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  1. Yes.. but Strictly is on to lift the gloom, as is Two Doors Down.
  2. Belgium looked out of sorts. Slower, less accurate all round. Morocco out ran, out passed, out shot them. Deserved winners.
  3. Not looking good for my lot. https://www.squawka.com/en/outright-markets/ghana-odds-to-win-world-cup-squad-route-to-the-final/
  4. The disgraceful " blood on their hands" political comment from Sinfield is beneath him, but no surprise that the obvious forum candidates have jumped on that particular bandwagon. Clearly, Sinfield's fundraising activities are outstanding, and the tremendous effort he has put in for the cause is admired greatly. It's understandable, too, that he is demonstrating his emotions in this way. We all feel a connection to Rob Burrow, Dodie Weir, Mike Gregory, Stephen Hawking and others, I assume. However, by politicising the cause in this way, he does leave himself open to criticism. Really, anyone who thinks that civil servants willingly translate Prime Ministerial commitments into actions at speeds other than glacial needs a serious reality check. In any case, it's £50 million over five years, the rules for getting hold of this are being clarified, and it will happen.However, this is highly political and should be discussed in your safe space, the political sub forum. Meanwhile, if anyone is interested, Rob Burrow motor neurone disease centre location confirmed as Leeds site demolition work begins Demolition work has begun to prepare the way for the construction of the planned £5m Rob Burrow Centre for Motor NeuroneDisease in Leeds.
  5. Contrary to some, I like the rebrand. I like the new identity. I like the relentless drive, initiative, support, generosity of the Clubs owner etc. It's refreshing, it's newsworthy and it's challenging. .( I'm really being serious on this point.) I admire, too, the fanatical evangelical worshiping of the owner by his disciples on here. Above all, I appreciate the magnanimous acceptance of the good wishes we all send to the club for the forthcoming season.
  6. This is plainly a political (and contentious) statement. Just because Sinfield has said it, does not make it true. As expected, some people on here, in their ignorance, want to blame "this government" for everything, all the time, just because it's not the govt. they want. Such people ave their own safe space on here. It's called the political sub-forum.
  7. Please quote authoritative information that: 1. This government is stupid. 2. What this 50 million is. 3. What is it for? 4. When it was promised and who promised it.
  8. According to the Born Free foundation. Wild leopards are under threat, largely due to human pressures and habitat loss, while captive animals suffer in zoos, circuses and under private ownership. Even in modern zoos big cats repeatedly pace, frustrated because their hunting and territorial instincts are denied. Although they often breed well in captivity, it is extremely difficult to return a captive-bred big cat to the wild and this almost never happens.
  9. Someone who occasionally visits the forum, so I don't think so.
  10. If you are after free tickets to my next show, forget it. It's sold out.
  11. Really? I didn't realise you supported a pro club. 🫣
  12. I've been off grid most of today (First Christmas Lunch of the year for me) at Barnacles , near Hinckley, so forgive me if I've missed his signing for Wigan.
  13. I demand that Ghana gets special consideration on the grounds that Ronnie Renald is a sly cheating diving barsteward.
  14. It's the Suez Canal again! https://thelincolnite.co.uk/2022/11/suez-canal-all-over-again-boat-stuck-on-fossdyke-lincoln/
  15. Oh nooooooo! You'll be watching Doctors, Father Brown, Shakespeare and Hathaway next!
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