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  1. 16 minutes ago, FearTheVee said:

    I think Wigan fans (and players on Twitter, a good look) complaining about the ref would do better to wonder why their own team is in a place where they have to spend all game desperately trying to stop a game of rugby breaking out by being a niggly, ill disciplined rabble.

    Good win for Saints, impressive first half.  Second half is irrelevant as the conditions were practically unplayable by then.

    Great to see Percy back and getting through 80 minutes.

    They could do both, given the increased mental capacity once you cross Billinge Hill.

    In a game like that in those conditions, the ref is going to be making far more judgment calls. From what I saw, he was more comfortable making judgment calls against us. That said, there was a clear gap between the sides so there was no question of an unjust result. 

    The big question for us going forward is whether we can get Bateman, Hardaker and Fieid on the field (assuming Manfredi won’t play again). If so, I expect we will be able to score at a faster rate than once every hour. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Rupert Prince said:

    No but it cures glaucoma.

    It does however bring me to a an appropriate point.   I've had 1 examination this week and having 2 scans next week.   A suitable procedure is inevitable.  I think I will be forcing myself to concentrate on other things than harranging the RFL etc for some time.  Better things let's hope all round. 

    Good luck mate. Good you got yourself checked out.

  3. 11 hours ago, Josef K said:

    Ruddy cheating scousers, telling the Cas squad to get injured and catch Covid19. The RFL is so corrupt but only for the bigger clubs, and that is why you never see the SL minnows in the finals. 

    I can’t speak for someone else’s intent, but he suggested it was “convenient”. It was convenient for Saints not to have to play twice in 5 days. I don’t think you can infer an accusation of cheating into that...

  4. 45 minutes ago, Just Browny said:

    Decent recent against 'depleted' Wigan. It looked to me like we were missing both centres and the league's form half back but who is counting.

    It would certainly be very disappointing if we have indeed lost Mamo, he has been first-class.

    Not getting enough credit? I would have thought popping in the VHS and watching it with a lovely brew would work wonders. 

    I have mostly been focussing on the ways and the length of time it might take for us to get out of the hole we are in, but in the light of Wire’s absences, as you say, the ease with which they dismantled us is even more impressive. 

  5. After last night, I wonder if Saints are taking a look at that 75-0, and thinking that looks within reach. I do wonder about the phrase “they’ll be better for it” when applied to young lads after a thrashing. I am not convinced it doesn’t leave lasting scar tissue. 

    Ours is a cruel game, especially I suppose under the new rules. Blink and that’s 3 tries let in... will have my Anti Dalek cushion to hide behind. 

  6. That went about as I expected, but I think my 80-12 aggregate prediction over the 2 games may have been overly optimistic. Still, there were a couple of bright spots, especially KPP, and it is impossible to dislike Mamo. We won’t win anything and we won’t be relegated, which makes us the same as most of the teams. We will get better, if not this year, then with a better coach and bigger forwards, next year. 

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  7. Given the massive injury list, the thin squad, the lack of confidence and the short turnaround, I expect the next 2 games to be very heavy defeats with a combined score of around 80-12, something like 30-12 and 50-0. They should still be interesting games - anything closer than those scores would be great progress, and it’ll be interesting to see which of the young players can step up. Once we get through this year, if we recruit well enough, we should be much better next year, and there will be a day on which Havard and Smithies and co will be effective against good teams. I am happy enough with us backing young home grown talent, and think the future wins will be all the sweeter. 

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  8. I have no problem with Wigan fielding a reserves side on Thursday, if England get better preparation. The upside to England is so vast that it dwarfs any other consideration. That said, as we only had 20 players available (apparently), we may not be able to name 17. Has any team only fielded 16 before? Perhaps Trinity could lend us one? Or Lam could play?

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Waynebennettswinger said:

    😂 I always thought I would find him annoying if he played elsewhere. He’s that kind of player isn’t he? 

    I loved watching LMS when he was at the Broncos and when he played for Ireland in the World Cup it reminded me of how entertaining he is as a player. If only he hadn’t sold his soul...

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  10. 3 hours ago, Oxford said:

    If Wigan were the only English side in SL do you think the International team would improve?

    Yes, of course it would. 

    I would much prefer it if 1) we knew what the point/aim of having a French team in SL is and 2) they had to field more French players than they do. I would not have thought they are insane aspirations. 

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  11. 48 minutes ago, Saint Toppy said:

    Not when everyone it fit they don't.

    With a full squad to choose from the only starting French players are likely to be Yaha, Bousquet & Garcia, and probably another 2 on the bench (with the other 2 spots most likely taken by Kasiano & J Tomkins).

    Of their entire squad announced at the start of the year only 15 of the 29 are French (52%). So however you look at it thats pi$$ poor !!

    And that is after decades. How difficult is it for the game to grow some and agree that they should have a maximum of non French players? Maybe after Brexit it will sort itself out with different rules for Brits over there, but it is heart breaking to consider how many millions people like Maloney and Tomkins have pocketed which could have gone into benefiting the game in France. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    6/17 is more than 1/3 and they normally have more than 6.

    Catalans purpose is exactly the same as every other club, to compete in and try to win the Super League. How bizarre that you are questioning the purpose of the club currently sitting at the top of the Super League table.

    It is slightly more than 1/3, but only slightly. You misunderstand me, I am not asking what a team is trying to do within a league in which it plays, as I have grasped that they will try and win games and, who knows, maybe finish top. My point is of course a wider one - what is the point of a FRENCH team playing in the otherwise English Super League? To answer my own question, I would have made it clearer that they were there to advance FRENCH rugby league, and develop FRENCH players. I agree with the poster further up the thread who suggests a far more stringent non French quota. 

    How bizarre not to grasp something so simple. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Manfred Mann said:

    You are exaggerating massively.

    The Catalans teams are not consisting of “virtually no French players.”

    Last weekend 9 of the 17 Catalans players were French.

    Catalans are not fielding “half a dozen ex Wiganers.”

    There are four ex Wiganers in the team when all are fit and not suspended:  Sam Tomkins, Joel Tomkins, Mickey McIlorum, and Tom Davies.

    They had 6 French players against us. 1/3 of the match day squad, and none in a key role. After so long, that is pathetique, as I am guessing they say over there. 

    Of course, my main question remains - what is their purpose? 

  14. I think it is entirely legitimate for a supporter based over here to ask what are the reasons the French clubs are in the RFL pyramid. Even if they don’t receive RFL/SL money directly, they do require other UK resources to be spent on them. What is the rationale? I see teams fielded by Catalans with virtually no French players in, and would be interested to know whether 1) this is consistent with the vision and the purpose behind their being in our competition or 2) we simply don’t have a vision and they can field who they like and do what they like just cos. 

    I am a huge fan of French rugby league, and have so much respect for the treizistes who have kept the flag flying against all the odds. I also believe that a strong French national side would be the missing piece in our international jigsaw and should be a goal that the whole game embraces. Seeing half a dozen ex Wiganers and even more NRLers playing everybody week for Catalans bemuses me - who benefits from that? 

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