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  1. Half Man, half Biscuit - Thy Damnation slumbereth not Matthew Sweet & Susannah Hoffs - Monday, Monday Paul Kelly - Sydney from a 727 Emmylou Harris - Boulder to Birmingham John Prine - Sabu visits the Twin Cities alone (live) Talking Heads - What a Day that was (live) Dengue Fever - Today I learnt to drink
  2. Amon Tobin - Creatures Manitoba's Wild Kingdom - Fired up Rob Wasserman & Cheryl Bentine - Angel Eyes Allen Toussaint - Last Train The Beatles - Love me do Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Rich Woman Joe Walsh - Wolf
  3. The Persuasions - I'm a Hog for you, Baby The Stovall Sisters - Hang on in there Steely Dan - Gaucho Louis Jordan - Is my Pop in there? Lou Reed - Romeo had Juliette Dub Colossus - Shem City Steppers UB40 - King
  4. Yep, an old pal of Hunter S.Thompson too - both sadly missed. Last night: Chris Stamey - Kierkegaard Rob Wasserman & Aaron Neville - Stardust Bugs Henderson - Texas Ballbuster Kanda Bongo Man - Belle Amie Al Green - Let's get married The Nits - Cabins (live) Calexico - Crumble
  5. Seriously Old Skool! And nothing wrong with that. Tasty, too.
  6. For 18 days, sous-vide and served with a side order of Monster Munch.
  7. Not that you weren't warned, but at least you know now.
  8. Because I enjoy the finer things in life, from food and drink to music, literature and sport.
  9. I've been a member of the Virgin Winebank for a couple of years now. They debit a set amount from your account each month (default =
  10. Badlands - Badlands. A band stylistically indebted to Led Zep. Not a great album, but three or four songs hit the spot.
  11. Manowar - grown men in furry nappies. Currently groovin' to Dennis (the singer from Doctor Hook who didn't sport an eyepatch) Locorriere - Post Cool. Next up is Hugh Masekela - Hope.
  12. Best to get 'em at a seaside town where they are caught - as fresh off the boat as humanly possible. And get some other mug to open the damn things up.
  13. I think they played Glastonbury one year. One of the songs they do is the Theme from 'Shaft'.
  14. Fifth Dimension - Flashback Brandi Carlile - Shadows on the Wall Fleet Foxes - Innocent Son Marc Ford - Shining again Henk Hofstede - Famous Blue Raincoat Burt Bacharach & Ronald Isley - In between the Heartaches The Triffids - One Mechanic Town Dengue Fever - Psychologically Healing Tomoyasu Hotei - Boys on the run Leo Kottke - The Scarlatti Rip-off Ken Nordine - Burgundy Mandrill - Ape is high Faze-O - Riding high They might be Giants - Purple Toup
  15. Manu Dibango - Senga abele Phish - Bliss Sonny Landreth - Planet Cannonball The Nits - How the West got lost The Angels - You won't find no Answers Ray Charles - Misery in my Heart Frank Zappa - Cruisin' for Burgers Pink Floyd - Crumblin' Land Leonard Cohen - First we take Manhattan (live) Porcupine Tree - Up the down Stair Bela Fleck & the Flecktones - Sojourn of Arjuna Bob Dylan - Highlands
  16. King's X - Gretchen goes to Nebraska. Haven't listened to this in at least 10 years. Liking it lots.
  17. I can recommend 'Runnin' down a Dream' - a 3 DVD & 1 CD set. Two of the DVDs are a superb documentary about the band and the 3rd is the Anniversary gig in Gainesville. The CD is a collection of unreleased stuff, which isn't exactly essential, but nice to have. His latest release, however, is a monster box set of live performances. It comes in various different forms, but the 'de luxe' version runs to nine discs - CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray and Vinyl, plus other goodies! LINK TO DETAILS
  18. You just use it to finish off a dish, same as truffle oil. Either as a dressing, or right at the end of cooking. It has a low smoke point, so you wouldn't want to use it as the main oil for cooking, regardless of the flavour.
  19. There's a lot of hysteria and hyperbole spouted about foie gras production. There have also been some shops/restaurants targeted by sickos who threaten the owners' children/family etc. True, some producers do use methods that are cruel (if not as cruel as some campaigners claim), but you can buy the stuff from ethical/humane producers too. Just check before you buy.
  20. I find you have to use it with a very light touch, or it dominates everything.
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