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  1. Great try there, and it is now only a 2-point lead for the Sharks.
  2. I've just experienced my third power-cut in a fortnight. It's a bit like living in the Seventies again, a decade that shaped my instincts sufficiently that, within seconds of the lights going "phut", I had located the emergency candle supply and illuminated the room.
  3. With Mitchell's lack of discipline, playing centre alongside a safe pair of hands would be ideal. An ideal safe pair of hands would be Brett Morr... oops.
  4. This evening at 7pm (UK time), the latest Wakaliwood movie premieres, and it can be watched free here, courtesy of the 'We are One' film festival.
  5. I hadn't even heard about it. Looking at user reviews on Master of Malt, some very mixed opinions, but that's what you'd expect. It seems to be priced at £18 in most places, which puts it just cheaper than supermarket own label single malts, some of which can be very good.
  6. Too early to watch live, but I expect to wake up tomorrow and find that the Warriors have underwhelmed again.
  7. I have done food orders from Amazon. But it is usually stuff that the supermarkets don't stock, so mainly one-off orders for individual items every now and then, rather than a regular shop. I have an order for green coffee beans on the way right now. Exiled Yorkshire folk should be aware you can buy Henderson's Relish from Amazon.
  8. Not a happy reunion experience for Mitchell. The Roosters look at least as lethal as last season.
  9. Those cardboard cut-outs should be social distancing a bit more diligently, though.
  10. Tedesco just scored a peach, but the Bunnies won't be happy with that tackling.
  11. I had to go out, so missed the start of this match, but it looks like another entertaining one.
  12. More concentration on the game, without the crowd shots. Hardly seen any cutaway shots to the coaching teams, either.
  13. I tried watching some Bundesliga last weekend, but without crowd noise, I couldn't get into it. I think what Fox did for today's game has a lot going for it. It just takes the edge off that sensation that you're watching a game in an echo chamber. It'll be interesting to see if other sports follow suit.
  14. Where does it leave us? Watching (and hopefully learning) to see if the Football season restart creates problems with close-contact sport in the UK. To be blunt, they can afford to deal with any negative outcomes better than we can.
  15. It feels a bit "too much, too soon" to me too. Shops opening (with restrictions) is probably worth risking, as people have now got used to the restrictions when using the shops that were allowed to stay open.
  16. Turns out today's game at least was televised in the USA on Fox. A good shop window for some level of continued exposure when other, more familiar, sports return to American TV screens.
  17. One tough defensive stint for Brisbane, which seemed to last for most of the second half. Brisbane Broncos 6:34 Parramatta Eels at the final hooter.
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