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  1. 1 hour ago, Chris22 said:

    Both sides missing key pivots. Dodd and probably Lomax for us and Leuluai and Powell for Wigan.

    As a result, I'm expecting a low scoring match. If Saints are to win, it will all be about defence.

    We've won 11 of the last 13 against Wigan, so every reason to be confident. But, reckon this will be very close and could go either way.

    Indeed, this “rivalry” has been a one way street for a long time. It will almost certainly be 14 from 16 by the end of the season. There is nothing fundamentally to suggest any change in the balance of power in the next year or so, but I believe Peet realises the gulf between the 2 sides. 

    It is also annoying that we have to play you at Magic - we often play Wire which would have been a far more competitive and enjoyable match. 

  2. As others have said, Gildart was useless the last 2 years he was at WIgan, He was very good in the last decade though, and would still be a good SL player on his day. Like Farrell, though, you can’t put in what God left out and he will never be big enough. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Nate90 said:

    Wigan at Elland Road



    In anticipation of this Saturday’s Challenge Cup semi-final between Wigan and St Helens at Elland Road in Leeds I have had a look at the history books to check if Wigan have played at the stadium most famous for it’s football team Leeds United but which also has a strong rugby league history too.



    Holbeck Rugby League club actually club built Elland Road in 1897 and played there from seven years before folding in 1904.



    After the inaugural Northern Union season(1895/96 the next couple of seasons after it the Lancashire and Yorkshire divisions were separate.



    When the divisions joined together Wigan were top flight and Holbeck never got promoted meaning Wigan never played them not even in the Challenge Cup.




    Hunslet also ended up playing at Elland Road from 1983 until 1994 a period in which Wigan were at the absolute pinnacle of Rugby League.



    Hunslet however were a yo-yo team in the 1980s and spent the occasional season in the top flight meaning Wigan got to play a few away games at Elland Road.



    In the 1984-85 season Wigan beat Hunslet 48-16 at Elland Road.



    Hunslet were back in the top flight in the 87/88 season and Wigan beat Hunslet 38-10.




    Other Rugby League games at Elland Road include internationals, World Club Challenges and well as  the famous 1982 Challenge Cup replay between Hull and Widnes but Wigan fans also have fond memories of the ground with the club having won three of their eight John Player Special/Regal trophies there.



    I would be more happy for people to correct me if there are Wigan Rugby League games at Elland Road I have missed.



    May 3rd, 2022






    I think I was at Elland Road for a CC semi between Wigan and HKR, in which West broke free to send someone (David Stephenson possibly??) over for the key score. On the way he beat the former Wigan star George Fairburn. I may be mistaken. And thanks for the history lesson - it’s fascinating to learn it was a League stadium originally. 

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  4. Looking ahead, for Wigan to be successful in the years ahead, there are clear areas for improvement. Against that backdrop, it will be interesting to see how Smith and O’Neill go and whether the pack can hold its own against Wire.The result is secondary. We already know that we can make the play offs and can’t beat Saints, so it’s all about entertainment and signs of progress. 

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  5. 7 hours ago, Damien said:

    Or maybe he had training with the Broncos and couldn't sit there waiting. Maybe the connection dropped just before or he had other technical issues, it happens all the time.

    All ifs, buts and maybes, from both points of view, but it seems crazy to jump to conclusions and question his commitment and say playing in the NRL has gone to his head on the back of it.

    It’s crazy to jump to conclusions? On a thread with dozens of posts castigating Wane for turning his back on Farnworth for no reason???

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  6. 8 hours ago, burnleywelsh said:

    Was travelling away with the Broncos at the time of the meeting. Issues with internet at the host hotel. Wane dropping him, just being the bully that he is. Throwing his weight around just because he can. Excellent man manager…….not.

    Actually, I think it’s entirely justified. These were team meetings - they were the only way at the time that the group could get together. If he’s late, he’s wasting everyone else’s time, and let’s face it is hardly a commitment to hop on one of those. If Farnworth knew he was likely to have issues, because of travel or whatever, then he should have notified Wane in advance. He had one thing to do for the cause - turn up on a Zoom call - and failed. What do you expect Wane to infer?

    In any case, he’s now back in the fold by the sounds of it. 

  7. I wish him well. I think he is a really good full back, and surely playing the game he is good at is the likeliest way to ensure that his mental health is looked after. The end result is fine - if I were working at Wigan I would be very unimpressed with Leeds’ behaviour. We put in a huge amount of time and effort to see him right. So, we can pat ourselves on the back for holding the moral high ground. On the pitch we don’t need a full back, and have now got some money to spend on a good 3/4. 

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  8. 49 minutes ago, gingerjon said:

    Countdown to Wigan making an accusation of tapping up ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. It is as clear as day that this was engineered. I don’t know how angry Wigan should be about it, as it looked like he was desperate to go, and we couldn’t rely on him anyway. 

  9. Superb finish to a really entertaining game. There is an absolutely fantastic evenly matched 11 team league within a league. Bravo to Salford, they have some superb backs. I am sure I wasn’t the only one who thought we would find a way to lose after bombing try after try after try. 

    MotM - Amor. An absolute natural. Not content with having the best team, best young players, best coach, best conditioner and best board, Saints have the best expert commentator. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, JohnM said:

    Well ahead in the league? The top three have all lost two games and drawn none

    Yes but they (and we) have seen enough to be certain that they are well ahead of the other teams in the league - you only need to read Woolf’s pat on the head comments about the opposition over the last 2 weeks. Their losses were in games they didn’t care about. They have everyone’s measure. And of course last night helps further guarantee a trip to London. Why should they care for the integrity of a league they can win at their leisure? 

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  11. His performances have been ok throughout his time at Wigan and were very good at one stage when he was FB. I think he would be a good signing for Leeds, Trinity or Cas. He has wanted to leave for ages, for the justifiable reason (from what I have read at least) that he wants to be closer to his young child. If he misbehaved to “force” a move, or both sides just became frustrated that doesn’t mean it will all turn sour at his next club. 

    Wigan may feel annoyed with him, but they knew what they were getting themselves into at the outset. 

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