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  1. The thing that makes that kit look acceptable (because the design is a bit "out there") is that they've integrated the sponsors and club badge well through just being a uniform white. If they just used the normal colours for them all, it would look horrendous.
  2. I don't mind that London shirt at all. Sometimes less is more. Far better than some of the acid trip shirts we've seen in the past.
  3. Yeah I can't really ever see this happening, but it would be incredible! AI is amazing and scary at the same time!
  4. https://twitter.com/DragonsOfficiel/status/1728114004835594567?t=jK9AeRR97VfqViR9CstOCA&s=19
  5. If Salford don't turn this around, how much will it affect their grade? Will this be grounds to replace them next year? I can see a return for Wakefield and Toulouse next year if this is the case, with London and Salford dropping out.
  6. Had they at least balanced the fixtures out better, this could have been alright. But Saturday is stacked and Sunday is going to be dead in comparison. I think the strategy is hope that some fans from the Saturday stick around for the Sunday. With it being so close to majority of fans' homes, I can't see that happening. I'll be going Saturday, doubt I'll be staying for the Sunday.
  7. It was actually 110-4 Australia v Russia at the Boulevard in the RLWC2000. What a roar when Russia went over! And the boos when Wendel Sailor scored to break the 100
  8. You obviously didn't read the sarcasm in my post. My point being, supporting a SL club shouldn't prevent commenting on the wider game.
  9. Sorry mate, you're one of us Super Greed clubs now who don't care about anything outside our back garden.
  10. Yes. We are outposts, hence why we usually get poor traveling support.
  11. That doesn't avoid them being outposts. They'd still be outposts, but without the guarantee of being in the same division (potentially making them even greater outposts). Another outpost.
  12. The only option is to obviously chuck out Cumbria... Seriously though, until we have more southern clubs, this is unavoidable. The West Cumbrian clubs will always be outposts as there's literally nothing else around there. They either travel to Lancashire or travel to North East (which are similar distances).
  13. How large would your conferences be? It would still have the same issue of clubs in areas having to travel due to concentration of clubs in hotspot areas, mainly West Yorkshire.
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