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  1. not avoiding answering. Just pointing you in the right direction. the issue of sponsorship does arise from time to time on here, as if the RFL, SL etc are doing nothing. I don't share that view.
  2. West Hull derived the win: slicker, better organised. At times WSP looked al at sea. Different divisions?
  3. A far for bigger problem is the effect of vehicle emissions as fans continue to travel to games by internal combustion engine vehicles. Not only that, with 30,000 people killed or seriously injured each year in motor vehicle accidents in the UK, and over 5,000 killed in accidents at home, maybe, just maybe, that deserves our attention.
  4. Entirely different sport, entirely different scale, and the outcome YOU want to foist on others is far from certain. What to ban next? Just say NO to Mushy Peas sponsorship because of methane and hydrogen sulphide emissions? Just say NO to Uncle Joes Mint Balls sponsorship because of the release of menthol into the atmosphere? There are enough people in the world preaching to others what they should and should not do without adding to the problem.
  5. So, we know who YOU don't want US to have as sponsors. Who do YOU say WE should have? In addition, why are your choices not sponsors yet?
  6. The rainfall in Huddersfield is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Cfb. The average annual temperature is 9.6 °C in Huddersfield. The average annual rainfall is 846 mm. Same rainfall as Salford. Salford on average 1 Celsius warmer.
  7. Possibly because no one has the £20 million it would cost to rebuild it, it would be out on a limb, it rains all the time etc etc etc..
  8. Yes indeed. I'd hoped for answers from people who expected bigger and better sponsorship. The game is more Dacia and Coral than it is Land Rover and Patek Phillipe. Its more gambling than high net worth financial services. Sponsors don't just fall out of trees
  9. Why would anyone want to sponsor Rugby League? What do sponsors expect to get? Do they get it?
  10. Best thing is to move at least 100 miles away. Disclosure: I have four grand daughters , eldest 29, youngest 8.
  11. According to Community Southwark, "Patrons are generally non-members. They tend to be someone who agrees to lend their name to your organisation as a way of supporting you, usually because they are well known and able to get media coverage for your organisation and/or bring in donations." By the way, who heard Ralph Rimmer on Radio Five Live this morning saying (and I paraphrase) that Prince Harry is Patron and that the Canadian -Toronto link might be used?
  12. Oh, you've done it now! You will be called out on here by the "We-are-all-guilty" collectivist coalition against gingerism.
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