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  1. Anyone else on here taken part in this? My wife was one of the participants. Still wading through the findings! People of the British Isles Population Genetics and Facial Genetics https://peopleofthebritishisles.web.ox.ac.uk/ https://www.peopleofthebritishisles.org/face-genetics-0 https://peopleofthebritishisles.web.ox.ac.uk/population-genetics
  2. Sadly, can see no other outcome other than a resounding Warrington... . . . . . . . . . . . .loss. But then again, I was at the Wigan V Sheffield final...…...
  3. HIGH RISK AREA. KEEP OFF PITCH. I suppose that it's possible the announcement is a crude attempt to hold a gun to the head of the RFL.
  4. I'd previously felt that Tomkins wasnt contributing much, but he has been returning to form more recently, They really missed him tonight I felt. Don't expect much from Catalans until he returns from suspension.
  5. Becoming Johnny Vegas. Excellent opening with childhood memories.
  6. "The General Rugby League Forum. Discuss any Rugby League related topic in here." The operative word being "discuss". You have made your opinion clear. Don't expect everyone to agree. Do expect your opinion to be challenged. Is that OK?
  7. Warrington don't seem to be motivated. Relatively speeking, limited drive, pressure, intensity. It's almost as if they have other things on their minds.
  8. Don't know if this helps, but what I actually wrote was this: As for the standard of SL, it is in my view as high as it has ever been, and has provided some excellent games. Saints in particular (and sadly) are an excellent team coached by an excellent coach. Not "everything is great". That is misrepresentation of what I wrote. Based on watching the game for 60 years plus, my opinion is that the game is faster and more exciting and more entertaining than ever. The players are fitter and faster. The gratuitous violence has been more or less eliminated and the players are more skilful and better trained than ever. Sure some games are bad, some are indifferent, some are great. My opinion is that on balance, there are more good games than bad.
  9. Not that straightforward. The old and often misunderstood issues surrounding ground ownership v ground leasing.
  10. You started it, so prove your point. What are your criteria? How do teams measure up?
  11. we weren't talking about him though, until you joined.
  12. I'm sure you can provide evidence of that assertion, so....
  13. A! Traditional as in outside urinals, a single and blocked WC, leaking roof, crumbling terraces, wooden seats.......
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