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  1. Deflection much? What is your opinion on the way he treated the players at the end of last season?
  2. They could rebrand as Aquitaine (which I've seen on their badge "Leopards of Aquitaine" before), but not move at present. Could move the odd game to a big location occasionally, but it would defeat the point of the club doing that. They might as well just start a new club.
  3. Couldn't the Wigan fans just arrive late instead of leave early?...
  4. Or at least had this on the Friday, ah the other one on the Thursday.
  5. How come the Titans have been underperforming for so long? Are they lacking in investment? In youth products? Seems unusual for an NRL team to not reach the top 8 for so long.
  6. Well that's nice of Sky, isn't it? We've been well and truly rogered there.
  7. Great crowd for a Thursday night, especially against London.
  8. That game was an example of the story of our season in 2 halves: we're either white hot or freezing cold. Second half display was terrible. Couldn't hold the ball. Couldn't make metres. Couldn't defend under pressure. The fact we felt the need to go for a drop goal to secure the game after a 34-0 lead says it all. Can't see us breaking the Headingley hoodoo next week.
  9. Good start to the pack. Need more additions though with the losses of Westerman, Mini, likely Sika and Ellis too.
  10. We're not even in Super League... yet!
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