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  1. They'll make a film of it one day. Stolen emails and documents, What motivated Der Spiegle, corrupt and biased UEFA, Rui Pinto, a Portuguese national now charged in his home country with 147 criminal offences including computer hacking. It'll run and run..
  2. exactly! They hadn't been tested, they showed no symptoms, but that does not mean to say they were not infected. He's a bloody idiot!
  3. My next door neighbour is 77. He says he's in good health as he had his heart attack some years ago. He reckons when your time has come, your time has come. He thinks the whole thing is overdone. His wife is over 70, has lots of problems incl diabetes. 10 days ago they went over to Winsford to help daughter and grandkids to move house. They didn't see a problem with hugging them as the kids didn't have the virus. He reckons like the plague, it'll burn itself out.
  4. The quote came originally from The Sun, the forum's fave tabloid. So is the report actually and factually correct?
  5. Better (just) team won. If only...if only...Josh Hodgson bad injury, terrible sin binning decision...Whitehead knock on...etc...Storm charmed life....
  6. Never ever ever criticise UK refs. They are miles ahead of the Australian officials.
  7. Did I hear the commentators correctly? Did the Titans really not concede any penalties?
  8. For the avoidance of doubt, I deny that I am putting together a consortium bid.
  9. Drove over to Manchester and back yesterday for a funeral. Mid day, M18/M180 services. Very quiet, one way system. Entrance patrolled. Hand sanitiser everywhere. Inside, most shops closed, no one in WH Smith. All mags and newspapers has been removed. No one wearing masks, but everyone keeping a. 2 metre separation. Hartshead Moor services quiet too, though we did not go inside. Motorway round Manchester much quieter than I can remember. At the crematorium, max 30 people allowed, only 30 chairs put out in room normally for around 100 people. 2 metres apart and between rows. Undertaker only allowed 10 people in - OK since there were only 9 of us No mixing (four households were there). No one wore masks. Outside, everyone kept well apart. Ceremonies separated by at least an hour, presumably to prevent cross infection risk. Returning early evening, Radcliffe/Prestwich wery quiet. Many pubs looked closed. Short queues outside several barbers. All in all, looked like people were being careful and compliant.
  10. Aah! A post-lockdown return to normal. "They have failed."
  11. That would be a political post, though, as it refers to the Prime Minister.
  12. You knew. Can't have been closer. Last incident....why not a penalty for a push in the back ?Clearly, though not a penalty try.
  13. This is not intended to be a political post, but if the mods regard it so, no problem and please delete it. Does anyone know if catching the virus makes you infertile? It would be handy if it did, then the thousands of non-distancing idiots pictured on the news this morning would be removed from the gene pool.
  14. 200 metres down the lane is a Caravan Club site. It's now fully open and though I haven't been to have a look, it seems quite busy. Vehicle traffic has increased, as has the number of pedestrians walking down our lane to -preseumably- the beach. We've become so used to hardly any cars or people around, that, even though it's not what you'd call busy, it's quite a shock to see people around. The bus that runs along the A52 to Skegness, about an hour away, has been more or less completely empty since mid March, judging by the ones I've seen anyway. With an increase in holidaymakers, I expect this will change and that using public transport will be risky for many. We will continue to keep away from shops and supermarkets for weeks to come, no pubs, no cafes, no retsurants, no unnecessary journeys, and absolutely no public transport.
  15. Thanks. Good question, though, to consider if any high profile personality attending a game, or expressing support for it has done anything for the game other than adding one person to the matchday attendance.
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