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  1. If anyone watched South Park, this week's episode is a great example of the change from "cable" to streaming services and on-demand. It's like the equivalent of the Blockbuster to on-demand shift in the renting sector. That shift has now grown to include TV series and now developing on to live sport. If it stops me subsidising a sport I have no interest in, I'm all for it.
  2. The fact that they've moved permanently to a much better facility; internationals played there regularly attract fairly high figures in comparison to SL games; they've attracted a near 7k attendance for a tier 2 game against a team with no away support; they'd have large traveling support from many of the big clubs; and they'd have a French derby game (possibly 2) all strike me as reasons as to why many would believe Toulouse would achieve more than 5k. But if it's your prerogative to put Toulouse down as a tiny club with little to offer, so be it. Just don't blame people for thinking you've got ulterior reasons to do so
  3. You have never been able to tackle in the air whilst I've watched the game. I'm actually surprised this is allowed in the NRL. Your situations haven't gone to fruition at all. Contact with legitimately going for the ball is penalised. Just go for the ball. It's dangerous to tackle a player who isn't on the ground as you have far less control over them and they have no control of themselves.
  4. I like the challenge rule. If used correctly, it will protect referees from overly whiny players. "That's a knock on sir!" "Do you wish to challenge?" "No, but it's a knock on!" "If you're not going to Challenge, then go away."
  5. You do realise this is already a rule internationally?
  6. 1. Saints 2. Wigan 3. Hull FC 4. Warrington 5. Castleford 6. Leeds 7. Toronto 8. Catalans 9. Salford 10. Wakefield 11. Hull KR 12. Huddersfield I don't get the short odds on Catalans. They have a terrible culture and an inconsistent coach. They'll win some, but lose more and infuriate most.
  7. Why in Earth do NSW need an alternative jersey? When will they ever clash with maroon?!
  8. They look like they've been stuck on with tape anyway, so they can easily be removed.
  9. Yes it does. It answers the question perfectly fine. You just didn't like the answer. I'd apply it both ways, yes.
  10. It's always been a grumble of mine whenever I've watched GB with only English players. It's the exact reason why I was so for the split.
  11. The period of 1995-2007 is 12 years. It's been 12 years since we last split in that basis. I'd say what was regular has changed.
  12. Brilliantly put. This tour did nothing and never looked like it would achieve anything, even if we had won. We were treated as an add-on to their Oceanic Cup competition. The pitches were logoed up that way. The organisers of this tour really need holding to account for it because it was disgustingly executed and an embarrassment to British rugby league.
  13. Therein lays the problem. Schedule some meaningful international games, and we won't need a GB side. As a sport, we cannot complain the game isn't growing if we're not staging meaningful games.
  14. And then you get this sudden surge like we did for Tonga and Samoa.
  15. Let's just evolve the Lions brand to England. I said this weeks ago. I honestly don't think anyone in Wales, Ireland or Scotland would care. If it's the brand people are excited about, just take it. Everyone wins then.
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