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  1. Listening live on top of an arctic mountain in Northern Norway. Come on Town. 6 minutes 12 -12 repeat set coming up .
  2. Ten year at the highest level (Back in the old days 77-87) Suffering for it now. Back to local amatuer as an ex pro . suffering for it now. Back to basic's ......setting up a team in North Wales (Coaster anybody remember them) suffering for it now Resurected the game in Holland suffering for it now Just about to see how Masters RL goes in the Netherlands will suffer for it later Turn 60 in November and have many memories . You young bucks aint suffered yet All in the name of the game
  3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/21131161@N07/albums/72157709633324081/ Dutch GF photos
  4. Think you will find Ged first played for Town before he came back as coach and Ben went to school in Cockermouth and played his first cricket at Cockermouth cricket club.Wasnt a bad League player either .
  5. Den Haag Knights end their losing run to finaly lift the Dutch Premiership at the fith attempt. 15-20 v Amsterdam Cobras. Never in front until the last minute
  6. Serious looking in from the Netherlands week in week out this just gets more and more depressing Are we that bad ??
  7. Just going to post the same. Seems like yesterday when I met him behind Rotterdam Central Station when Simon came to his first international tournament.I even had the privilage to referee Germany v KOB Regiment in Heidelberg in the early days. Without people on the ground in Europe (back in the day), doing the hard yards with nothing but a love for the game , then the game would not be where it is today regarding developement. A real pioneer and despite what he faces in the future the RL world owes him a great deal. Keep safe Lounge Room Lizzard we are all fighting for you marra .
  8. Connection ??? Ade Adebisi (born 1 July 1986), also known by the nickname of "London Flyer", is a British - Nigerian rugby league footballer.He played a representative level for (BARLA) Young Lions against France, and was selected for the 2011 Championship 1 All Stars team at club level for the London Skolars (two spells), in 2004's Super League IX for the London Broncos (Heritage № 437), Hull FC (loan, Academy), Doncaster Lakers (Heritage № 934),[3] the Featherstone Rovers (Heritage № 903) and Whitehaven in National League One (reserve grade), as a fullback or wing. I seem to remember one of the all time greats is Nigerian ...Offiah was born in London to Nigerian parents of Igbo origin," Given their record of PNG players if the Jameaters unearth another "Offiah" by this partnership then we will all be going "WOW".... Lot more happening world wide than people on the M62 and West Cumbria realise . The more countries that take up the game the bigger the player pool gets and there are a lot of guys around who could easily make the league one /championship grade if given the chance. I sent a young 23 year old Dutch / Samoan over to Town ten years ago and he trained with the club for week and got great feedback..however due to visa restrictions it never happened. I also had another 17 year old Dutch/ Samoan at the same time that was class ..went on to play Union sevens in the HBSC World circuit ...but again due to visa restrictions he couldnt go to England. Blame the mess that was going on at South Wales Crusaders at the time . Vinny could have been the new James Pickering ..serious... then he went onto be a United Nations peace keeper instead of a rugby player . Dont knock what you dont know Maybe Troutmaster can remeber Vinny
  9. Once (IF) the RL get full membership of GAISF / Sport Accord (and recognition in our own right as a stand alone sport) then this type of umbrella membership may stop. Until that time if it opens up some form of funding then no one can really blame the (smaller) developing nations to accept the direction their relevent Olympic Association pushes them in. Not ideal but for lesser nations such as Norway it has actually gave them a platform to develop and seen them take over the running of the Rugby Forbund and union is now playing second fiddle. SA a different ball game I agree but at least the SARL are now officially recognised by the authorities.
  10. Norway (who are one of the fasting growing emerging European Nations) are under the "Norges Rugbyforbund". Yep Norwegian rugby union. Do we stop their growth because the countries NIF (Olympic Associatiton who are the main distributers of grants in many countries) placed them under the Rugbyforbund ??? Rugby League now have twelve registered clubs compared to the dwindling number of union clubs, which now stand at five. Norges Rugbyforbund also has Aussie Rules ,Wheelchair rugby and Galic sports under its umbrella, yet League is now the "majority" in the organisation. In fact Kim Andre Seglem was elected as the new leader/chairman and he is 500% a League guy. This reconigition has allowed Norwegian RL to access funding and to grow. Without the NIF recognising rugby league I doubt they would now have twelve clubs or be playing Greece in a World Cup qualifier next weekend. One other point. People seem to forget that in the majority of countries (maybe all ) rugby union also have to be members of their home Olympic commitee ,which believe it or not has more authority than World Rugby. So the South African RL is part of the RU which is controlled by SASCOC. Do you really think World Rugby would allow Norway and South Africa RL to become part of their "club" unless the relevent Olympic Comittees had not forced them to accept the sport ?? Union are not in total control ,its the SASCOC in SA and NIF in Norway . Until more Olympic Associations through out Europe and the World recognise RL, funding and therefore growth, will always be difficult to come by, hence the reason why the RLIF are now chasing up membership of Sport Accord/GAISF as a stand alone sport . Until that happens any country being placed under the union umbrella by their Olympic Association have at least gained some recognition which allows access to funds. That cant be a bad thing .
  11. Ha Ha cheers marra. In my early years defend was the last thing I had to do. As Rizzo would say " you do our running young man (in his school teacher manner) and if anything gets past you they wont get any further. Rizzo inside me ,Shemmy outside and Charlo behind me..No problems what so ever Three great defensive players and a privilage to have played with them.
  12. If your having a little dig at me as the "ex player" then ye its concerning what has gone on over the last few weeks regrading the results the coach and other things. Not "eager to be over ctitical" or picking fault as I have know Helen for years and respect the support her and others have given over a very long time. I was just asking why a group of ladies who work hard to provide a little extra income for the club and the players have suddenly called it a day. Nowt sinister or over critical in that. As it is I have had a response by pm so I will leave it at that . ** I responded earlier but it does not seem to have been published.
  13. Kept of the forum for a few months but so sad to see whats happening over the last few days. Anyone know why who what is happening ??
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