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  1. Decisions don't go for or against anyone. They are made. I respect the officials and want the best team to win.
  2. "they marred the occasion for a lot of people" well, one, anyway. "I would have loved to beat them" That's not quite how it looks.
  3. Odd that. The UK WAS on the map until Satuday evening.
  4. It's a shame that so many are keen to confirm the already well-earned Australian reputation for poor sportsmanship. Pity they don't show the same class as Cleary did after the final hooter. https://youtu.be/4U9Yl5CXvcQ?si=eakRhY-iqe19cplR
  5. Bloody hell! No age at all! It comes as a shock when contemporaries such as he pass away.
  6. Bill and Ben go into a pub and Bill says "Oh blobalob blobalob" and Ben says "No I'll get these in you're too p####d".
  7. Is it possible, maybe, that by having people who do understand the game may not be quite as analytical in assessing and minimising the risks, though. A point of view, yes, but not in my view, the determinant opinion. A dispationate and evidence-based assesment by specialists and experts, and yes by actuaries, regulatory and risk managers is in my view more relevant but with owner, coach and player input.
  8. THese figures are for the British Braodcasting Corporation overall, not specifically sport and yes, they mark their own exam papers but.... BBC on track to reach half a billion people globally ahead of its centenary in 2022 - Media Centre
  9. "the BBC is for old farts" You can only know this if you watch it. If you watch it, it means you are included.
  10. Yes, accidental. Absurd decision. But playing devil's advocate just for a moment and trying to find some reason behind the decision, (don't shoot the messenger): Could the officials justification be that he joined the tackle when it was in progress, didn't need to and that had he not done so, the head clash would not have occurred.
  11. As he said, no top level experience.
  12. Yes, I see that. I conceded also that Peet and Smith know more about the game and have a tad more playing experience and a better track record than I do. Big fan of Smiths and the way he has grown and matured in such a relatively short time. It's just that I felt that their full-back was capable of breaking the line of chase players leaving our second line of defence spread too thinly and more easily broken. Having said that, I just wanted to discuss the actual game, and after all, we did win.
  13. The technique I recommend for watching this game (and any other,too) is to watch the actual game, the way teams play, the tactics, the skill, the speed and momentum at the PTB, the kicking game, the positional awareness of players when passing and kicking, the fitness and energy levels, the defence structure and effectiveness, the teams adaptation to the way the others play, etc. Last night, once it was clear that Penrith would try to exploit the uncertainty displayed by Miski (sp?) under Cleary's high clicks, it took a while for Wigan to respond. In addition, I felt Smith should have adapted his last-tackle kicks to ensure they went into touch. As it was, it allowed Penrith to build attacking momentum and called on Wigan players to expend a huge amount of energy chasing the kicks. The last few minutes were certainly nail-biting ones as so often in the past, at International level at least, the Aussies somehow manage a knock-out punch.
  14. That's all very well, but he needs to calm down and stop getting so agitated and aggressive in front of the cameras.
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