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  1. ...and look what happeebned to baseball. We don't want any of that there here. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/rankings/
  2. Headline news: Joey Many dons the cloak of invisibility.
  3. In the mid-1980s, Tour du Mont Blanc with three mates. It's a circular walk around Mont Blanc taking in a number of passes, the most spectacular of which, The Fenetre d' Arpette, is worth the trek alone. We did it in two chunks , staying in mountain refuges mainly. Great nights in hostels with other walkers from all over the world. The cable car ride back from Courmayeur to Chamonix at the end of the first half was unbelievable. Brilliant! https://www.autourdumontblanc.com/en/
  4. Ask or read Tony Collins, who I believe is now emeritus professor of history at De Montfort University.
  5. ... But.....but....graveyard johnny would prefer Laughton's golden touch .
  6. Cottect. That is why professionaly-run successful clubs employ proper cleaners. That is why professionaly - run successful clubs don't have player-coaches, and that is why clubs have directors of rugby so that owners etc who invest don't also need to have rugby-brains. Incidentally, what was the ultimate result at Widnes of Laughton's chequebook coaching?
  7. Aye, it's all nonsense. I remember 't days when teams had a player/ coach and 't captain cleaned out 't mens bogs cos there weren't any wimmins bogs.
  8. Was that when he was at Widnes? I guess that policy had nothing to do with making Widnes the club it is today.
  9. He's clearly been brought in to use his sunny disposition and humourous personality to boost the morale of the players.
  10. Couldn't agree more and would add that It's one thing being a critic of the Reimagining project. It's another thing entirely wanting and hoping for failure.
  11. That's what happens when a team is under pressure from a highly motivated and eager opposition. Pressure forces mistakes. Mistakes engender anxiety, anxiety engenders mistakes. Add to that excellent refereeing and you have a losing combination for Saints.
  12. Saints were not below par, in my view. It's just that teams are learning how to handle Welsby, Roby, Hurrell etc. Couple that with Wire protecting George Williams to give him the space and time to deliver his best performance for ages. Couple that with their "go forward" and positional vision, they could have beaten anyone.
  13. Somehow, though, I've managed to support and follow the game in varying degrees and intensity when I lived in Swinton, Manchester, Atherton, Hampshire, Switzerland, Cheshire, Yorkshire, Surrey, France and Lincolnshire. Expansion had been just as successful as keeping the game alive in the frozen north, though. Whatever happened to Huyton, Trafford, Liverpool, Belle Vue, Nottingham.....and although they are still going, look at the great names of the past: Bradford, Halifax, Widnes, and clinging on are Wakefield, Castleford, Salford. We don't even know if Leigh are going to be sustainable in the long term. Perhaps it's not geography, perhaps it's northern folk who don't want the game at all or folk who want to keep the game small and local for fear of losing control, like an episode of "The League of Gentlemen". An exaggeration and a simplification, maybe, and not intending to demean and minimise the efforts, donations, loans, investment etc. that fans and directors and owners put in, but really, it's a more complex issue than merely saying it's a northern game for northern folk. It's 2024 not 1895. The world and is people are entirely different now, compared with them. Hence IMG. They live in the here and now.
  14. Filmed in Thetford, Norfolk. Leigh might be aspiring to the Parochial Div 1 of the League of Insular Gentlemen, but others may well differ.
  15. I suspect but can't prove that soccer fans from "Wigan" support and watch Bolton Wanderers, Man City, Man Utd, Everton, Liverpool. With the diaspora from poor quality town centre housing to out of town "new" housing estates public and private,I'm not convinced there are rugby towns any more.... everything is much more homogeneous than it was 50 years ago.
  16. Northern game for northern folk? So that's what's made the North what it is today. Fraser was right. "We're all doomed!". . Though reflecting, I agree. Northern folk such as Frano Botica, Martyn Offiah, Adrian Lam, French, Field, ...all the other Northeners masquerading under Pacific Islands , PNG, NZ and Aus aliases.
  17. A complete offtopicisation but.....some horses seemed to go better without their jockeys. Which makes me think Hull might do better if.....no...it'd never happen....t's unthinkable.....
  18. Yes. Before "blame" we should establish what we want to achieve. Sure, there is a certain satisfaction seeing rugby league featuring in places familiar to us, places we already frequent. In my view, though, the real achievement comes in increasing the viewing figures, the interest, the attachment to our sport of lapsed fans and new fans. I see it much more important to see the games trailed in advance in the national media, with match reports and live text being secondary. From my (limited) viewing of the BBC sports news in recent days, I saw no mention at all of the upcoming cup games, just as I hardly ever see any promotion of SL games on Sky News.
  19. We can forget all our troubles, forget all our cares So go downtown, things'll be great when you're Downtown, don't wait a minute more Downtown, everything's waiting for you.
  20. Thoroughly enjoyable game, in which the final score flattered HKR a bit, in my view. Leigh just not quite good enough, perhaps weighed down slightly by the sheer weight of their tattoos. I liked Leighs fast ptbs and forward momentum and when Hull KR copied that in the second half, the result became inevitable.
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