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  1. Could we pick Farnworth in both centre positions? He is managing to hold down a place in a rubbish NRL team, so, let’s face it, we would be privileged to have him grace these shores... he is a completely forgettable player, in a poor side, who wouldn’t be in any top 10 Aussie centres list. He doesn’t even hit Jack Reid standards and they are pretty low. We would be better off with any combination of Newman/Percival/Gildart, as they will be unknowns to the Aussies, who consider SL to be park level. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Rupert Prince said:

    Sounds like a tough tough game.  As expected I guess.  Both sides sound solid enough.  Just a bit of extra spark from Wigan (?), and must have contained Cas (?) who obviously can score tries if the opportunity is there.

    I am not sure it was extra spark, as Cas’ attack looked slicker. I think it was that our defence was better than theirs by a wider margin than their attack was better than ours. Cas have a mistake or missed tackle in them, and we are in good shape to take advantage. The DW looked great and they had fancy electric adverts for probably high end sponsors. We seem to have moved on from Hedgehog Gutter Brushes. 

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