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  1. 4 hours ago, Sports Prophet said:

    Have they been told “no” because the demand is that the hosting NRL club pays for them? 

    I think the difficulty of hosting this match anywhere is because the Aussies see it for what it is… a pre-season exhibition with no real tangible reward.

    Give it a $2m dollar prize with $1m for the winning club and $1m to be shared by the 17 players of the winning team, you will see the clubs and players and in turn the fans, take this game more seriously.

    Chicken and egg.

    Talk it up and people will be willing to fund it through sponsorship, turn up in numbers and generate revenue, then these sorts of rewards will be available.

    Problem is, some expect someone to just pop up out of no where and offer this reward when the event itself for too long has been treated by one side as an unwanted pre-season event that affects their preparation for what they consider truly important. How in earth can you build up a product with that sort of blatantly open attitude to the event? It ain't gonna happen. And it's a damn shame.

  2. 12 hours ago, Gav Wilson said:


    Here's a slightly better pic mate, not sure why that first one has been cropped!

    That's a better pic.

    Still think there should be more difference though personally.

    If they have a big white block on the back, you're only going to be able to tell teams apart by the shorts at times.

    Wakefield's home kit has blue shorts but white shirt. It's going to clash with both those kits horrendously.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Davo5 said:

    Erm,play in cherry/white hoops or blue/white hoops maybe.

    Isn't the idea of avoiding a colour clash to make sure the kits they're wearing aren't 50% the same colour?

    I've not seen the back, nor shorts, but I'm having horrible flashbacks to 2008 when three different teams came to the KC in a white kit to play a Hull team in a black and white shirt but white shorts and socks. Didn't have a clue who has the ball half the time.

    When the back of these hooped designs are often a big white block so you can see the number, it's an absolute nightmare to tell teams apart at a distance when they've got their back to you.

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  4. 45 minutes ago, Omott91 said:

    Why can't they all come under ome banner and grow the game together

    I'm guessing because Toronto were due to be a big part of this and they're not from the USA, so playing under the USARL banner would be counter productive you what they're hoping to achieve in Canada.

    As long as they're the body got the professional game on that continent, working with the USARL and CRL, I don't see a great issue with it.

  5. 34 minutes ago, Waynebennettswinger said:

    Wasn’t aware Home Bargains had sponsored Bolton but I know they have been involved with Tranmere Rovers in the past. Realistically I think that’s probably where we are as a sport these days in terms of attracting names. Do people expect our clubs to be sponsored by giant corporations like Premier League Football clubs? Not going to happen in the main, sadly. It’s a nice aspiration and I hope we get to those heights but if we ignore tobacco, alcohol and gambling sponsorship (either banned, outdated, unfashionable or under government scrutiny) then which clubs have managed to bring in big name sponsors? Without knowing the financial detail then Warrington should be congratulated for having Hoover on board at least but apart from them which clubs have major financial sponsorship from a big name? 
    I also think it’s worth repeating, whilst I’d love Saints to be sponsored by say Santander or Apple, that we have at least moved on from bloody Cash Converters! 

    This question always gets asked in response to a question about the profile of a sponsor. The choice isn't between bargain basement or luxury items, there's many many shades between.

    I know as a sport we've struggled to attract top end brands, but have done well with middle brands.

    And I could understand if it was one of our lower-profile clubs trying to break into a national sponsor. But this is our treble winning champions, who already have had many national sponsor over the years.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Old Frightful said:

    Never seen Hull KR in these colours before! 😮


    Didn't take long for someone in the West of the city to suggest where the inspiration came from...


    They are the council colours, hence why they're on the MKM Stadium currently (although coincidentally are the MKM colours too).

    Does make them look like a skip though 🤣

    That diagonal band is horrendous. It just looks wonky rather than intentional, especially with the way they've got the sponsor logo in there. Definitely wouldn't go well with a Home Bargains sponsor!

  7. 1 hour ago, Chris22 said:

    A bit snobbish to be looking down on shops like Home Bargains. A discount store, yes, but offer good cheaper than many competitors, often to people who may not be able to afford to shop at pricier stores.

    They a successful, family run and local business, the largest employer in Merseyside and by all accounts a decent employer (and pays it fair share of tax unlike others). It supports a hell of a lot of families, especially in Merseyside and as a Saints fan, I have no sense of embarrassment in having them as our main sponsor. 

    I think it's more the name of the brand rather than the brand itself. I shop their every week, love the place. But behind to lock you into a demographic when we're trying to appeal to more, much in the way we tried to move away from alcohol.

    We complain about attracting people with cash to the game, but then plaster a store that calls itself as cheap in the name on our treble champions' shirts in the least subtle of ways. 

    When did image stop being important? When we gave up trying to improve it?

  8. On 16/11/2021 at 23:15, NW10LDN said:

    Not important. Kent and Essex are not London. It doesn't matter if two or three towns in those counties have a club. The bulk of the population who live in London don't.

    What are you saying the next step forward would be then? More semi-pro clubs in London to represent these different areas?

    If West Yorkshire can handle 11 clubs, then London and the South East should be looking at more than 2 given its size. In reality of the game's appeal, most of the area would have to be described as unserved.

  9. 9 hours ago, PREPOSTEROUS said:

    Like I said before, this is the premier club of Northern hemisphere RL and it just looks so cheap. It sets the tone for the rest of the game. 

    It does, I agree. 

    It's more a knock on the game itself rather than Saints, who are obviously getting a good deal out of it. But if the best we can get these days is a budget store, and plastered on the kit in a very obtrusive way at that (no effort to blend the logo in with the kit's design), then we're not in a good place.

    If it was just the font and not the huge block with completely contrasting colours to the shirt, then I could probably live with it more. Hull currently make their sponsors logos fit in with the design and it looks far better.

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  10. 32 minutes ago, dkw said:

    Get married in the ground, beer and hit dogs for lunch, speeches at half time, night do in the concourse....sorted. man I've missed my calling, should have been a wedding planner..

    Unfortunately it's already been planned. Was supposed to be in 2020, don't think she'll allow me to move the venue after all this.

    I'll just have to dump her.

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