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  1. Only 2 current Super League players in that squad. Are Wales that weak these days? Can see it being a very difficult 3 weeks for Wales.
  2. 42 point handicap. Has there ever been such a one-sided prediction for a final at the bookies?!
  3. Bloody hell, didn't see this until now. Forgot all about it! Sounds like a cracker. I'll watch the highlights later. Congrats, Fax.
  4. Again, you do realise why Sky pay this money don't you? You seem to be of the impression it's free money that should be distributed equally amongst all member clubs. May I suggest you go watch the amateur leagues if the distribution of money to pay players upsets you? Professional sport clearly isn't for you.
  5. Topped the try assists charts despite being out for chunks of the season and in a terribly performing Hull team, surely there's room for Jake Connor in the squad even in a "incase of emergency, break glass" capacity? I mean, if a Warrington player can get in the squad...
  6. They chant "We all had Hull". So I'm guessing they do. "You're all from Hull..."
  7. As a fan of Hull Football Club, I know exactly what you mean...
  8. I think the suggestion he is making is drawing tournament brackets at the start and then everyone knows their progression to the final. Easily doable. Whether that would be what people want or by whether it would be beneficial is up for debate. Would be intrigued to see it.
  9. So they're essentially trying to get new "merged" teams to compete in a sort of Nines competition alongside the current SL? Am I getting that right?
  10. I've suggested Magic for CC games for a number of years now. I get the logic behind the 2-legs at 16 teams. Why not then go quarter finals at one ground, semis at one ground at final? You've got guaranteed venues in place that can be sold throughout the year to neutrals and locals. Everyone knows where they're going. Of course if the complaint is it takes away from the final, then I doubt they'd go for it.
  11. I'm not a cricket fan. Could someone explain to me what the Hundred is and how a new rugby league event could be similar (in easy to understand bitesize pieces!). Thank you!
  12. I like some of the suggestions and see the merit. I'm still weary about licensing. Criteria just isn't judged fairly. People need convincing it will be.
  13. You do realise Sky money is clubs' income, right? You're basically wanting amateurism to make it a level playing field.
  14. "Fan speak" is how my referee's society used to refer to things like this when teaching me the correct vocab to use on the field. But we aren't as refs, so nothing wrong with 7 tackle set... there are 7 tackles in it after all
  15. On that note, the phrase "adding the extras" is annoying
  16. Ok, I agree with the annoyance of Australian terms being brought in to English commentary when we have perfectly good English terms! Dressing sheds, lock forward and five-eight(h) being others!
  17. No it's not. If you're winning 1-0 in football, you don't have a 2 goal lead, do you! You have a 1 goal lead as if the other team scores then you're no longer leading, you're drawing. If you're winning by 12 points in rugby league, it takes a minimum of two scores (via 2 converted tries) to take that lead away. You're wrong on this one.
  18. Guessing you don't like being called "Dave" then!
  19. Oh yes I am! (I'm actually starring in a panto this Christmas, so thought I'd get some early practice in )
  20. I take it as meaning "that was the fifth tackle and this is the last play before a turnover. It tells you the tackle number (that's what the ref counts in) and warns you of the last play. "Sixth and last" makes it sound like the 6th tackle has already been made. You could obviously argue that it means 6th play, but as the referee counts the tackles, it's just confusing. So another I disagree with. Nothing wrong with "fifth and last" for me! God, I'm in an argumentative mood
  21. "Play-the-ball" would be a hyphenated noun, or "play the ball" would be a noun phrase, so there's nothing wrong with making it a plural. Context is key. Nothing wrong with this one.
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