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  1. No. I have Radio 4 on quite a bit while I'm working, so I'll hear all the important pre-leaked details before the televised photo-op anyway. And if Johnson's presenting it, it means I already have the useful bits and don't have to endure his empty bloviation.
  2. Still running, although the carriages look somewhat more modern.
  3. It really is good to see the serial whingers and protesters shown up in front of the crowd and broadcast audience for not knowing the rules.
  4. The same applies to Tennis and Cricket. There are some players who challenge rashly and end up looking foolish, and some who save it for a decision they genuinely believe they can overturn according to the rules. Thankfully, the former is still more common. There's no obligation to use it at all, but some in the NRL may use it for a breather late in a tiring match. That is a downside, which may be a good reason to get rid of it. But if you do away with the Captain's Challenge, teams will just go back to players suffering from sudden cramp when they're defending their own line with 10 minutes to go.
  5. Playing from 2018 up 'til the lockdown, I assume. And, if restrictions in Australia are being relaxed, maybe training with them at the moment.
  6. Panko breadcrumbs are recommended - the crunch is better with them than the regular ones.
  7. Last time I cooked partridge, I soaked the breasts in spiced buttermilk, then breadcrumbed and fried them. Pretty good fancy fried chicken.
  8. Glad to see Tanginoa there. Whatever Trinity paid for him, he's been a bargain.
  9. Dream Team 2020 Bevan French– Full Back (Wigan Warriors) Krisnan Inu– Winger (Salford Red Devils) Ash Handley– Winger (Leeds Rhinos) Toby King– Centre (Warrington Wolves) Konrad Hurrell– Centre (Leeds Rhinos) Aidan Sezer– Half Back (Huddersfield Giants) Jonny Lomax– Half Back (St Helens) Alex Walmsley– Prop (St Helens) Mike Cooper– Prop (Warrington Wolves) Paul McShane– Hooker (Castleford Tigers) Liam Farrell– Second Row (Wigan Warriors) Kelepi Tanginoa– Second Row (Wakefield Trinity) Morgan Knowles– Loose Forward (St Helens)
  10. Wikipedia says he signed with Redcliffe in 2018, but no details are given. I don't know if he's been with them all the time since. But a player like him would certainly get offers from a state cup side, rather than languishing in park footy.
  11. One of the best things about this season isn't a rider or team, but the addition of the Portimao circuit. One of the commentators said it was like a European version of Phillip Island, and he has a point. The Moto3 race was mental towards the end, with a world championship riding on the result. To remain in the 2021 schedule, it would mean Brno drops out (if they can't afford to re-surface), which would be a shame, as that's a great circuit too. I hope they can find a way to fit both in.
  12. He was playing for Redcliffe Dolphins this season, so he's hasn't been entirely out of action. And the Dolphins are a very decent side.
  13. Played 7 times for the Roosters, and had his moments. Jury's still out, I think.
  14. Kodi's younger brother Jayden is also a half, and has started a train & trial contract with the NZ Warriors.
  15. I think the only people who'd be "soured" would be the ones trying to get the remaining 62 posts necessary to access the cross-code forum.
  16. This is back on the shelves - must be nearly Christmas. I bought a couple of them today.
  17. Bump: https://viaoccitanie.tv/direct-tv - 3pm UK time.
  18. I think the concussion turnaround time is okay for tonight's players to feature in the GF.
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