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  1. Very wet snow currently falling in That There London, as you will probably discover when you look at the front pages of all tomorrow's national newspapers.
  2. That must be one solidly-built wheelchair! Best of luck to him with the recovery.
  3. A fascinating character with a wild life story... but actually meeting him? What if he decided he didn't like you?
  4. Does this question really warrant a separate thread? Especially when the answer is easy to find: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W9_(TV_channel)
  5. According to the "nutritionists", salt is the new Satan. Or is it sugar? They seem confused most of the time. Maybe some other white particles have clouded their tiny minds.
  6. It isn't a brilliant movie, but it is an energetic, likeable escapade and good Sunday matinee fodder.
  7. Religious leaders like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Guru Nanak - what would they think of modern interpretations of their faith? Gilgamesh, if any version of him ever existed. Leif Erikson - did he reach the Americas? Akhenaten - why the sudden and complete heresy? I know you'd need a Babel Fish for these, but that's no more nuts than time travel.
  8. If you're wondering about D.B.Cooper, this movie is no help: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3588938/ It is just another David DeCoteau flick about young dudes who have forgotten to pack any shirts.
  9. I know what you mean, but there are some people who know, especially with salt, that they like it more seasoned than most people. Mind you, not normally as much as one relative on my dad's side of the family, who used to sprinkle salt on tinned anchovies.
  10. Never read any Cussler, but wasn't the movie 'Sahara' a Dirk Pitt adventure? I remember seeing that and thinking it was fun.
  11. For those with Watch NRL, this is on at a civilised hour, if you're interested in seeing what sort of shape Kallum's in. 9:00am NRL Pre Season Brisbane Broncos v Gold Coast Titans LIVE STREAM: 9:00am Watch NRL
  12. Neither am I, but at least it has all been worked out above board, so if he does decide to waste his talent, he won't have to do what the Judas Weasel did.
  13. Yes, you usually see a few. Nothing out of the ordinary.
  14. I haven't read a physical paper in about 10 years. I used to get the Metro while commuting, but no longer bother. The London Evening Standard became free a few years ago, but it doesn't tempt me, as it was never very good before. My dad gets the Telegraph, and it is sad to see the state of their editorial and political opinion pages these days. However, some of their other content is better written, more grown-up and intelligent. The main enjoyment, though, is the Telegraph's general knowledge crosswords, especially the big weekend ones. A broad spread of subjects and challenging enough to get the grey cells ticking over in the morning. If you do read a particular paper out of habit, from wherever in the spectrum, the occasional purchase of Private Eye is recommended, just to see why your newspaper is taking a particular stance and who stands to profit from it.
  15. Kenny Everett was spoofing speeded-up credits decades ago. Thankfully, we now have IMDB.
  16. TV and movie production company decision makers who choose to include Gregg Wallace in their programmes.
  17. I remember him dismantling Lloyd Honeyghan, who had really started believing his own hype by then.
  18. Dear God, even by your standards, that is a Stakhanovite attempt at misery-mining.
  19. Hardly surprising, though. The other code's "we're all friends now" act can wear thin at the drop of a hat when it suits them.
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