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  1. Years back, I read a review in a UK magazine of 'Under the Sun' and gave it a try. His stuff can be a bit over-earnest sometimes, but when he's good, he's very good. Usually the upbeat stuff works best, in my experience. It also led me on to try out some other Aussie music - The Angels, the Triffids, Cold Chisel, Black Sorrows etc. - bands that didn't get much promotion outside their home country.
  2. I don't know if this has been posted already, as this is a long thread and I'm not intending to read it all from the start. Anyway, for some good photoography, check out Microsoft's new search engine, called Bing. Every day the backdrop is a different photograph. Mainly landscapes, but also nature shots too. So far, some of them (I've had Bing as my homepage for about a month) have been superb.
  3. Excellent! Dub Colossus have released an EP 'Return to Addis' which serves as an addition to their recent album 'Dub Colossus in a Town called Addis'.
  4. Hayseed Dixie's version of 'Ace of Spades', currently available as a free download from Amazon.
  5. Just arrived in the post: Strauss/Kempe/RPO - Alpine Symphony & Horn Concerto (Testament re-issue) Donald Fagen - The Nightfly Trilogy Box Set (Seven Discs). Not remastered, alas, but with lots of extra audio and video bonus goodies.
  6. Nice - I recently bought the 'Citizen Steely Dan' box set. And I've just transferred Donald Fagen's 'The Nightfly' from vinyl to lossless wma, so I can listen to it on my morning commute.
  7. Ruben Blades - The Best of... Donald Fagen - The Nightfly Fleet Foxes - Sun King Jerry Garcia - Cats under the Stars
  8. Two free downloads from Amazon's MP3 download service. ZZ Top - Gimme all your Lovin' Diana Krall - The Girl from Ipanema
  9. All three Cymande albums, set to shuffle (with 'Rastafarian Folksong' deleted first). Cool music for hot weather.
  10. Currently enjoying a couple of unusual cover versions, courtesy of Amazon downloads: Aynsley Lister - Crazy. The Gnarls Barkley song given a funky acoustic slide guitar treatment. Easy Star All Stars - A Day in the Life. From the album 'Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band'. Both mighty fine.
  11. The Leisure Society - The Sleeper. Just arrived from Amazon and spinning here in the office. Very nice - less folksy than Fleet Foxes, but some good songs, especially the rather gorgeously Simon & Garfunkel-inflected 'The Last of the melting Snow'. Worth checking out.
  12. The J.Geils Band - Whammer Jammer Betsy Cook - Diving Steve Stevens - Run across Desert Sand Gil Scott-Heron - Madison Avenue New Radicals - Get what you give Lindsey Buckingham - Tusk (live) The Family Stand - Plantation Radio
  13. Some superb (free) stuff being made available at right now. John Martyn, The Jayhawks, Nick Cave, John Prine, Bob Dylan, XTC, Television, Beck, Frank Zappa, Tom Waits. Best of all (other opinions are available), a 2-disc collection of demos and outtakes by Nick Drake!
  14. Danny Baker's played 'Satellite Radio' from Earle's 'Washington Square Serenade' album a fair bit recently. On the strength of that I bought (and enjoyed) the album. You should also check out a CD called 'Heartworn Highways'. It is the songs taken from an old documentary about singer/songwriters. As well as the likes of Guy Clarke and Townes van Zandt, it also features Steve Earle's first appearance as a recording artist. He's also responsible for what could be my favourite album title ever - 'Shut up and die like an Aviator'.
  15. I've been listening to tracks downloaded (for free) from The Piano Society. They're not really professional-quality recordings, but you can get a good taste of the music. So far, I've downloaded stuff by Villa-Lobos, Ketelbey, Dukas and Ginastera.
  16. Beatles fans should really really check out this download!
  17. To be honest, I'm glad I wasn't there. Claustrophobic or what?
  18. Latest free downloads from http://www.bigozine2.com/ Focus - London 1972 Neil Young - Arena Of Gold 1976 Marshall Crenshaw - Philadelphia 1992 Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck - Listen To Jeff, Eric! Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Columbia 2008 Ronee Blakley - Unreleased Album Air Supply - Cleveland 1982 Jeff Beck - Tokyo 2009 Leonard Cohen - New York 2009 Simon & Garfunkel - Alternate Bookends Beck - KCRW 2006 Iron & Wine with Calexico - Seattle 2005 Frank Sinatra - Inside September Badfinger - New York 1971 East Of Eden - BBC 1970 Bruce Springsteen - Philadelphia 1975 Also, plenty of good stuff on http://croz.fm/
  19. Heads up! There's a Robert Plant & Alison Krauss live gig free to download from BigOZine. Two CD's worth of songs.
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