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  1. Totally understand but it's unprecedented times. We are in fact banned from travelling and gathering as a group,completely out of our hands. In Sykes case everyone else, host agency, continues to make money and the customers pay? Are Companies like this it getting government assistance?? Are Airbnb hosts also not allowed to claim for loss of income as small buiseness / self employed? Reading up there are a lot of very angry people out there who feel they are being ripped off. Even though we never took it out I am unsure if their travel insurance would even cover something of this nature.
  2. Sykes Cottages.. I have ten people booked into a cottage in the lakes for four nights in April. Well by the UK lockdown this is now against the rules. Only offering no fee to rebook later in the year but they seem to have pushed their prices up. Plus travelling from Holland we are unsure when we can all get together. KLM have given us travel vouchers for up to twelve months. Arnold Clark already returned the car hire fees in full but Sykes Cottages won't budge on over 1000 euro
  3. My personal opinion is yes. Despite being 15 years further down the line the standard doesn't seem to progressed and as you point out has maybe even gone backwards. Serbia have done so much work but still seem to fall at the final hurdle and when you see nations like Greece putting 80 points on them you have to wonder whats (not) happening. Its a strange one.
  4. When we played Georgia they presented me with a big bloody hunting knife . Awesome feast and un limited wine after the game. We played on independence day in front of over 15000 people. Treated like Premier League football stars. Memories that will last forever. While on lockdown here in the Netherlands I'm going to have to find some old videos/ photos of the time I got smashed by a big Russian (or Kazakhstan) player at York nines and then at Middlesex nines I was presented with a Kazakhstan traditional hat and the most potent acholic drink ever to pass my lips. Real Russian caviar washed down with vodka at a RLEF meeting in London at 3am in the morning. You were not allowed to refuse or leave the table as it was classed as being unpolite. Suffice to say I was ill very ill for about two days Great times travelling and meeting people True pioneers of the game.
  5. Are you sure about that ?? Russia and Georgia were in conflict at the time over South Ossetia and Abkahzia (went to a short war in 2008 ) and were supposed to play in Moscow. One story was that Georgia also had a union international game the same weekend and conceded the tie. My information from the Georgian captain was that Russia had refused to issue visa's in time ( Holland had a similar problem so they made Russia play in The Netherlands) but anyway the RLEF awarded Russia the game 24-0 Georgia walked away from the game after this incident. Your thinking about the game in 2005 when Russia won 48-14 after France had thrashed them 80-0 a week earlier.France then went to Tblisi and won 0-60 against Georgia.
  6. Serbia v Netherlands in Belgrade in 2005` 2nd European Championship qualifying game after Georgia had won 14-34 in Hoek van Holland Match details https://www.rlef.eu.com/fixtures/190
  7. 2;21 the collapse of the goal post as a Georgian player crashes into it ..Happy days
  8. Ha ha just looked at this on youtube. I actually uploaded the clip
  9. Serbia v Georgia correct . I have the full game on DVD somewhere. During the game the players or the ball hit the posts and they fall down Its the 2nd 2008 World Cup qualifier played on 13th may 2006 at Radnicki Stadium in Belgrade after the Netherlands v Russia had opened the Qualification process in Hoek van Holland a few weeks earlier. Full game details https://www.rlef.eu.com/fixtures/184
  10. Thought you were locked down from Mid day saturday Bob* ?? Norway announced a total lock down at 18:00 saturday evening then re tracked sunday morning and denied all airports and sea ports would close and all border crossings would close... Unsure of the situation and after talking to the boss and main contractor, six of us decided to try to get home sunday. (before the retraction was announced ) One guy got a flight back to Lithuania sunday morning,I managed to get an SAS flight to Amsterdam sunday afternoon and four Polish mates went by road through Denmark and then a ferry to Poland. YES BOB 8 allowed to enter Denmark despite being told the border was closed ??? Were we allowed to break quarantine were we allowed to travel ??? All confusing. Started our rota on Monday and for two days we had all been working together and living on camp with no contact with the outside world.This was what they classed as the 14 days Quarantine Norway had put in place for anyone who had travelled outside the Nordic countries before 27th February ??? The main company then told us Wednesday that anyone that had been outside the Nordic countries could no longer work beside "local" lads...Bit strange because any virus would have been passed on by then. One Norwegian went into self isolation on wednesday and got sacked....100% sure he will win his case when he takes it to a tribunal....but this is what we are up against.A Swedish worker arrived for work with a heavy cough and bad chest so self isolated straight away. Was tested for CV and cleared . On sunday SAS had NO cheaper seats left and it cost me 324 euro to fly one way to Amsterdam ..surprise surprise when I got to the airport only 35 passengers, all being charged top wack . Arrived home and went to the local bar/resteraunt witht the family sunday afternoon. The Dutch government made a big announcement live on TV sunday at 17:30 saying all bars ,cafes,resteraunts etc (including the Dam sex workers )had to close at 18:00 ...Nowt like a bit of warning.Also all schools would close for three weeks. So now im home,the 10 year old daughter is home,Norway will pay me full wage for 20 days then 62% for another five months.!!!! The 12 polish boys who remained on camp are now in proper quarantine and are confined to their rooms and will fly home Tuesday, courtesy of the Polish governennt ,the Nordic boys still working and free to come and go from the camp despite being in close contact with foreign workers for over a week. Been an experience thats for sure and no one knows whats going to happen next. Rumours of the Shengen area going into lockdown but as yet no word from the Dutch about this and the German border is still open despite Germany closing it other borders. Strange times on the continent . Glad to be home to be honest.
  11. Norway government announced a total lock town at 18:00 this evening. During the day a doctor was on site to test one of the boys and he said this is only the start and its going to be a long time before this virus is under control. With the announcement that as from monday at 08:00 all borders into Norway will be closed and all ports and international flights will be stopped plus what the doctor said there was a mad rush to try and get home any way we can. Though our quarantine is not over (officialy) until monday we have authority to try and leave the country. I have fallen lucky and got a flight in the morning. I bet Gardermoan Oslo airport is chaos ;-( Im not sure if I will have to do a 14 day self isolation once i get home due to the fact I have travelled from a "hot spot" . A lot of the polish guys are heading on the ferry to Denmark this evening then another ferry to Poland tomorrow afternoon. I am not sure if they have taken the right option because as from midday today (saturday) Denmark also announced a total lockdown on anyone apart from residents entering the country. Maybe the guys will be refused entry and be stuck on the boat !!!!! Europe just got crazier.
  12. Feel lucky your still able to go shopping. Break time at work. We cook for ourselves all the time but due to being quarantined no one has much food left. Usually we all go to the supermarket on a Saturday evening for our weekly shop. Ten minutes ago it was like a scene out of a movie.. 30 odd guys waiting in a line to collect their rations of bread, milk, eggs, banana, cucumber and tomatoes. How can you do 13 hour shifts on that food?? How GREAT it would be, to be ABLE to go shopping
  13. Norway is not far behind. Nine regional airports closed today ..is that an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus or cost cutting ?? This is the news we recieved at a meeting at work All who have been outside the Nordic countries are to stay in their homes for 14 days after arriving home to Norway, regardless of whether they have symptoms. Travellers from countries outside the Nordic region who are not residents of Norway will be asked to return. The alternative for these travellers is quarantine. Travellers with symptoms will be isolated. This means that everyone presently staying in Norway and who has been in a country outside the Nordic region in the past 14 days is to be quarantined. This policy has retroactive effect and applies to all arrivals since Thursday 27 February. Due to the remoteness of where I am at and the fact we live on site (bit like Auf Wiedershen Pet ) we can continue working but the foreign workers who arrived last sunday (me and the others) are not allowed out of the gates or to work beside Scandinavian workers, as from today ,despite the fact we have worked side by side for five days now . Very confusing because if any of us "foreign" workers have CV we would have /could have passed it onto the local guys in the past five days yet the local guys are still free to go in and out of site !!! We do not think this is what we should be doing. By the government information we should be isolated, even from each other ,for 14 days, but hey ho we are only the workers. We come out of quarantine on the 23rd (or semi quarantine if you like ). So this is the situation.. the guys that are due to arrive on the 22nd will be refused entry to Norway ,no ifs or buts , so I now have the choice ..travel home after the 23rd and face the possability of 14 days quarantine in the Netherlands ,and then I would not be able to return to Norway, so in effect losing my job , OR keep working as cover for the other shift ,until the restrictions are lifted, which could be two weeks two months or two years !!! Lots of personal problems if the restrictions and threat of CV go on for any length of time. Either I stay away from my family until the restrictions are lifted or go home and give up on ten years of working in Norway .
  14. Just been told at work that here in Norway any foreign workers (estimated at around 30,000) who entered the country in the past 14 days will be stopped from working and quarentined. Rumours are Norway is also on the verge of doing a "Slovakia" and not allowing international flights to arrive. Looks like I'm here for the long haul Just waiting for the situation to be made clear but two meetings are at this moment taking place at our work site to look at the options available.
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