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  1. We just lost to PNG and Tonga. I don't think it really matters anymore! Wouldn't mind us trying something unique in the given circumstances if we can't have a test series.
  2. Why not a chance to do something a bit unique and have a Tri Series between England, New South Wales and Queensland?...
  3. Only way you could keep Magic Weekend in an odd numbered league is to have 2 of them to even it out (and an on the road game for the odd 2 teams that miss each event).
  4. The players are irrelevant. If things were going well, this wouldn't be an issue. Those players were playing with an embarrassing mindset that good management would never allow to get to that point. The fact is, it has been going that way for a number of months (even years if you go back to the back end of 2018). It said it all in the messages the top players tweeted about Radford's departure: "Thanks mate" etc. They saw him as a mate, not a boss. They took the mick. They weren't mentally in the correct place. There didn't appear to be any fear of failure. In fact, it seemed pretty acceptable. A new man needs to come in and put in place expectations and mental discipline. Worst thing AP could do is promote from within because you'll get the exact same thing. We won't get a top NRL coach, so my no.1 would be Darryl Powell. We won't get him though unless we make him an offer too good to refuse or he suddenly falls out with Cas management. Ian Watson could be tempted given his resources at Salford are always being sold off. Possibly Danny Ward. I'm not sure I'd want another assistant being promoted this time. We've not had a head coach come to us directly since Shaun McRae came over with Gateshead; Kear was his assistant, Sharp was an assistant in NRL, Agar was his assistant, Gentle was an assistant in NRL, Radford was his assistant. Think there's a pattern developing...
  5. Let me guess... it's a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between Hull Dockers lads claiming to have spoken to Josh Bowden?
  6. AutoCorrect. But after Wembley in 2016, I'd have given him one!
  7. Give over. Why wait? It was clear what was going to happen. All parties knew. Why drag it out and allow rumour to set in and allow everyone to slag Radford off for another night? The weight has been lifted from everyone: from coach to fans to chairman. Time to move forward.
  8. In fairness, the sheer amount of postponements will always be bigger news than any events that are still taking place. It's a very ridiculous post.
  9. They'd best not cancel Magic Weekend. My stag do is there! Could they cancel the cup to fit league games in? Could they extend the length of the season and delay the start of next season?
  10. Luckily they might get a bit of time to get a coach because the country could end up in lock down by next week the way things are going.
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