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  1. Hmmm. Not sure if anyone has said that. Can you point us to the miscreants?
  2. Go to Scotland. Glen Etive is superb for this. You can wild camp with impunity, or any other ailment. Step Up To Wild Camping | 5 Places to Pitch up in the Wilds of the UK (tiso.com)
  3. I think my club has to have somethimg to shout about and in my view, it has not had that for a few years. The one in my vied that delivers the most exploitable material is what happens on and around the field. Wigan Warriors | Fishtank Agency
  4. In my pre-retirement occupation, in the dark days before social media, I found my potential customers through direct mail, exhibitions, CUYB, industry knowledge, trailing round industrial estates. The tough bit was convincing them to spend £kkkkkk directly or with resellers, avoiding over-promising on the benefits. You lot don't know you're born!! Sure its still not easy but we seem to have qualified staff on board, so its reasonable to expect them to be up to speed. Bear in mind Steve Jobs attitude, though. He did, after all, run a quite sucessful company for a while. (99+) Callum Jones | LinkedIn (99+) Callum Barr | LinkedIn Rugby Football League - Run Communications 10 Steve Jobs Marketing Lessons and his Famous Marketing Quotes.. (postcron.com)
  5. Indeed, all of that, as I expected but thanks. Still playing devil's advocate, it all a waste if no one new actually finds out about it. People who are not already involved don't just go to YouTube and look for rugby league content. So how do we get them to do that?
  6. Hamilton breaks another record this weekend. Unquestionably the world's greatest, but even his reign has to come to an end sometime. Looks like that is starting to happen but he is not going to give up his crown willingly. He'll go down fighting Verstappen to the very end.
  7. I've not been to a Wigan game since they played at Springfield Park but I can attest that the club has always relied on the happenings on the pitch to generate the match day experience. I've heard that during the degenerate years at Central Park, the pre-match build up comprised a religious guy who used to wander around the club car park with a banner declaring Jesus Saves Fallen Women (with the crowd responding "Tell him to save one for me!"). Crowds were good, games tense and in the main exciting, and atmosphere great. The easiest thing for the club to do to generate crowds and income would be to get the team playing exciting, skillful, fast, open rugby with a commanding captain on the pitch, fast and effective half backs, decent props and someone who can kick, and to have a proper antipodean star, e.g.Gene Miles, Pat Richards, Doc Murray......
  8. so, devils'advocate time.... say that there was a much larger presence on youtube.... 1. What's the point? 2. What is the objective? 3. How will that objective be achieved? Is the idea to attract new viewers who will become fans (TV or spectators)? If so, how will these be attracted to youtube?
  9. Three whole posts in and already a moan. Well done.
  10. Quite a lot, I reckon. The GF is a grand day out for fans.
  11. If errors were points, this would be a high scoring game. Penrith to hold out.
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