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  1. If Hull were the 3rd best team for most of the season, that said a huge amount about the rest of the teams. We were quite simply shocking for great chunks of the season. To be 3rd with that form told a lot about the rest.
  2. You can compare anything, but it doesn't mean we should. Yes, (most) men will be better at rugby league and will play it to a much higher standard given the chance. It can't be argued that the handling skills of the women were well off that of the men. However, if it's all about the actual skill, why are we wasting our time with men's 100m sprints when we could be watching cheetahs doing it? We are watching the best of that section of the game. There is nothing achieved in comparing it to another section when they have so many disadvantages in comparison to them.
  3. For all intents and purposes, it served exactly the same purpose involving clubs from exactly the same league aiming to achieve promotion. It even had the same branding on the end. It may not technically have been a Championship match, but it most certainly is comparable to the Championship GF/MPG the other week.
  4. Wouldn't the name attract potential copyright issues with the round ball lot?
  5. I think the incoming coach may have a negative effect at first. New systems and approaches need getting used to. Had it still been Holbrook, I'd have been very intrigued.
  6. To look at male and female sport as different levels ignores the fact that they are not allowed to compete together. You cannot put them into levels. They are different sections of the game. Should we not televise and promote women's sport because they will never be as physically skillful as the men based purely on biology? Or should we see it as a separate section of the game, compared to only by and within itself? Similar to youth rugby and wheelchair rugby? To compare the women's game to other sections of the game does no one any favours. They don't do that in tennis. Let's embrace it. I agree about the equal pay thing though. Pay is proportionate to the income of the business they are working for (i.e. their club) and the income they generate for them.
  7. Do you not think there were any incorrect calls made that benefited Saints? Or do you think that there were more incorrect calls that benefited Salford? I'm interested to know. Was it a better performance than the referee at Wembley?
  8. It was an intriguing tactic that I picked up on. Not something you see much of, but they seemed to go for the power play every time when on the try line rather than finish with a kick and hope.
  9. Couldn't have put it better. Saints were incredibly dominant for the first 30. Then Salford finally got into the game and were making it a great contest. In the second half, Salford had no chance to build momentum due mostly to Saints' excellent performances but also in part to some poor decisions by Kendall that pulled the rug from under then any time they started to build. The Saints offload that was given as a strip (and want even a knock on anyway, so could have just played on) was poor, only compounded by a similar if not more obvious strip moments later that was also given in Saints favour as a knock on rather than a strip. Those led to points IIRC. Then the shoulder charge that caused a knock on early in a Salford set. Blatantly obvious. The worst was when Salford finally had something look like it was going for them with a 40-20, only to have it snatched away instantly with a disgraceful knock on decision that was blatant interference. I just couldn't get into the game as a contest in the second half because it wasn't one. You knew it was all Saints, and any Salford momentum would be cut away fairly quickly. It was incredibly frustrating to watch. But let's not make comments about the ref... it's laughable! I know who won't be making comments about the ref: the Saints' chairman.
  10. The handling needs to improve. Way too many unforced passing errors and very few seem to be able to field a kick. The defence is brilliant though!
  11. Until I saw these emojis, I never even made the heaven and hell link in the clubs' names! You'd have thought that would make a good marketing tool...
  12. 66,666 The devils are there. Must be three 6s somewhere!
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