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  1. Kind of hard to do though when your stadium is named after a road. "Millennium Post Office" doesn't quite have a ring to it.
  2. Wikipedia has a map of the spread of locations. Looks very impressive. As a rugby League fab, I'll obviously be very sceptical, but man I hope it comes off! Would be good to see an French club like Nantes in there. I'm throwing my support being Rotterdam!
  3. Not kept up much with any sport recently. What's three exact ruling for Captain's Challenge? It's something I've pushed for in the past (if it's the way I think it is).
  4. That's awful! Completely shocked. Really don't know what to say.
  5. If it were to happen, it'd need to be in conjunction with Sky Sports and likely would have to be accessible through a popular platform like NowTV or SkyQ boxes (or both) in order to reach enough homes to make it worth it. Some clubs would save money on opening up their grounds to the public via staffing costs, but it's the other profits they're going to miss out on. Could force the game into the 21st century though via a steaming package with other on demand content (like historic games and documentaries).
  6. It's a sad day in our sport when a club worries about going under and some "fans" of the game feel the need to turn the knife. Sad day.
  7. I thought Carney was a Gaelic footballer?
  8. If he was on a school visit in an educational capacity, wouldn't that put him in a position of trust (regardless of her being 16)? Not sure how it works in Aus, but definitely sackable offence in UK.
  9. Some rules are. This one is not. In fact, it even says "normally" in the rule, suggesting that at times it isn't.
  10. To be fair, Challenge Cup games are usually in front of small crowds so when things do get back to normality, it might be best to block the cup games as closed doors initially to break the players and clubs back in. When that should happen is another question entirely.
  11. We just lost to PNG and Tonga. I don't think it really matters anymore! Wouldn't mind us trying something unique in the given circumstances if we can't have a test series.
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