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  1. Completely agree. I don't see the point of them. They highlight the lack of effort we're putting into half time, rather than provide entertainment.
  2. I doubt 9 rounds would have been sufficient for the broadcaster or sponsors.
  3. A lot of athletes and gym goers use kgs these days. I really struggled to remember, but I guess I'm part of the feet and stones age. I get the idea of metric (miles easier to teach!) but if we're not using it in everyday life, it makes it pretty difficult to use effectively!
  4. Personally think something along those lines is what is needed. A bit of squad management would increase uncertainty of some results too, and blood more players through the league.
  5. Some terrible individual errors throughout this half by Hull. They've absolutely killed us. Own worst enemies. Wigan have punished these errors exceptionally. If we could sort out the errors, we might have had a chance. We've had enough territory and possession. I fear it'll only get worse in the second half as we tire further. We've shown enough times this year we're not a second half team
  6. Wouldn't be surprised if it becomes the Allam Marine Stadium, with no sponsorship money changing hands.
  7. Makes you wonder if they're doing it so that can get time off during the pandemic. Never seen so many people commit such an obvious banning action.
  8. Had Jamie Jones Buchanan not been mentioned yet?
  9. I think that swings both ways. Some clubs get comfortable when there's no risk. Some clubs take off the shackles and experiment.
  10. The free flowing attacking style is great to watch. Just goes to show what a good coach can do with young, average but hungry players. Compare that to the other side of the river with a poor coaching setup behind some demonstrably (in the recent past at least) talented players and it's just sad!
  11. That'll sell to sponsors and TV companies...
  12. If apps like SofaScore can collate live scores for games, there's no reason why Google shouldn't have this information up. That is certainly down to the RFL needing to collaborate with them. They already have the relevant information to use. Bit shoddy really.
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