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  1. I'll reserve judgement until I see more details on the criteria and process of selection, but I'm leaving towards this not being a good direction. I think the mistrust caused by the last farce that was licensing (through lack of transparency in the selection process) caused huge division in the game that we're still having issues with to this day. If there annual reviews of licenses, isn't that just the same as yearly promotion and relegation anyway? I don't see why they just didn't do the sensible thing of starting the Championship season earlier, finishing it before the end of the SL season and giving the promoted clubs first dibs on new signings. Worked for Widnes in 2002 and they've never done it again since!
  2. I just looked at the national football team of Samoa from 2019. Around half of their squad are from Australia, some even from Hawaii. I imagine it's similar for other sports where the nation is incredibly small.
  3. England were used in World Cups on those years. They didn't play any games in 1997, 1998 or 1999. Those were GB teams. Were GB still not the official national team then? If no, then England were the 2008 WC team. Does that mean England were the official national team 1995-2008? And if not, why not? It's a very strange and selective logic you're using here.
  4. That's still a yellow band though (you can see it to the left). It's just the sponsor has a huge white background!
  5. So were they or weren't they? And why could the national team swap from England to GB and back again those years, but couldn't in 2019? You seem to have missed that information out in your strange take on things.
  6. How have I proven your point? You said there were? England were the national team for world cups in that period. GB went in several tours, they were the national team then. You're trying to be pedantic for some reason and failing
  7. England were not the official team from 1995-2000. England were only used during WCs. GB were very much the national team. It takes a lot of linguistic gymnastics to try and convince someone that the GB touring team of 2019 were not the national team that year but were other years!
  8. That's like saying the World Cup didn't count on 95 and 2000. It was clearly the official national team that year.
  9. It was the primary national team. It was England + extras, so in theory should have been better. Who was not picked for GB that should have been? I don't get this argument.
  10. Aussies to get knocked out in semi final. You heard it here first.
  11. Only 2 current Super League players in that squad. Are Wales that weak these days? Can see it being a very difficult 3 weeks for Wales.
  12. 42 point handicap. Has there ever been such a one-sided prediction for a final at the bookies?!
  13. Bloody hell, didn't see this until now. Forgot all about it! Sounds like a cracker. I'll watch the highlights later. Congrats, Fax.
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