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  1. Harragon deliberately assaulted Lucas and ended his career. Harragon, as you would expect, got away with it
  2. Nowt to see here, maybe, but where's the fun in that?
  3. Clearly, as one can see, one of the advantages of owning one's own stadium gives you control over who uses it and when, putting an end to the situation where a club has to submit to the will of others. ..er...
  4. Hi Martyn. For the C4 Head of Sport. If possible, can we be told what plans there will be ( or should there be) to promote the game coverage via tasters etc. in the days coming up to one of the televised games. I think that is important if C4 wants to attract good viewing figures and therefore good advertising revenues. needs more than gameday promo.
  5. Great news! A(nother) huge opportunity for the sport, for SL and for the clubs to build the whole match-day experience Ito something that looks great from the turnstile and great from the sofa.
  6. 1. Choose smaller, non-chain hotels, b and b, Airbnb. 2. Stay out of the city. From the west, there's a good train service in from places like Wylam 3. Camping and Caravanning sites. We've stayed here twice: https://www.stephensonsarms.co.uk/ 4. Translate and print leaflets about Magic Weekend and the World Cuo and distribute them to the refugee hotels
  7. Tangentially, the Black Forest hosts a number of clock museums. Schramberg, n the former factory of Jungens, also museums in Villingen-Schwenningen and Furtwangen. https://www.junghans-terrassenbau-museum.de/index_en.html https://auto-und-uhrenwelt.de/en/ This latter also has a Diesel Museum (houses the diesel generator that powered the main factory) . When we arrived with our multi-museum ticket, the Diesel Museum was shut, but the kind people at the main museum just tossed us a set of keys, told us to let ourselves in and lock up when we'd done. That reminds me. I wondered what that odd set of keys in my cars glove box were for.....
  8. Many many years ago, one of my brothers-in-law was on jury service and was late back from lunch. Judge was v. angry and if I recall correctly, issued my relative with a fine as well as a sever dressing down in court.
  9. My only advice is that when you enter the courtroom, sit down with the other 11, rather than rushing to get in that box with only one seat.
  10. Thanks GJ. If RL Cares were to choose to try to build or rent a building for the museum with them at the head, in complete project charge, with no dependencies on others , other than contractors, what might the position be? For example, i assume that a new build on land close to Headingly or Wigan, or Warrington (other locations are available?) as HQ premises for Rugby League Cares, with medical and rehab facilities etc, encompassing the museum, would need a complete plan in place with much commited funding, before lottery funding could be applied for.
  11. Is there any element of Lottery funding in this? If so, what? If not, why not?
  12. CAD drawings? Drawings? It's all BIM these days , even for small projects like Cas's. https://www.therma.com/what-is-bim-and-how-is-it-driving-the-aec-industry/
  13. Specially for Saints fans. https://tofflondon.com/products/42mm-football-watch-25
  14. Whist I agree with almost everyone in your post (not that it matters, of course), I think it is over the top to suggest that some people's love for the sport does not extend to those actually involved in it. In any case, how do you know they are not involved in it. Fortunately, it really is not about the litigation culture, as I expect the lawyers are acting pro bono.
  15. I agree. All those wasted years since 1895 and this is what we have today. Our administrators generally have signally failed to penetrate the sporting conciousnous of the nation. Until we manage decent column-inches in the nations broadcast news and in the on-line and printed media in a regular and frequent manner, we'll remain in the shadows. Until, for example, we have a cheerleader in the national broadcaster who speaks up for, evangelises and proselytises in the way Burden does daily on Radio Five Live, we'll remain at national level an object of interest only a couple of times a year or when things go wrong. Mind you, if we had a regular programme of 10 internationals a year....
  16. I doubt he's an idiot. Anyway, I thought abusive language (aka banter) wasn't our style.
  17. Very apt for the museum. Another parallel perhaps: goalkeeping for Racing Universitaire d'Alger juniors.
  18. I agree entirely. The LSV gets on fine. The George is OK as a place of pilgrimage for us members of the secret society that is rugby league, but it is hardly likely to be discovered by anyone else. Media City would be OK as we could run educational courses for the adjacent licence-funded Guardians of Truth. An alternative might be next to the new HQ of Channel 4 TV in Leeds as their Head of Sport has relocated there. PS: Why should I be happier, or even worse , happy? I'm a rugby league fan.
  19. Here's another one, though it perhaps more about changing the meaning of the actual term. R & B goes back to the late 40s then Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and in the UK Alexis Korner - Blues Incorporated, Long John Baldry, the Animals, even- all sounds of my yoof, way before Beyonce. need to find a new term for what is called R and B these days. How about "####"?
  20. The Rugby League Resilience Fund report will be discussed by Wakefield Council’s Cabinet at a meeting on Monday 29 November at 10.30am. The meeting can be watched live or later on the Council’s website. will Jackie Weaver be there?
  21. Yes, like being in a living Lowry painting and I'm sure you are right about the TV appearance. If the ground meets the required standards for safety, etc, then in this poorly funded small buiness kind of world our sport inhabits, who can blame the club for not turning attention away from funding the team and towards funding a new stadium, unless a new stadium can deliver a return on investment that benefits the club as a whole. In my view, it was different at Central Park. Its sale and a move to the DW was the only way of avoiding financial disaster. And CP was a truly awful place to spend a Sunday afternoon.
  22. Classical music, for starters. Not instead of other musical genres, but in addition to them. Lived though the period when the BBC tried to throttle is own child, the Proms. Now it's de rigeur to be a fan. I'd add to that rugby league apart from the fact that it's not quite mainstream or fashionable, yet.
  23. Seeing the post on the main forum about RLWC to Close the London Stock Exchange today, Friday, took me back a mere 50 years to 1971 when I was a young systems commissioning engineer. One project was the commissioning of a front end processor that sat behind an IBM mainframe and controlled a network of vdus and plotters in stockbrokers offices in the City and beyond, from Hoare and Company, Govette in King Street, in the City.The project was called dataSTREAM . The story is remarkable as this lengthy account shows.Stick with it or skim read it. For me, this was my first ever visit to a City broker. The presence of our high-tech real-time computer -probably 6 or 7 19 inch battleship grey racks, six feet high, in a wood panelled room smelling of Mansion furniture polish, was somewhat disconcerting. Rumour has it that the racks were that colour because we had lots of paint leftvover from a huge contract to build Bloodhound II guided missile launch control computers. As stated in the article, the vdus were encased in teak for the subscribing brokers posh offices. The biggest challenge, I think, was working out how, in 1971, we could install such a terminal on Graham Blease's boat on the south coast. ( might be apocryphal ). Whenever the dataSTREAM boss, Graham Blease came to assess progress, he swept in..and out... with a retinue of followers. We didn't quite doff our caps...but would have done so had we been wearing them. Remember, All this started more than 50 years ago. An insight into someones foresight. ...and an old man's reminiscences . https://datastream-history.co.uk/
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