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  1. 6 hours ago, Agbrigg said:

    All the talent in the world, but probably dosn,t have the body to withstand the punishment that playing RL inflicts.

    Didn't people say something similar about Jonny Lomax, in those years when he seemed doomed to be a bit-part player between injury after injury after injury? He's come through all that and is now a regular player for Saints.

    Currently, we have Johnstone and Manfredi going through something similar, so let's hope they can get past this too.

  2. 45 minutes ago, Red Willow said:

    Not quite, £500,000 of the £2.2 will be doubled, every penny counts especially at the moment

    "Sinfield’s efforts raised £2.2million for the MND Association in total in support of his friend and former Leeds team-mate Rob Burrow, who was diagnosed with the condition in December 2019.

    Of that funding, £500,000 was targeted directly to research and LifeArc, a medical research charity, has now matched it, to boost research funding by £1m in total."

    Oops, missed that. Still good news.

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Bearman said:

    I bought a "Fire Mountain" portable bbq last week ( £49 Amazon)

    It is fan assisted and from lighting to cooking is only 5 minutes. It only uses 250g of charcoal.It's easy to clean. ( It's even easier when the stainless steel bowl is lined with tinfoil. 

    Tonight I grilled some sardines and a sea bass, just plain... but delicious.

    As I say I am really pleased with it. Looking on line there is an upmarket version " Lotus"  ( 3 times the price) has anyone had any experiences to share of either contraption ? Or have  you got any "go to recipes"?


    Never used one of those particular gadgets, but I can certainly recommend mackerel (the freshest you can get), split (butterflied) and quickly barbecued over high heat*. And reserve one or two, once cooked, for making pate.

    *serve with potato salad with chopped chives and horseradish mixed into it.

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  4. 18 hours ago, Exiled Wiganer said:

    My all time favourite FC team: 

    1 Prescott 

    2 Eastwood

    3 Schofield 

    4 ??? (Can I play Briscoe there?)

    5 O’Hara 

    6 Topliss 

    7 Sterling 

    8 Kelvin 

    9 Houghton 

    10 Taylor (I know they have had better, but I loved him at Wigan) 

    11 Crane 

    12 Jason Smith

    13 Knocker 

    Some good players missing out from that selection (Lee Crooks, Richard Swain, Clive Sullivan etc.), but it would be a very tough team to beat.

  5. https://www.intrl.sport/news/mea-to-introduce-four-tiers-of-international-competition/

    "Middle East Africa Rugby League has reacted to the continued growth of rugby league in the region by announcing that the format for representative games will be designed to accommodate more nations and will include promotion and relegation throughout. The format will allow members to participate in formal competition and progress at their own rate through the ranks."

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  6. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/58045/taylor-prescott-embarks-on-toughest-challenge-yet

    Taylor Prescott admits that a determination to make his late father proud has driven him to embark on the toughest challenge of his life. 

    The 19-year-old will next month attempt to run 100 miles in just 48 hours - day and night - in a huge fundraising effort for the Steve Prescott Foundation, the charity set up by his rugby legend dad Steve before his death in 2013. 

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  7. 19 minutes ago, THE RED ROOSTER said:

    THe observant will have noticed that the twop challenge cup ties on Friday were moved to SKY Mix and thus FTA. Though as not in HD much poorer quality viewing  The You tube link was announced Friday when the Leeds Game was advertised. This is the SKY FTA arrangement .

    Sky Sports Mix may be a "free" channel, but it still requires a Sky/Virgin box or similar setup to watch it.

    It doesn't make up for the lack of HD with the widespread access benefits of a Freeview channel.

    Really the worst of both worlds. Being shown on the Sky YouTube channel is an improvement on Mix.

  8. 20 minutes ago, mickmike wilson said:

    Apologies if this has been answered previously but it’s typical N American salesmanship, Focus entirely at the positive’s & big up everything 

    A proper traditional RL press release would be worded something more like:

    None of these clubs exist, and if they actually do, they're probably up to something or other that is really really dodgy. Anyway, the quality of Rugby will be ###### and every single one of them will go bust within six months.

    Everybody in the USA hates Rugby League, and nobody in the USA has heard of Rugby League. The money involved in setting up what is indubitably a criminal money-laundering operation should have been spent on clubs in the heartlands of England. Specifically my club. But only the men's teams.

    I hate everything, but especially Rugby League, because it's our sport and you ain't from round here, are you?

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