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  1. Different ball game. England football will always attract viewers. Rugby Union will always attract viewers. F1 will always attract viewers no matter how dire. As a game we are always asking how to attract a new audience. In my opinion...much against the twenty or so members on here that are shooting me down...that today was not what we wanted . Just leave it at that
  2. The" vast majority on here" BANG.YOU FINALLY GOT IT League fans. But we had an opportunity to showcase the game at prime time BBC and I think we once again failed to deliver to attract viewers for the next time.
  3. No I'm talking about another chance to push the game on Free to air TV. I'm sure someone will come up with the BBC viewing figures and the drop off after 20 minutes.
  4. No we are talking about Catalan, Tolouse and today France.. The up and coming in the game. THE NEW ERA on Prime time free to air TV. After 20 minutes neutral/ new fans would have switched off. I know a lot of guys I sat with did.
  5. Serious. We have an international game live on BBC . "Respectfully anyone who switched off after 20 minutes" may never switch on again . Thats the point. Prune tune Free to air TV and for tge casual/new fan it was over as a contest after 20 minutes
  6. No I'm 1000% RL Found a bar in PDC Lanzarote who were willing to show the game against Premier League Football. A lot of guys in their late fifties early sixties..old skool...we're also interested..Widnes Saints guys who didn't know it was on. After 20 minutes the game had gone. France were aweful...any one disagree! But if we can't keep "old league guys" interested and we can't get new people interested (and that today won't have grabbed a new audience )then the game is in trouble.
  7. No seriously. An England team going with a virtual 2nd selection to go 20 points up after 20 minutes. As a contest and to keep tv viewers I'm sorry but it did nothing for the game.
  8. Sitting in Lanzarote .small bar put the game on. A few northern old guys were into it. As competive game..all done in 20 minute's. As a league man France had to do better to catch the audience. Poor and can see people switching off.
  9. Pretty convincing from the Oranje. Czech never had much ball or field position to really get into the game. When they have Hollands more than matched them. Saying that Czech just gone in for another
  10. Subs on game day is so 70s when teams were ran from the local bar. My (old) Dutch union club playing fees. https://thehookers.nl/index.php/home/algemene-informatie/ From under 6 whi pay 63 euro up to open age who pay 265 euro. My 11 year old daughter pays 200 euro to play volleyball plus 80 euro extra for her kit. I believe around 30% from each subscription goes to the governing body and the rest to the club.
  11. Everyone leaving London Declan O'donnell. Town to Broncos..got a good un there.
  12. Not true. Only two reps from Dolphins. Rotterdam Pitbulls 100% League. Duel coded Den Haag Knights supplied seven players ( the most)to the Dutch team and guess what the union season is five weeks in. Zwolle guys...a low level union club also playing this weekend after their "preferred " union season has started. Think it says which code the boys prefer. Until they arrive back in Holland on Monday after PAYING to travel and accommodate in Turkey I believe they are 500% League boys.
  13. Singapore. Any club beat a player born in Singapore
  14. Tries from todays game in Bodrum. https://youtu.be/GGnOZLoI38k
  15. And again. 12 - 26 40 seconds into the 2nd half.
  16. Polo shirts are also nice. Great quality and decent price. https://www.1895sports.com/product/nrlb-polo/
  17. 12 - 20 Half time. Phew..Will have that. Turkey look the stronger,bigger, fitter side but hats of to the Dutch coming away with points most of the times they have been in the Turkish 22.
  18. Sales pitch. Available from 1895 Sport https://www.1895sports.com/product/netherlands-replica-shirt/
  19. Crossing ?? Oranje doing well to still be in this.
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