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  1. Does get played at Headingley any more? I was looking for the original version, but found a band arrangement by someone I used to work with.
  2. City/town centre landlords need to realise that charging less and actually having tenants that can pay is better than asking for the moon and sitting on empty properties.
  3. Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fucik?
  4. The Netherlands retake the lead, thanks to (blimey is that really his name?) Denzel Dumfries.
  5. 2:2, all of a sudden! Game most definitely on!
  6. And they go 2:0 up pretty quickly after that.
  7. Cronulla have adapted Roll out the Barrel for their club song. Always good to work from an out-of-copyright original melody.
  8. They look like they're in their training/warm-up gear.
  9. I just switched on ITV in time to see a very nicely-volleyed goal from Austria. Odd colour scheme for their kit, with black shirts and sky blue shorts.
  10. 3 points in the bag, no goals conceded, no injuries, only 1 yellow card, job done. A steady but unspectacular start for England. We've had worse.
  11. Faust: Love of the Damned (2000) Dir: Brian Yuzna It isn't that I've stopped watching glorious glorious trash - I'm just bone idle with write-ups. So let's get back on the horse... 'Faust' is based on a comic, apparently, and the movie is a messy pleasure. Lots of blood, sex, ectoplasm and OTT acting. Mark Frost (Poldark, Corrie) stars as artist John Jaspers*, who loses his faith after gangsters murder his girlfriend. He is about to jump off a bridge, when a strange character, calling himself 'M' offers his the chance of revenge. After signing a contract with his own blood (I
  12. Cherries and cherry juice is supposed to be a good thing to have in your regular diet if gout is a recurring problem. Luckily, unlike so many other things that are supposed to be good for you, they actually taste nice. As for sleeping, I just bought some new, softer pillows which are supposed not to go flat or lumpy. Sleep's been better since then.
  13. Find the match, click the link: https://www.rugbyleagueontv.com
  14. England's innings ended in one ball this morning, but they at least managed to take a couple of wickets before the inevitable New Zealand victory.
  15. What is going on right now with Christian Eriksen is very scary. Surely they can't play on?
  16. 73 for 6 - will we actually force the Kiwis to come out and bat again for a couple of minutes?
  17. Ideally both, but if I have to choose, there's no choice but the RWC.
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