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  1. 5 hours ago, Jim Prendle said:

    I honestly can't tell if you are being ironic or not, but if you aren't then you need to give your head a wobble.

    I've seen first hand the community stuff that Wigan do in the area, and it is outstanding. Many of the kids who take part in these initiatives are from deprived families and the club is the only place that educates them, keeps them fit and in many cases even feeds them. Its the only place that these kids get to feel part of something.

    IIf you think they should stop doing that and invest in expensive foreign imports instead, then I suggest you have that badly wrong.

    I don’t have it badly wrong, and am astonished you find my suggestions egregious. The Wigan’s club’s purpose is to field the best first team they can, not to do “good deeds”. We are not a school, we are not a youth club, we are not a charity, and should stop pretending to be one. The RFL or the schools or the clubs can do the good deeds, every penny we generate should focus on one goal and one goal only - where do we get the players and the coach who will make us the best first team we can be. We have around £7.5m turnover, which is plenty enough to recruit and retain an excellent coach and a strong first team. 

    And if we ditched the salary cap, and tapped up our billionaire, we could have much bigger crowds again - and many of those who went would be inspired to take up and follow the game. 

    Tell anyone who sat through Friday’s game how happy they ought to be about the community initiatives, and see how you get on. 

  2. 40 minutes ago, redjonn said:

    I guess your correct from a competitive team with the others in SL  but will that bring in the fans and increase the attendances significantly.

    Personally, I think Wigan have completely taken their eye off the ball as a business. As a (minuscule) shareholder, I am amazed and saddened that we are turning ourselves into a youth club rather than a club that aspires to greatness; the club was created for the purpose of fielding a strong first team, and the spectators know what that looks like. As I have mentioned elsewhere, this administration seems to believe that spending millions on community initiatives and developing our home grown talent (whom we happily let go as soon as they do well) is a sensible model.

    That has never been the Wigan way before - thousands of Wigan people will pay to watch Brett Kenny play, with respect only his closest family and friends ever paid to watch Martin Foy.

    They just need to look at the approach that has worked for decades - people want to be entertained, not see a glorified Academy side, and don’t care where they come from. We had Kenny for half a season but his performances inspired years of followers. A Jamie Lyon or Ben Barba would put thousands on the average overnight. If we want to get people through the door, campaign to ditch the salary cap, ditch all the “development” initiatives - that’s the RFL’s job, not ours - and get in whoever we can from wherever we can. 

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  3. 58 minutes ago, corvusxiii said:

    I wasn't going to comment as it would be a largely miserable moan with no redeeming features. I've no idea why I thought this would be unacceptable. 

    So, about 25, 30 years ago? Cas beat Wigan in a league match. The report in the Rugby Leaguer? consisted of 4 paragraphs over half a page. Cas didn't get a mention in the report till halfway down the third paragraph. 

    And here we are today talking about a team who lost the GF in the last moments of the game who are currently 4th in the table. 

    I'd like to think the game was stronger than this but then again  I am mostly grumpy these days.

    I agree entirely. We get a disproportionate amount of attention from the press. Change the coach, field some big lads and we will be fine. 

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  4. On 20/08/2021 at 22:42, ATLANTISMAN said:

    Well done Warrington Wolves:) Having missed out on the match last night after the trip up from Kent it was disappointing but nice to see the kids enjoying themselves today excellent community club.

    Just back from the Wigan Warriors v St Helens match we left early our 12 year old is autistic and the language where we were sitting was so bad my wife pleaded with me to go after after half time, we all know passions can run high but when they are grown men (Who have been in the VIP area and had a nice pre match) using the F word every other second its a bit too much bear when your have children with you.

    I have lots of respect for Wigan however my observation tonight is that they have a huge image problem locally in being able to attract families to me it was without doubt mainly an older fan base.


    Oh well off to Hull tomorrow:)




    I am sorry you found it like that. In my 45 years of going, and many hundreds of matches  as a child and taking kids there, I have never experienced circumstances like you describe. I have come across similar scenes at other grounds, indeed many of my friends and family would never attend matches in Warrington. Like you, I have lots of respect for Warrington. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, ShropshireBull said:

    Reducing crowds, ageing fanbase and infrastructure that makes the product look awful on tv lowering the money we can get?

    No.  They are the same. 

    We have plenty of latent support, but have deliberately gone down a route which ignores why they came in the first place. We have plenty of juniors and schools playing our game, and plenty of younger fans. As for the “look”, I will give you that, though I am sure Sky would love to see Huddersfield and Salford’s grounds so full. For what it’s worth, I prefer the set ups at Saints and Wire, but we have had no say in where we play, and are unlikely to do so any time soon. 

  6. 51 minutes ago, Spidey said:

    All clubs in the game are experiencing a decline.  It’s sheer arrogance that you think it doesn’t apply to Wigan

    It’s not arrogance at all. It’s arrogance to accuse me of arrogance, but I will let you off. Wigan and Leeds’ positions are entirely different from others, and should be treated as such, in my opinion. We have clearly all the latent support we need, it is simply a question of how to appeal to that latent support again. The problem for pretty much everyone else is how to appeal to new potential spectators. I would love everyone to have Wigan’s “problems” - a great schools and junior network and generations of deep love for the institution that is our club. Our “problem” with crowds isn’t about raising awareness, it is because we have implemented a ridiculous business model which is both ruinously expensive and entirely self defeating. 

    When Wigan’s crowds grew from the 4K who watched when I started to the regular 15k crowds they did so off the back of recruiting and fielding box office attraction players. And would return as soon as we have box office players again. The only lesson to be learnt from that is don’t waste money trying to build a home grown team and ditch all these “community” initiative distractions. You can learn far more of general application to the rest of the game by looking at the likes of York, London, Barrow and Newcastle for do’s and don’ts rather than Wigan’s micro climate caused by over entitled triumph or disaster fans. 

    Looking at it another way, there have been occasions when the overall average at SL games was at or near 10k. Which was nice, but those averages were usually inflated by the 3 very well supported SL sides - Wigan, Leeds and Bradford: scratch the surface and there were already plenty of clubs within that pyramid which were getting far less than break even crowds. 

  7. 1 hour ago, ShropshireBull said:

    The whole thread is about that.  Its a game wide trend of which Wigan, known as one of the games biggest teams, is sadly an example of. 

    I would argue that Wigan’s crowds tell us very little about the wider game. There are lots of things we can do, as I mentioned in my post, which are specific to us rather than symptomatic of other issues. Our circumstances are unique - you can’t learn anything from Wigan’s challenges which would help with solving the issues as Huddersfield, Salford, Trinity etc. 

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  8. Wigan got the biggest crowd of the season last night despite having given nobody any reason to suppose that there was a genuine contest on the way. The day Saints “only” get 16k again is a long way away. 

    As far as Wigan’s business model is concerned, as I mentioned in the match thread, all of our efforts should go into the first team, and buying overseas players and an overseas coach. We spend millions on community initiatives, and want to run multiple teams. A complete waste of time and money.

    Ditch all that, and we can do very well on 10k crowds. Which is still of course more than pretty much every other club whose fans post dozens of “woe is me, look at Wigan’s tiny crowds” posts on here. 

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  9. There isn’t much wrong at Wigan that a good coach can’t fix. There are a few other things that need looking at:

    - we spend far too much on player development and community activities. The first team is all that matters. We have around 40 staff doing things like supporting other teams and going round trying to get people to play. That’s not our job. Picking all these home grown players is a waste of time and effort - if they are good they will get picked off in any case;

    - make sure we sign more and better overseas players; 

    - make sure we sign the best overseas coach available; 

    - if we are going to have a thin and young squad, skip games like everyone else. Just find some failed COVID cases, pass them off and put your feet up. At this rate we will have played every round while other clubs have sensibly given themselves 5 or 6 weeks off. It’s bad enough having to play bigger sides when we’re fresh, it’s madness trying to play them when we are tired; and 

    - canvass to get rid of the downward spiral salary cap. With the money we save from useless do goody initiatives, we could be signing talent. 

    The great Wigan teams I saw got by on hardly any home grown players. We aren’t an academy we are a first team. 

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  10. 51 minutes ago, The Rocket said:

    Not totally true for all the Aussies, Jason Ryles was so thrilled to be picked for Australia that he said he`d play the series in Afghanistan if he had to.

    Different times... Could you ever imagine any future Australian players being bothered in the slightest about playing for their country? 

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  11. One clear disadvantage we face is that we have played a ridiculous number of games. And despite that, we are supposed to back up again on Wednesday. It is a complete farce. We lose players to injury through exhaustion and suspension because you can only be suspended while playing, while the likes of Warrington and HKR pick and choose when they play and put their feet up for weeks. We might actually be a talented side, with some superb young players ready to shake up the competition, but we will never know as long as we play every 48 hours against much fresher teams. It’s a joke. 

  12. We have a predatory competitor, whose vision is to cherry pick all and any of our best players, ensure they can’t play internationals, and play literally by their own rules. We can keep doing what we’re doing, and slowly die a death, or we can try and change things, The only things I can think of are 1) develop the French competition, and 2) ditch the salary cap/double it/add a minimum spend. The NRL is a far greater threat to our game than anything even union has come up with, as we willingly collude in our own demise, while the players are (more or less) playing the same game. If we want people to be inspired to play and watch games in the NH, we have to dig in and fight back. 

    It was not ever thus, and we have faced bigger challenges in our time. We have the greatest game, which is the only reason we have survived this long. At least we know where we stand, and the bar at which survival will be set. 

  13. 17 hours ago, John Drake said:

    Quick note to all concerned in this thread.

    If you think someone is a troll, put them on ignore. Never respond to them. At all. Ever. Certainly don't divert the thread into a discussion all about them, rather than the topic at hand.

    There is nothing guaranteed more to annoy a genuine troll and drive them away than steadfastly ignoring them.

    By using the ignore feature on here, you don't even have to see their posts at all, so ignoring them involves no effort of willpower.

    However, it his worth pointing out that someone expressing a strong opinion contrary to your own does not, in itself, constitute trolling.

    If the comment is on topic, and does not contain personal abuse or foul language, however annoying it might be to your sensibilities to read, it isn't really trolling and we cannot ban someone for it.

    If you see any posts which are deliberately off topic, or do involve personal abuse, or attempts at foul language, then please report them. And as is always our advice, do not respond to them.

    Now, back on topic.


    Am being slow here, but as this thread has become completely trollified, how do I ignore them again (can’t seem to work that out from my phone)? 

  14. Who is the player? It is a shame and a worry to lose players from our sport to the NRL. The question we should be asking ourselves as a game over here is how much can we afford to pay, not how low can we go to keep the poorer clubs in the league. We have tried to make a salary cap work, but it has become a constraint which guarantees that we cannot keep talent, and thus puts us into a slow slide into oblivion. Ditch it, and let the market decide. 

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  15. 2 minutes ago, Man of Kent said:

    Not sure being on the board of the IRL is a full-time job, to be honest. 

    I believe the IRL has a team of paid executives, however, some of who are FT.

    There is an annual report on the web site, I think. The IRL has a number of roles, but the 2 most obvious ones are 1) internationals and 2) developing the game around the world, by supporting its (60 odd?) members. It is the latter of these which is most obviously directly impacted by the 4 minute “nah” from the Aussies. You could probably track the number of nations playing our game over the years, and take a view of the importance of that side of things. 

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