... top clubs producing top class footballers..... but it still breeds a strong competition below the first grade. Many NSW cup or Queensland cup guys are more than capable of cutting it in the championship...so if we have an elite Super League then the clubs below that will have to produce players capable of reaching SL standard. Feeder clubs ?? Yes..but that is the same in any sport..the better guys go on to play at a higher level. The better teams bring in the better money..big city sides ...big sponsors ...yet us local guys can still roll up at Workington or Widnes or Keighley every weekend. Bring it on
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