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  1. I think you've misunderstood what Silverwood meant by statements. He doesn't mean online statements, he means statements in the investigation of Silverwood to the RFL (I'm guessing private statements not complimentary of Silverwood that will have gone against him). That's what he means by "sticking the knife in". Pleasant to his face, asking if he's ok; but making statements behind closed doors.
  2. When I said England A, I didn't mean the name, I meant in practice (because that's what it is).
  3. Double headers are usually just curtain raisers for a main event. The curtain raiser usually has very few going. People pay for the main event. It is devaluing our product and makes literally no sense to do this at all if the plan is to just tag it on to another match. That's proper rugby league thinking there. The only time I'd have a double header is if both matches are of an equal standing and they add to the interest of each other. Semi finals for example.
  4. The public aren't stupid. They know that if England are playing the Aussies, then this other England aren't the first team.
  5. A French and North American League would work well if they could get the TV deal. 4 of each. Play each other twice (14 games) and your own nation 4 times (extra 6 games) to make 20, mixed with a new mixed competition with SL to build the numbers up. A start.
  6. Hopefully. And we'll take some of there's when they develop. And the game will have more money and resources. Don't be afraid of progress.
  7. If we promote it as a big deal, people will turn up. We've shown that. I'm sure we pretty much sold out Keepmoat Stadium in the first 4 Nations match against them also (yet failed to sell out DW for the game against the Aussies). I have no doubt we can sell a match against the French. We just can't expect a positive response if we don't organise it with respect ourselves. Banging it in a small ground in a small town in the middle of the week will never work. It's like the holy trinity of unimportant match (We may never be able to avoid all three, but we can ignore 2 of those criteria at least).
  8. Putting B teams in international tournaments with A teams works for no one. Our B team don't get a big enough challenge, A team get humiliated by a second string, fans aren't interested and international rugby league is set back. If we want a second string challenge, either play another second string (like Aussie or Kiwi), a rep team that isn't an international (like All Stars, Exiles) or split them up and do War of Roses as a shop window match and nod to history.
  9. We've had over 20k against France before. If it's an interesting competition, the public take interest. If the competition is the same team we've played about 20 times in the last 6 years, the public have seen it before.
  10. If we had a 5 Nations at the top tier, you could have your traditional big 3 and a qualifier from the Oceanic Cup and European Cup. A genuine reason to want to win the comp and a consistent international calender.
  11. The issue is that they need to pay high salaries to convince people to do the traveling. The SL fixture listed has shafted TWP a bit. They've had an incredibly difficult start to the season, playing all five play off teams in the first 5 fixtures away from home (I know the away from home part is their choice for 3 of the games, but still). Why would they give a new club such a tough opening 5 games? It's pulling the rug from beneath them before they've even begun.
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