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  1. How can we go to the HJ? We can't finish 4th, and only need to win 1 more game to finish at least 2nd. I thought the top 2 couldn't play each other. A choice between Leeds and Saints as the club call option would be hobson's choice.

  2. LMFAO..one eyed opinion days old........O yeah, Saturday, you still haven't answered......... i'll let you no, a back liner scored in the last minute :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    I may have missed something here. If so, sorry about that. I read that our under 20s lost to what sounded like an unusual try. Is the try scorer playing this week end for the Wire first team?

  3. I think we'll be fine. We are an excellent team. We have only lost once away this season and have responded well to our previous defeats. I think having Wane in charge will be good - he will get the boys firing. We just need to win one of our next 2 and we'll be certain to be above Saints and very well placed indeed to stay top.

    FC are a terrific team when all their players are fit (for mine a better bet for the GF than Wigan if everyone has all their men fit), but we are playing them at what looks a good time with their having so many injuries.

  4. I may be being thick, but I don't understand the question. Is it who are the most one eyed in terms of supporting their team and dissing others? That's a mind bender. I woudl hazard a guess that hardly anyone on here falls into that category as pretty much everyone loves the game. Surely you'd only find them on their club's notice boards.

    If it's a bit of fun, then Fev fans are frightening in the intensity of devotion combined with a great sense of grievance.

  5. Presumably the Wigan walk chants only count as chants that back bite if you're suggesting that the singers could be seen sneaking in given how few of them there are? As this would apply to pretty much all visitors to the Piedome aside from Saints that's a subtle but a good one.

  6. If ever an incident didn't deserve 2 threads of its own it's this one.

    As for Wire players seeking revenge on Joel/the Wigan team, as they are unlikely to play again this year they'll have to wait until next year. Which of Lima, McIllorum, Coley, Hoffman, Hock or Lockers will they be lining up to hit first? They're going to be soooooooooooooooooooo scared.

  7. How much will you bet on that? I would be delighted to take you up on it if you're seriously suggesting that Hoffman will have as little impact for us next year as Dallas has had with the Catalans. Indeed, I would bite your hand off.

    The evidence suggests MM knows what he is doing, given what he has achieved with the limited squad he has inherited. The evidence suggests he ought to know the Melbourne players pretty well.

    If Saints had signed these players (assuming Graham stays which is of course a big assumption), then their supporters would be right to question them.

    Having watched a lot of LMS, and loving him dearly, I think he is a lot more of a Sykes than a Morley of a signing. Lima is much much better.

    Good to excellent players signed by a coach that knows them inside out, addressing obvious needs. It's what every club wants to hear.

  8. Good golly miss molly. I never knew that.

    As a further twist, if you have an occasional Sunday game you can do what Wigan did with the Cas game and have it as the centrepiece of a day of activities.

    Padge - you are the most likely to know this, though anyone else who knows can chip in - why do Wakey (and Cas?) kick off at 3 30 rather than 3 on Sundays?

    If it gets tighter at the top then timing of games may become significant.

  9. It was a brilliant effort all round.

    The figure which most stands out for me is Saints getting over 10k for Quins. It makes you wonder whether people may prefer Sunday afternoons? Glad they got to see a competitive game as well.

    I hope the good people of Bradford hang in there. The vast majority of teams have seen darker teams in the last few years. It is just harder when there is such a gap between expectation and delivery.

  10. In your squad of 26/27, you have enough cover without wasting quota spotS on Lima and Hoffman.

    You saying Finch will play 7 and Tompkins 6?

    Lee, I don't wish to labour the point, but we need another prop and a 7, especially as Deacon is retiring. We currently have Phelps, Bailey, Pryce, Piggy, Deacon, Bailey and Feca in our top 25, all of whom are leaving, so we have masses of salary cap money and overseas spaces galore. Hoffman is so good he will improve the team, and takes Bailey's place. I still can't see how for Wigan, just now, this is anything less than good business. Plus, MM was coaching these players last year, and so knows them inside out. Given his performance this year in turning easy beats into table toppers, I would argue his judgement is looking pretty sound. If anyone knows what he's buying it's MM.

  11. Lee, I am not convinced by your assertions. Everything I have seen and read suggests Hoffman is miles better than what we have aside from Lockers. At the moment we don't have 4 props, so Lima improves us. I assume the Kiwi selectors know a thing or 2. At the moment we don't have a 7 to play alongside Sam (Deacon is retiring). It is hard to argue that they don't improve a demonstrably good side.

    Hoffman would get into any team, but you could argue that Lima wouldn't improve Leeds/Warrington that much or that Finch would not improve Saints. They are right for Wigan just now.

  12. i think i should say that i had a splendid time on friday. free tickets for the west stand which more than made up for being designated driver and having to look after a rather p!ssed up relative, though to be fair he rarely gets a pass! cool wigan fans sat behind us who seemed to take my celebrating with good grace even though one or more had travelled a considerable distance to be there.

    lots of chanting between opposing fans after the game, some amusing some not, but not once did it threaten to overspill into anything more. wendall would have been disappointed.

    This raises some interesting issues.

    1 - good to hear that the violence endemic in virtual Wazza streets did not spill over into virtual Wigan (I was going to write Wigga but I believe that may have other connotations).

    2 - I am not sure how you could have heard any Wiganers singing after a game given that they had all left by your own account long before the game ended. Maybe you heard the echo of massed hordes of Wazzerers?

    3 - while the supporting cast has been doing a good job of giving vent to their anti-Wigan bile - Wigan walk tick, Sam absolutely dire player tick, Fielden cr.p tick, Joel a violent yob tick (let it all out) - the king of the stirrers is conspicuous by his absence. This coincides with Giwildgo's own absence, we all hope savouring every moment with a new baby pie. That prompts the inevitible thought - could GW amd Wendall be the same person and could Wendall be an imaginary figure of bitterness and stupidity created by him to make us all feel better about ourselves? If so, that is an act of genius.

  13. Though oddly enough, while only 2 of our crowds would fit into that stadium, Wire have only had 1 sell out. Now if there is one thing that Wigan can't be accused of it's their crowds and their loyalty.

    What next, our shirts aren't actually red and we don't even eat pies?

    If the temptation to s... stir extends to slagging off our speccies then watch out the Verve. You'll be onto them next.

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