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  1. 3 hours ago, Dave T said:

    I do think the commentary is lacking in credit for our defensive efforts.

    Well deserved win. Excellent defence and almost-there in attack. Thewlis continues to improve and impress, and Williams looks back to his best.

    My recollection is that the Sky team gave lots of credit to Warrington defence, on one occasion raving about how they'd kept Cats at bay on the try-line for 18 consecutive tackles (which were a result of.six-agains to Cats)

  2. 17 hours ago, Snowys Backside said:

    Play it on the international day and let the Wigan coach, (sorry) England coach Shaun Wane pick every single Wigan player available to allow the Leythers the opportunity to be competitive and get our first victory on their hallowed turf since 1984.You know it makes sense.S aying that, their kids will probably still wallop us !!🤣

    What about the married ones?

    Is the objection to playing the same two teams teams three times in quick succession the reason we don't have  an Aussie ashes competition any more?

    On 11/05/2024 at 16:56, Loiner said:



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  3. How reliable is the source of this story? It just seems to be an opportunity for his critics to have a go. If I were him, not only would I be nearly 50 years younger than I really am, I'd stay in the NRL. His previous return to England was, I believe for "family" reasons and maybe his current form ( and I've not seen him play this season) is a hangover from that.

    As for Leeds "not touching him with a bargepole" , beggars can't be choosers, and having him on board would double the Leeds skill-base.


  4. The whole Re-imagining Rugby League project makes the prospect of an acquisition, merger, take-over more appealing to the NRL since it shows that finally, at last, the sport here is putting itself on a sound and professional basis.  

    Such a merger will catapult the sport into the national sporting consciousness.

  5. I like close games with the result in doubt to the very last moment.. ...unless it's my team that's playing. 

    In that situation, yes, close is exciting, but only up to a point. 

    I did find today's game worth watching as we're playing the winner in the Cup Final and want to see what the opposition looked like. 

    And Connor, Man of Steel manque, is always good value to watch.

  6. 8 hours ago, gazza77 said:

    My wife is concerned this evening things come in 3s. Should I be worried?

    On Tuesday, our 4 year old cat was killed in an rta outside our house. She's had family there with multiple cats (probably 20+) since the mid 90s without incident.

    Tonight, having travelled about 5 hours from home on holiday (still in England), we've had an unexpected call to advise her horse has colic and needs to be put down immediately.

    Should I be getting twitchy about what is next?

    Yes. Get a food taster for a start. Hide the toaster when you have a bath. Check you car brakes work properly before driving off your drive. Don't use any ladders you haven't checked and don't go on any balconies. And whatever you do, don't turn your back on your Mrs.

  7. 5 hours ago, PoorhousePete said:

    I don't usually do this, but Rovers were playing against the ref as well as the 13 in front of them. When the man in the middle makes unilateral calls when it suites one team, but lets play run and goes "upstairs" when it doesn't fit the plan, you have to ask questions. Wigan were brilliant, no question about that. But there were questionable decisions made at important points in the game that could change the momentum... which, in turn, Can affect the result. Just saying. 

    This is incorrect. Players make questionable decisions and the ref rules in accordance with the rules, exactly as he did today. For example, the ref doesn't lose contact with the ball when making a heroic dive for the line. The ref doesn't get caught offside at a grubber kick. The ref doesn't drop the ball when playing it or when getting tackled.

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  8. In my view, Hull KR were pretty good...but that's not good enough when we're on song. With Lewis, they were always in with a chance but they came across a Wigan team determined to get to Wembley. Quicker round the play the ball , though not as quick as Hull KR, but quicker thinking and with more field vision than Hull KR. 

    Hull KR not making the best use of Hall, either. In my view, they need to bring him in-field more in attack. 

    One factor was to me that our discipline was better than it has been of late to though they can do better.

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