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  1. Having such a low cap prevents ambitious backers from joining the sport. Who wants to invest when you're prevented from investing in certain areas? Is it a coincidence that, since the cap level has changed, we've seen lots of interest in new cubs joining the RFL?
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if that was in the next 10-15 years. It's the natural next step after Toulouse. If rugby league in Britain suffered the same fate as is it during the war in France, I'd be surprised if some of the clubs made it into the 21st century. Comparing Carpentras to Avignon is like comparing Siddal, Ovenden, etc to Halifax.
  3. RL Barcelona vs Valencia in 2023?... Spanish Derby coming up.
  4. Saints will stuff them. I hope they do. Not bitter about the semi final defeat at all...
  5. I've put the race for 2nd as all the teams still in the race for the playoffs can reach 2nd. There's 2 points between 2nd and 6th. Technically Catalans can still make it also (who are 4 points behind), but I doubt it. I'd have thought it would be better to get to 2nd than just be in the playoffs!
  6. As pointed out, the reaction was based on the fact that it was a comment cr*pping over a thread for no apparent reason and pointing out something irrelevant (and quite ridiculous because it the way you put it). I don't quite understand why you felt the need to post it or what you think it achieved, but I'm glad others agree with me in that there's plenty of interest in it and that your method of coming to your opinion is rather, well... lame. Back to the thread though, I'm going with Salford as a surprise package in the playoffs. Think they'll get 3rd, Wigan 2nd, Wire 4th and whoever wins between Hull and Cas for the final playoff spot. Personally, I think we're done for the season, but I've said that plenty of times and been shocked by the response. We've been 3rd for a huge chunk of the season and, as usual, look to be bottling the final stretch.
  7. Did they have Thursday night games in 2012? That's the problem with comparing attendances now. The Thursday nights are an attendance killer.
  8. Well Catalans are the only one who have beaten them! They've stuffed everyone else pretty much. Especially Hull. If I were Saints, I'd let Hull finish 2nd
  9. It was a generalisation based on how you came to this one. Belief and opinion are pretty synonymous in this instance.
  10. No, you made the discussion to be about this forum. Your original statement mentioned nothing about this forum. "Hardly anyone is bothered." Like I said, and Saint 1 has said, look at the attendance figures of those fighting for playoff spots and you'll find a lot of people are bothered. The relegation battle is incredibly interesting, and I'd agree IMO is more interesting than the fight for 2nd, but to say hardly anyone is bothered about it is the kind of reverse snobbery you get from those that cant handle not being anywhere near the top. They are both interesting battles and lots of people are interested in them - both of them.
  11. You do realise that using a few moments on this forum is not exactly an indicator of who is interested? If you consider that to be conclusive, then I'd suggest maybe looking back at some of your other beliefs and how you came to them. It's not only inconclusive, it's factually incorrect unless you want to change the messing of "hardly anyone."
  12. The Challenge Cup Final is moving. There doesn't necessarily have to be 2 Magic Weekends as they are currently. You'd just need a second similar event (ie on the road). If you make them unique enough, people will go.
  13. You don't. You'd just need to have 2 of them and an OTR game for the 2 teams that miss each one as the bye. I suggest an early season Magic at Cardiff, with the bye team being the champions and they can play the WCC as the final game of the weekend; followed by a late summer Magic Weekend.
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