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  1. I'm hoping that the women's game continues to improve and get more visibility. Hull FC certainly need to put more investment into it over here.
  2. Silver point, golden try. If you get a drop goal or penalty, you carry on until the end of extra time. If you score a try, game over. *Unless the other team have somehow managed to score 4 points or more, in which case, play on!
  3. I've said it once and I'll say it again though, they need to sort out the points difference percentage because it's ridiculous.
  4. I recall a 70-4 loss to Hull in 2004 in SL. Could be a lot worse of that's their record. We've lost by more in the playoffs... Twice!
  5. With crowds being allowed back in, do you think they might go with somewhere a bit bigger to let in a percentage of the capacity?
  6. Thought we'd just give them that false sense of hope at the end, but then remind them who's boss
  7. Did they not check on the video if anything was untoward? Or are they not allowed to do that anymore? That's the only thing I can think of being the difference - one was missed and the other one wasn't.
  8. I'm hoping someone explains to be the difference between the Powell tackle and the Brown tackle. I'm assuming it's a huge difference considering one wasn't a penalty and the other was a penalty and ten minutes in the bin.
  9. The fact you think it has no negative impact unfortunately suggests you need a lot of educating.
  10. I wonder if Wigan or the player himself will make a statement? No apology given still.
  11. I disagree. The Flower incident was far worse.
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