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  1. 13 minutes ago, Jim Prendle said:

    I’m not surprised that Clubb is now being pilloried for not coming out and making a grovelling apology. It was the next logical bandwagon for everyone to jump on, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Maybe he has already apologised in private, and doesn’t now feel the need to apologise to everyone else in the world individually?

    He’s not being pilloried, a number of people have commented that’s all. I would have like there to be a higher fixed tariff for this sort of thing, but we have had a QC quickly look at it, and I can live with the result. It’s one of those things - if you ask 10 people you would get 10 different views as to the level of punishment and public regret that would be considered appropriate. 

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  2. 30 minutes ago, daz39 said:

    I've no idea as i am thinking about the bigger picture in the sport and society and not just the player involved.

    Something to make the news and make others think that we're not scared as a sport to stand up for what we have been trying to get thorugh for the last 12 months, it's no good launching campaigns and kneeling/standing for 13 seconds and boycotting social media if we are just going to dish out the minimum punishment available when someone is caught doing it, it's double standards and at the moment seems to me that all the stuff we do is just for show.

    I have been reflecting on this, and on balance I think I agree with you. Having initially thought that his character ought to be a factor in the sentence, I have changed my mind. The point is not “does a lot of good work for chariddy, doesn’t like to talk about it...”, the point should be looked at entirely from the recipient’s perspective - and, indeed, any other potential recipient. The RFL may have had felt its hands were tied by precedent, but I think that there should be a very long fixed tariff - say a 20 game ban. No messing, no “it’s a one off, he’s not sort of player”. People are responsible for what comes out of their mouths. 

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Tommygilf said:

    I think the minimum tariff aspect, and as of yet no public apology or acceptance of wrongdoing, will jar many people.

    “As yet”. They have to get back across the Pennines. People are easily jarred. You can even read the judgement in due course.

    If, say, and I don’t know this, Clubb was able to call character witnesses and point to, for example, cross community charitable or civic actions, then that would be pertinent to his character. Which, in many cases, is a factor which would be taken into account in sentencing him. There comes a point at which a statement of this kind could be seen as a one off appalling aberration I suppose.

    I have no strong feelings either way, they could have suspended him for the season and I wouldn’t have thought it wrong. I generally trust the disciplinary to do its job fairly and objectively. 

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  4. I think it’s fair to say that if he and his partner feel that they want their kid born in the UK, then that should be what they should do. At that point, George has 2 other people to think about. Given that he can still play his chosen profession and get well paid for it over here, it makes perfect sense. 

  5. 24 minutes ago, Jim Prendle said:

    I don't think it will matter when his contract ends. If he has done it, he is gone.

    I do wonder about this. I am not an expert on employment law, but I assume the financial consequences of being fund guilty will depend on what his contract says... I always believed that we should have sacked Flower for the stain he brought on the game and our club, but we chose not to do so. It is hard isn’t it - if the game has a disciplinary system for on filed behaviour and the game concludes that 8 games (or whatever) is the right punishment, then what is the “right” thing to do??? 

    I see that Fash and Connor have been charged, and could have 1 game bans. Bizarrely, therefore, Wigan could end up in a “better” position when we next play, despite the alleged offence in Clubb’s case being far far more serious than either of the FC ones. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Scubby said:

    Only you keep mentioning Jack Reed. It is a bit of a lazy comparison just because he played for Brisbane. Farnworth came through the Wigan development system, is young, big and athletic and has been a promising light in a dreadful Broncos side. We have no other options at the moment. The four players you mentioned on another thread shows exactly this - two aren't even playing regularly atm never mind pulling up trees. All we are saying is that he is in the mix for a centre place in the current England squad - we are not saying he is the next Paul Newlove.

    It is not a lazy comparison at all, it is directly relevant because he was 1) an NRL starter but not an NRL star, 2) played for Brisbane and 3) was a centre. It would be impossible to find a more like for like comparison. I would pick all of the 4 SL players - Gildart, Newman, Percival and King - on what I have seen of the 5 of them. I have yet to see an answer that addresses the Jack Reed precedent/comparison, simply “you’re a nutter for doubting him”.  

    To show that I do not have a closed mind when it comes to players plying their trade in the NRL - which is a very good competition, don’t get me wrong - if I were looking at NRL players who could make a difference, then Burgess, Thompson, Whitehead and Radley (though I think he has said he isn’t British) would be in my squad.

    I accept that Burgess played no top level rugby over here, but I can, I’m afraid, be hypocritical when it suits me... 

  7. 1 hour ago, Harry Stottle said:

    Who is it who makes those lists, odds on it's Londoner's.

    I agree. My experience of having lived in 10 different parts of central London over the years is that you need a lot of money and energy to make the most of it. Everything is available, but it has a price and not everything will be on your doorstep. A common daily commute within London would take as long as Wigan to Hull (if the M62 is open, which I know is a massive if). 

  8. 1 hour ago, Damien said:

    You seem to be reading a completely different thread than the one I have. Most posts I have read of Farnworth are pretty well rounded and pragmatic.

    We are not blessed with centres, those we have are very undersized and/or not good enough. Farnworth's key attributes for me are his size and speed, that is why I am inclined to pick him over the likes of Gildart and Percival. I don't particularly see any stand outs in Super League and on that basis would rather have a 6'3 near 17 stone centre than a 6 foot 13 stone 5lb centre when there isn't anything else that differentiates them. This is even more so when you consider the level of competition. Others have expressed similar sentiments. I don't see how that's hyperbole.

    My god, it’s the Farnworth Inquisition. My comment around hyperbole was a comment on my own comment, which was originally light hearted but seized on in a self righteous rant. I don’t mind the group think, and am not personally attacking anyone (at least as far as I recall, and if I have I apologise), I simply believe that we would be wasting our time picking him ahead of the 4 SL players I have named above, based on having spent many hours watching all of them (thanks, Sky) and seen ourselves repeatedly mistaking average NRL players for the way forward for the national team. 

    I don’t mind swimming against the tide, and would likewise be an outlier on whether Sutton was now worth a place. I am surprised by the assumption behind the praise that 1) he is more than a Jack Reed standard player, and 2) that a Brit who holds down a place at a lower level NRL side should be considered ahead of SL stars. The first is from having watched every minute of every NRL game they have shown over here in the last 18 months and the second is from overwhelming evidence. 

  9. 18 hours ago, DavidM said:

    Why do we keep getting this , it’s so tedious . People have explained their positions and opinions in a reasoned debate ,  but you still get all nuance thrown out for rubbish like this and that he’s a rugby god . 

    It’s a hyperbolic reaction against the position that he must be picked, which is simply repeated ad nauseum. There is only one precedent for a player who has played his career in the NRL and not come through the system in the UK having much of an impact, and that was Widdop, who was shining in the NRL in a spine position. I have watched dozens of NRL games over the last 18 months and seen nothing to suggest he is a stand out player in the NRL, and have been nothing but under whelmed whenever we have picked average NRL players for England/GB.

    I am not the one trying tediously to shoe horn him into the squad every day of the week. The one eyed obliviousness in the never ending Herbie For England camp is not just tedious but goes against history and reason. In my opinion. As you get 10 Herbie for PM posts compared to every “err, maybe not” I am sure you can cope. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Chrispmartha said:

    Easy to write on an internet forum. Have you ever been at the other side of the world and been homesick? I can tell you it isn’t pleasant.

    Hope it works out. I got that way when I was working over in Sydney, when our kids were little, and was only there for a couple of weeks...

  11. I like the suggestion among the comments that they put him in a plane, fly him round for half a day, and then when he lands in Canberra tell him he’s in the north... I think he would go ok combined with Smith, though I had assumed we were going to see whether Field was up to scratch before working out what to do next year...

  12. 1 hour ago, Davo5 said:

    Two of those haven’t played this season,another has never shown Test quality and it’s 2021 not 1961,do you seriously think the likes of Meninga,Maguiire etc won’t be watching footage of players their teams will be facing.

    Is the World Cup next week? Blimey, that caught me by surprise. They won’t know our players inside out, like they will Farnworth. Moreover, Farnworth will know this himself. I doubt Meninga will bother, but Madge will take a look. I don’t why you’re in such a strop, it’s not as if the selectors are going to ask me. Every time we have had a bog average NRL player cos NRL lolz they have been anonymous. 

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  13. 3 hours ago, MrPosh said:

    I can't say I'd like it, but the English have never been subjugated or victimised in the way others have (I appreciate the Daily Telegraph will currently tell you otherwise).

    Therefore, the use of English as part of an insult doesn't have a negative historical context (perhaps it should, for a whole other reason, but that's another thing) and so is probably less offensive.

    In our history lessons we were taught about being conquered by the Romans (and enslaved), pillaged by the Vikings and then conquered by the French, so if you go back far enough we have had plenty of subjugation. As an English Catholic, I can see the Pope’s effigy burned every year within half an hour’s drive of home, and if my daughter married George and they had a child they couldn’t bring them up as a Catholic... 

    I thought it was about relative power, the intent and the recipient’s view, hence it would be absurd of me to moan if someone called me a useless Catholic ####. 

    (Though, oddly enough, isn’t he even wrong about Savelio’s ethnicity (if I recall from the discussion earlier in the week), as he is an Anglo Kiwi? I am not suggesting that’s a mitigation of course, as saying something which is generally considered to be a racial slur (and which should be known as such by the person saying it) is of course sufficient to require disciplinary action.)

  14. That was enthralling. The Cup game should be superb. I was sorry to see Taylor go off and hope he’s ok. He was a great player for us, and always does the hard yards. I wonder how long French will stay on the wing, now that Manfredi is fit. And Isa looks a superb centre. I don’t know how far we can go this year, but I am enjoying watching us, as our young forwards are so competitive. 2 very good sides. 

    I hope it goes without saying, but if Clubb is guilty, he should pay a very heavy price indeed. We don’t have that in our game. 

  15. It would be a triumph to get back to having RL on the BBC regularly. We used to have 12? games in 2 cups, plus at least 3 internationals on the BBC, and that exposure over months lead to our players becoming much better known. We have fewer rounds of our flag ship event, and have a double header semi final (idiots), so vastly reducing the number of week ends we are on terrestrial TV. 

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  16. He has always said he wants to go. He could have gone this year if an NRL club paid a transfer fee last year, but (unsurprisingly) no one was willing to do that. I wonder if he will fare better than Watkins or Hardaker, both of whom had shown more in SL before heading over. It would be nice if he played some games for us before he heads off... 

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