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  1. I hadn't read that thread, so I dealt with what I could see, which was you intentionally detailing the thread because you were unhappy on another thread. I've now read that thread. I really don't see the issue with what he said. You were wrong, he challenged it and you had a hissy about it rather than just clarifying it. It's not about mates. Stop trying to make everything personal. You were wrong. I'll leave it there.
  2. You could tell from the kick off before the try just how heavy the ball seemed!
  3. I saw this brought up as an advantage. Is it definitely an advantage? Really hard to build up any momentum when you're playing every other week.
  4. The fact that I almost forgot about the Grand Final ending until you brought it up shows how little we put effort into keeping these moments in the public consciousness. Saying that, how we watch TV and sport these days has completely changed in the last 5 years. I only stream things these days. Got rid of Sky, occasionally buy NOWTV, use Netflix, Prime and Disney+. I don't even have a TV aerial. Sure I'm not the only one.
  5. Play off games should be a premium, not a discount! There supposed to be important so should be priced accordingly, not given away.
  6. Wish we had played you again; you're the only team we've managed to beat since the COVID outbreak.
  7. Unfortunately it was expected. I just don't understand how this club manages to put in so many gutless performances like this.
  8. What money was wasted by the game on Toronto? I thought they were self-funded?
  9. I liked the suggestion someone said once of early bird offers similar to airlines, where they try and fill it up the earlier you book and then it gets expensive. Encourages early purchases. I think we need more of that. Too many just wait to get a ticket and then decide not to bother because x, y or z has happened during the week. Encourage early purchases, but don't completely devalue the product by setting the price low constantly.
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