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  1. That puts something of a different slant on Wasps' 40k attendances for their Wembley showcase matches, no? Take away the 17,000 and you have a much less reportable figure.
  2. I suppose so, but could there be a system where those who know they are definitely not attending can notify Wembley, so their seats can be made available. Maybe it's too much fuss to organise, but the empty blocks of seats at every Wembley event is an annoyance.
  3. Surely it can't be all that complicated to have a cut-off date for the Club Wembley seats, so if they aren't wanted by their holders, they can be sold off as a last-minute deal?
  4. With squid and octopus, you either cook them really fast or really slow. Anything in between and you get the rubber effect.
  5. Don't watch the film 'Old Boy', then. Or the 'Outer Boroughs' episode of 'No Reservations'. Trust me on this.
  6. True. Whether we like it or not, when most non-RL people think about 'Rugby', the international scene is what catches their attention, because that's the way it is in RU (the code that gets all the attention). They apply those perceptions to RL, as they can't be bothered to find out that there is a difference in where the main power of our code lies. When it comes to international competition, the media does take more of an interest in Rugby League. Not a huge amount more, but definitely more. England/GB winning a bit more would deliver even more coverage, but it's been decades since we won a significant trophy and we can't count on the indulgence of Football's massive following. Even an international dimension at club level helps - the BBC were prepared to schlep their broadcasting team down to Toulouse a few years ago, when they played Widnes. Neither of them were SL teams, which is what the BBC usually picks for their televised ties.
  7. Chris is one of the first victims of the Times paywall, so he has a right to be a bit narked. Let's hope that wasteful and pointless agglomeration of protein and calcium Wiggy Jones is next. As for newspaper coverage, one month of the Irvine online blog pretty much surpassed in quantity what we'd actually get printed in a year (unless there was bad news, naturally). The really jawdropping thing is that, these days, one of the best outlets for RL this side of a pricey Sky subscription is - gasp! - the BBC. Hands up those who saw that coming. Okay, all those people with their hands up are liars.
  8. Neddie Seagoon: I can't join the British army - I'am an American! Hercules Grytpype-Thynne: Do you know the Bronx? NS: Know them? I married their daughter, Gladys Bronk. HG-T: Now I know you're lying... I am Gladys Bronk! NS: Darling! Shall we dance?
  9. For the Floydists on here - David Gilmour and Roger Waters play 4 songs together. A live 'do' for the Hoping charity. 1 To Know Him Is To Love Him 2 Wish You Were Here 3 Comfortably Numb 4. Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2
  10. The Four Nations is listed on the BBC's site that says what RL they are showing this year.
  11. If they had the rights to the whole tournament, perhaps I'd agree. But all that for one match, broadcast early in the morning? I doubt it, and I wouldn't blame them.
  12. Since the sad demise of Oriental City, I still have my local branch of Wing Yip to fall back on. If any of the branches listed here are within reach of where you are, you'll have plenty of exotic food to try for months to come.
  13. If you know anything about BitTorrents, you could make it available to download.
  14. And, almost as soon as you posted this, someone uploaded a 1983 INXS gig to the Dime website. Spooooky...
  15. Ever heard the Was (not Was) cover version of 'Listen like Thieves'? V.good.
  16. If you haven't seen it already, . He may be a media berk these days, but created some magic moments back then.
  17. Being 21's great! I should know; I've done it twice.
  18. Some of Chuck Prophet's solo stuff is also worth checking out.
  19. I don't recall this. In fact, I thought his reception on here was mostly very positive. Particular praise was posted in comparison with Eeyore Wilson.
  20. Shame. His RL blogs used to be good reading, especially the ones he posted during the last RWC. But, like most on here, I'm not paying any money to the company who employs the plastic Welshman Jones. Best of luck for the future, Chris!
  21. I'm not a fan of the Golden Point as it currently is. My suggestion would be that a 'golden try' would count as an immediate win, but kicks would only count on the scoreboard with the match going to the end of extra time.
  22. I can imagine you preparing to attend the event: "Pitchfork - check! Flaming torch - check!".
  23. What he said - I'd like to know your impressions on the game in the US.
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