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  1. and another question is? Where does all that blood go to once its been tested in the path lab? At University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand (CHU), it used to be mixed with something then poured down the drain and hence to the city water treatment plant where hopefully it had become harmless. I guess safe disposal is covered in a defined process that someone on here might know more about.
  2. Here's a guy who was at the top of his game at Wigan. Long term, what does the future hold for him and players like him when his playing career is over?
  3. Nah, just City being magnanimous and helping out the less fortunate at Christmas.
  4. We're talking here of BBC Sport, not BBC News and Current Affairs. No one actually watches Channel 4. What is the Heineken Cup? Anyone know?
  5. Good luck at Leigh. Personally, I'd have preferred that Wigan had used your talents more often in more games. Did that affect your decision to move on?
  6. Gland you are back with us, Dave T. Can you tell a difference in your heartbeat already?
  7. Speak later? We do hope so!! I have permanent AF, one of the side effects is CBA. Can't be Arsed syndrome, though that has subsided substantially as my recovery from heart valve replacement continues. For everyone: keep a finger on your pulse and do not ignore any irregularities.
  8. Never been a particular fan of his. ( as if he knows or cares!) He did have some very good games at Wigan, that's true. But a good kicking game? Not sure I agree with that when kicking on the last. maybe his team mates not quick enough? However, Lance Todd winner, 723 points for Wigan in 139 games, three Grand Finals, one as a winner, and deservedly man of the match in the final England V NZ test at the DW in 2015. But something not quite right when you've played for 7 different clubs. Of course, we don't really know why he was released by Catalans...or any of the other clubs he played for.
  9. …... we get a few more spectators than that at the DW, though the guy seems to have a better kicking game than some of our players. Expect the season to start slowly for us and then as usual, we come good, or at least better, towards the season end. Same old same old, though:, need a decent half-back pairing who play like half-backs, and a substantial improvement in kicking game. Currently, the First Team page of the Warriors website: this page is currently under maintenance.
  10. I sure hope not, for even before the season starts, Wigan are bottom of the league. https://www.wiganwarriors.com/league-table
  11. As a Station Road regular 1957 to 1966, my favourable shirt design too. Clean, simple design. If anything deserves the appellation "iconic", it's that shirt.
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