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  1. In the build-up, they were saying that the TV picture actually makes it look less of a slope than it really is! Anyone on here actually played on the pitch?
  2. Just checked the schedule page on a whim, and I notice that the Fox League channel are showing both today's Championship Playoffs for (insomniac) Australian viewers.
  3. Most of that RWC's matches were broadcast by the short-lived L!veTV. I don't know if this was one of them, but if it was, you'd have to find out who now owns their archive (if it still exists). I still hold out faint hope of the Tonga v PNG epic turning up in decent quality from that tournament. But during that era, it'd almost certainly have been archived on video, not film*, so you have a low-ish quality ceiling that can't be got around. *when the BBC showed a series of extended Challenge Cup highlights a year or so ago, the drop-off in picture quality from the early selections to the Nineties content was very stark.
  4. In the press release, it said "it would go alongside streaming coverage on OurLeague". I doubt a subscription service looking for new sign-ups would allow a simulcast of the same game, so maybe this means PS matches would be additional to OurLeague streams of other fixtures. Whether those OurLeague games would be PPV or free, who knows?
  5. The look on Tony Smith's face spoke volumes, about the quality and importance of that try.
  6. Freesports is a mix of content from various small subscription channels. They may show RL on Mondays, but we probably won't know 'til much closer to the first broadcast date. As a "new" addition to Premier's roster, RL will probably be on PS only at first, to drive subscription take-up from fans. There's the Championship and C1 clubs' fans (plus the people who say "$ooper Dooper Greed" a lot), who may switch away from Sky entirely. And general RL fans who'll keep Sky, but shell out for a bit more TGG on their screens.
  7. I don't think Premier Sports and "significant finance" often appear in the same sentence. But regular broadcast exposure could help the leagues and the clubs attract more sponsorship.
  8. Suli again proves to be the main outlet for Manly's attack, as he puts Garrick in for another try.
  9. I'd have liked a closer contest, but you can't deny how good the Rabbitohs have been today.
  10. Nice kick-off from DCE, giving them good possession. No time to do anything with it, though.
  11. Now she's doing her scales and arpeggios, as Souths strike again through Paulo.
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