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  1. Penrith will not play a WCC. They are front and centre of the game starts and stops with the NRL Brigade.
  2. This has turned into thick Thick Troll Central.
  3. If and only if they arrive here next October will I give them the “benefit” of my attention. 4 minutes notice.
  4. I hesitate to suggest this, but perhaps they could sign a union player or even 2? I assume there are some good players who played proper rugby growing up but were lured over the the Dark Side, who could be rehabilitated. Of course, we’d have a job getting them fit, but maybe that could work? One thing I would say is that, as a place, Toulouse is a very serious proposition if we do thins right. Big city, love their sport.
  5. Penrith, like most of the NRLers, has no interest in the rest of the world. Given that we have lost Bennett, we may now have no one that wants to see the game get anywhere outside its M62.
  6. I tell you what, the reactions of the Fev fans on here to their defeat have been fantastically dignified and positive. It’s like reading Just Browny after a controversial last minute loss at the DW. They are a breath of fresh air.
  7. Although the score was close, the end result was always going to be a Saints win. Plus they won the Cup, and so had to peak twice. In league express last week, MS have his view that there was as little prospect of anyone getting close to them over the next few years as when Wigan were in our pomp. They will be clear favourites with daylight a distant second for at least the next couple of years. There are too many flaws in coaching youth development (with Wigan’s being too much of it, and most others too little) or recruitment pretty much everywhere else. Given that we have already seen most of the recruitment for next year, it is clear that no one else is really stepping up. It is exactly as we were back in the late 80s/early 90s. So, I think that they will certainly win at least a couple more, and would be favourites for 6 in a row; though before ever smaller crowds, especially given the tedious efficient grinding approach. It is possible though by 2024 there will be a credible challenger if there is a sudden decline or they get hit by injuries (or referees improve). Next year will be much better as, NRL permitting, we will have a World Cup to focus on, and so can pretty much ignore the 4th win and focus on the build up to that.
  8. Am looking forward immensely to the TO game, and then the England game. Plenty still to enjoy.
  9. It’s a crafty move. Was his reason genuine, or was he tapped up? He’ll also have the England coach in a World Cup year (if the Aussies deem us worthy) seeing what he’s made of. Over to you Mr H.
  10. I hope TO win, as that would give the wider game a boost, but if Fev win, I won’t be heart broken. It’s sport not the FTSE100.
  11. I see the logic of it. Peet has coached a lot of very good Wigan junior teams, Wane will make sure everyone knows what is expected, and Briers can concentrate on the attack. The skill set looks right to me. It does require Peet to step up and take control though, as he now has the biggest job in world sport.
  12. I think Toppy makes a typically insightful point. If you ignore any crowds bigger than Saints’, then Saints do have the biggest crowds - IN WORLD SPORT. Though clearly there is massive scope for more people to turn up to Saints’ matches, what would be disappointing figures to a normal person look world beating once you apply the Toppy Top Up Formula.
  13. There is far more upside for the game if Catalans win, than if they lose. We will get more spectators watching the game. Their already good crowds would grow again, while Saints’ so so crowds won’t get any bigger. I can’t see Penrith travelling given that they are pure “there is no such thing as rugby league, there’s only NRL”, which is a shame for the game. But maybe South’s could be persuaded? A win for Toulouse would be far more significant, though, for the reasons already covered. I will then get myself down to William Hill and put a pony on the Brev for Man of Steel next year.
  14. Monsieur Brev - as long as he avoids injury this week - taking on Fev by a massive distance.
  15. After the sad events of last night, we have had 2 heart lifting stories in 3 days. We just need the pro World Cup Bunnies to beat the anti World Cup Panthers and things will have gone not so bad. Toulouse looked rusty, but that often comes after the week off. Home advantage will be massive for them next week. In the Brev we trust.
  16. Saints to win, but lose the GF against HKR. Will really miss the playful Leeds fan banter afterwards.
  17. It’s taken a bizarre turn where, having won the game, their “fans” are now turning on the Verve, George Formby, Haigh Hall, our pies, the colour of our shirts, all our fans, present or absent, and our match day “experience” - which you can assess whether you are in the ground or not... at this rate, it’ll be virtually impossible to support them against Saints. And I never thought I would write that.
  18. We could all learn so much from Leeds, and their astonishing fans. Maybe we could have a new section of the site where Leeds fans give seminars on their aceness? It could break the web.
  19. Don’t take it as an insult but your fans are c—p and we are ace.
  20. Oh you are such a tease - you’ll put it behind a paywall like your onlyfans site next!
  21. Tbf, we have had so much practice, we have mastered the art of the high effort scoreless performance. The league will be all the better next year with Price and Lam back home.
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