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  1. Too many posters want to engage in unjustified and ignorant ref bashing.
  2. Missed most of the game. Just seen Inu try. Expect Saints to try everything in last 90 secs.
  3. Currently, during this pandemic, whatever is in the best interests of club "owners" and Sky is in the best interests of the game in my view. Yes, a worthy plan and one for a full and frank discussion. However, whatever plan SL devises , whatever plan RFL devise to try to stave off bankruptcy of the entire professional support will be rubbished by the naysayers. Fortunately, they are few and far between in the sport if not on the forum.
  4. Assuming confirmation, then yes, of course it's a good move. Former players of his capability have much to pass on to younger players. Couldn't stand the guy or the club he spent most time at (though I don't know his opinion of me) but his contribution to the success of Saints was immense. Hope it all works out and that he becomes another successful British coach eventually (but only after I've gone, please. .)
  5. You're not a true fan then. We don't watch these things for enjoyment. We're hard Northern men who are only happy when miserable.
  6. I have put myself into political sub forum self isolation to avoid exactly this sort of nonsense, rubbish. Don't defile the decent forums with ######.
  7. In my view, Wigan should be doing everything they can to keep him. He's just the sort of player we've needed for years.
  8. Excellent Count Basie documentary on BBC4 last night. In 1959, at the tender age of 13, sitting in my bedroom listening to VOA on shortwave on an old radio instead of doing my school homework I heard The Kid From Red Bank, and was hooked from that moment on. Regarding Pointless, don't be so ******* miserable. Currently it's a better watch than the news.
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