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  1. As if Rugby League fans have ever let a piddling little obstacle like that stop them!
  2. Pamela Salem, the off-brand Miss Moneypenny. She was actually pretty good, but in a dodgy knock-off movie.
  3. What the world really needs is a transcript of the audio cassette Home Brewing made easy by Emlyn Hughes. https://barclayperkins.blogspot.com/2011/11/tom-caxtons-homebrewing-with-emlyn.html
  4. Baader-Meinhof Group member Daniela Klette arrested. This happened not in the Seventies, but all the way back in... earlier today.
  5. The anniversary of the day George Merryweather gave a three-hour lecture to the Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society about his leech barometer. https://mulberryhall.medium.com/odd-this-day-225ad9e5d6d2
  6. I have virtually every episode recorded of ISIRTA. Grew up on the official BBC cassette compilations, along with Python and the Goons.
  7. The show moves ever onwards. It will never be the same as the old days, but when you listen to the older shows, they are also flawed. When they book people who "get" ISIHAC, it lives again. Tony Hawks singing "Girlfriend in a Coma" to the tune of "Tiptoe through the Tulips" is a personal favourite of the modern era. Plus Jeremy Hardy singing anything at all.
  8. Yes, but they could have invented time travel and voyaged back to undo the decision, so they're all a bunch of bast...
  9. This is just an incoherent rant. Time for the Naughty Step.
  10. By the way, there are plenty of reaction videos to this promo. This is just one, chosen at random. Whether the old gimmers sneer or not, social media influencers are a useful resource.
  11. Fifty/Fifty (1992), starring Roberts Hays and Peter Weller. Ted Striker and Robocop play soldiers of fortune in this buddy action comedy. It’s not brilliant, but it’s fun and I like both lead actors.
  12. A finish that included yet another penalty conceded by Ormondroyd. He's got to be better than that.
  13. Bradford put up a decent fight for a lot of the game, but it got away from them in the end.
  14. By his own admission he was a solid, rather than spectacular player. Ron Atkinson, Bobby Robson, other good professionals, but not superstars. I'm comparing his appointment to Manchester United in 1986 to what would have happened if they'd picked George Best instead. Or what actually happened when they made Glenn Hoddle (and his spirit guide) the manager of England. See also Kevin Keegan's managerial implosions at Newcastle and England.
  15. Also, like Shaun Wane before him, by the time he was given charge of the first team, he'd already been coaching for years in the club's system. For a young man, he's actually got loads of experience, especially with the core of this current Wigan squad.
  16. In many cases, mediocre/average players tend to be better coaches, because they have had to work and think so much harder about the game to make it as players. The naturally gifted stars often struggle to communicate what it is that makes them good, and often become frustrated by that. In Football, Alex Ferguson and Arsène Wenger both had pretty undistinguished playing careers, for instance.
  17. He tackled a player in the air, but then followed through and drove the player into the ground, when he could have just let go because play would have been stopped anyway. Pretty sure it would just have been a penalty if he hadn't aggravated the tackle.
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