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  1. By identifying all of those roles, you've pretty much done the job of the Director of Rugby.
  2. Despite having many rugby league friends, I often find football is the more prevalent topic of conversation. It's the most watched in pubs when I play darts around the city in the Thursday (even European games). It's unprecedentedly more popular amongst young people from when I was teaching. There's just no question. City get a higher combined attendance currently. Even if many are from out of town, think how many Leeds fans, Man City fans, Man Utd fans, Liverpool fans, Arsenal fans, Chelsea fans, etc. there are. Football is just so much more inclusive due to how easy it is to play, how accessible it is follow, watch and play. You can't get away from it. It'll always be more widely followed here.
  3. Absolutely nothing of note came out of that. "We've hopefully got some investors. They're not from Hull." "We've been working with the new DoR for a while. Can't name him though."
  4. Hope you're right. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/hull-fc-verge-fresh-investment-9219523
  5. Like I've said, there's definitely more to it than just coaching. But that doesn't mean it's not coaching also. 4 drubbings on the bounce and only 1 win (just) since August tells a lot.
  6. I'm hearing there's more news to come. I hope so. We've gone backwards in pretty much every metric in the last year and a bit. On the field has been the worst it's been since we moved to the new stadium. For those that say you can't blame the coach for that, I say you can't not blame him for any of it. He's still got to get the players playing, and he's just not done that in spectacular fashion. There's a lot of people that need to leave our club, and a lot that need to come in. That won't happen unless the people coming in first are new investors. Please, let the new people coming in be new investors!
  7. It's a shame Moi Moi was greedy and wanted his name repeating otherwise he could have been in such esteemed company.
  8. Personally, I'd have had top of Championship promoted, and bottom 2 SL clubs enter into the Championship playoffs. One guaranteed relegation, with potential for two.
  9. I think the S8s showed there was a real appetite for inter-division competition. But I think the consensus by most was 7 weeks + final was too long. Naturally, we never explored the concept of playoffs between top and bottom clubs again in another form.
  10. Yet we've been even worse in the first half each of those games. I thought 28-0 was bad, but letting in 40 is horrendous.
  11. Saints away next round. Unlike the other teams we've played, they can actually go for 2 halves.
  12. We were saying this at half time against Rovers. I just couldn't bring myself to wanting us to get hammered against them though so I'm glad we had a rally. Here though, I can only see one way in the second half. Starting with 12 for the first 8 minutes, they'll have an immediate roll on and we'll give up like the dejected players we've become under Smith. Don't think Pearson can afford to sack him. Nor does he dare after getting rid of so many changes in the last 4 years.
  13. This is the worst Hull team I've seen since the Sharks era. Whoever was involved in putting this squad together needs sacking. Absolutely dreadful.
  14. London have done well to keep the score this low after that 2nd quarter. They're not very good in the second half it seems are Rovers.
  15. Let's be honest, London were never intended to be in the SL under this system. They scraped in under the previous system. You can't judge it on Broncos' presence. They won't be in next year and won't be in for a while until they invest in many other areas (which hopefully they do because a DECENT capital presence would be great for the game).
  16. I think we're both in agreement that SL clubs should enter a round earlier (like they used to). I'd be tempted to give the SL champions a bye so there's a free weekend for them to play the WCC. Enjoyed this conversation, Martyn. Enjoy Easter.
  17. I think the only way they'd go that route would be if there were looking to reduce loop fixtures in the league and replace them with this. I wouldn't mind too much in that again the magic of the cup for me is those matches against teams from a different league. That variety is interesting to me. I'd rather a 14 team SL to eradicate that issue though.
  18. I agree completely. The CC needs to decide what it wants to be and whether that is an attractive enough proposition. At the moment, it's a series of poorly attended games on a run to a final that is getting more empty every year. We've moved the date several times recently, so it's not the date. That tells me the it's current format is just not capturing the interest of the clubs or supporters. By making it an RFL promoted event in fixed cities, you're guaranteeing something different. At present, the big clubs don't even enter at the stage I proposed and haven't for about 10 years, so the chance of a big club being knocked out would actually increase (only slightly). I take your point about leaving it more open, however I'm torn. In a now fully professional sport, we need to maximise revenue, hence why I suggested Magic Rounds (bigger crowds than combined attendance). Increasing the chance of knocking out your biggest clubs from that initial magic round seemed financial suicide, which is why I leaned on a seeded first round (I was tempted to call it a "qualifying round" but thought that would take too much away!). The other reason I leaned that way was that personally I found the most magic of the cup came from the top clubs playing the lower league clubs. Increasing the chance of a cup upset would do far more to build the magic than Saints knocking out Leeds early in front of half the attendance of a regular SL game 7 days prior. At the end of the day, the sport is far different than it was pre-SL, with different goals (finance). An open draw competition may not achieve that goal anymore so we either look to adapt it or wait until it dies.
  19. At present, only 4 teams will get a hope of that potential cash reward, and only 1 might get it. Wigan v Sheffield only pulled 5k and Leigh v Fev only 4k. The other 2 played at home. Not really groundbreaking. In my proposal, those same 4 teams (potentially more if someone knocks off a SL side in the proposed earlier round) would all get a guaranteed equal share of a Magic Weekend gate. And all will play in front of a larger crowd in a larger stadium than they usually do that year. Ticks your boxes.
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