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  1. 5 hours ago, Charlie RL said:

    i have been without for 18 months after smashing my watch.  I've been looking at Swiss military timepieces rrp £200 ish, but a lot of variation/options.  Any knowledge if these are decent or just good marketing?

    There are a fair few watch-based forums who'd give you a detailed answer. Quite a lot of watches out there with a cheap (albeit perfectly functional) mechanism, where you're really paying for a nice look.

    And unless you're looking for an investment rather than a timepiece, there's nothing necessarily wrong with that, as long as you know before buying.

    I have a German aviator-style watch which is, from styling, to movement, to fake patina, utterly bogus, but tells the time accurately, looks nice and has a really comfortable strap.

  2. I've always wanted the Warriors to do better, just because they're an outpost club. But as long as I've been able to follow the game Down Under, my favourites have been the Raiders.

    And hasn't that been frustrating for so many years? No trophies (yet) from the current crop, but the Green Machine are so much closer to the early glory days than they've been in ages.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Dunbar said:

    After the last two weeks you worry about the Broncos this year. Not talent but the fight they have in them.

    They have some good young players in their pack (with David Fafita among others to come back) but getting these kind of beatings can't be good for their morale. I just hope their development is not hindered in any way.

    This seems to be a long-standing and recurring typo amongst several TRL members when it comes to players with that surname.

    Is there some in-joke I don't get?

  4. 7 minutes ago, Hela Wigmen said:

    People bagging the Roosters for not passing to Ryan Hall when they’ve just put 59 on a side. My word. 

    It did get a bit frustrating to watch as far as Hall's involvement was concerned, but if the players see a chance without passing to the wing, they have to take it, and you can't argue with the scoreline.

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