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  1. It isn’t a net positive for the game over here, as the NRL has no interest in the game outside the NRL. They won’t improve our product or our game, and will be prevented from playing internationals if at all possible. Their loss exacerbates the differences between the 2 comps in favour of the NRL, leading to declining quality and interest over here. Given the talent pool available locally, there is virtually zero benefit to the NRL. The will be unknown and unseen by 99.999% of the British public as opposed to being the sorts of players who can attract TV viewers and fans to the ground. 

  2. I think that Wigan will be very focussed, as we were against Salford. Leuluai’s return will lift us. One area of Peet’s selections I can’t understand are his choice of who goes where in the 3/4. If Marshall is fit, as seems eminently feasible, then I would have thought at the start of the season Peet would be expected to pick French, Hardaker, Thornley, Marshall, but he seems to like Hardaker on the wing regardless of who plays centre... it’s a mystery to me. 

  3. I may hate St Helens on the field with a passion, but they are leaguies and any leaguie is someone to be treasured. Hats off to Roby. He had the hardest job to step into KC’s shoes, but my god he has left nothing out there. And a great and modest man as well. Take a bow, Mr R, hopefully playing a starring role in a defeat for his team tonight. 

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  4. A lot of players seem to miss tackles on Field. Funny that. I thought Wigan were very good, and like the way we play the game. We were also far more competitive up front than we have been for years, which is an excellent sign. 

    Excellent match between 2 good teams. Both look likely to be worth watching and to have good seasons. Haven’t we had a few 19-18s with FC over the last few years (is it 2-1 to us)? Hope OF was proud and gets home safe and sound. 

  5. Tommy has been far better than I thought, but that’s down in part to the options around him. What is impressive about Peet’s re boot has been how he has made the collective so much more dangerous. Last week’s cup game was something of a watershed performance for me, in that it showed that what worked in defence last year can still work this year. We finished 4th with the worst attack in the league off the back of superb defensive discipline. Combine our 20 plus points attack with last year’s defence and we are a lot further on. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, Davo5 said:

    There maybe be 32 regular starting centres but it’s highly probable that the Kangeroos will pick 2 fullbacks to play in the centre’s.

    I assume that is on the basis that they have so much talent at 1, and that there are no truly great centres out there. From what I have seen, he is a perfectly serviceable centre, and better than the average, and would not let England down. I would not be outraged if Wane picked Percival and Newman ahead of him, as I don’t see daylight between him and them. 

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  7. If there was a list of best NRL centres, where would Farnworth be? They have 32 regular starting centres after all, so just being able to hold down a place doesn’t automatically make him the best choice we have: would he be in line for SoO if available? 

  8. On crowds, most clubs now have far more season ticket holders than they would have had if you went back say 20 years. Which is a sensible option, but it has lead to those core fans distinguishing between cup and league games in a different way. In the past, if you were expecting to pick and choose games then you would go to an attractive Cup ahead of an unappetising league game - often deciding on the day whether to go or not. The only “solution” I can suggest is that they include home club games in slightly more expensive season tickets. We have 4, but only 3 could make it last night, so we bought 3 tickets. If the game had been on the ST, we would probably have found someone to take the 4th ticket.

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  9. 11 hours ago, Scubby said:

    5 NRL clubs chasing Herbie Farnworth for next year reported on Channel 9 News sport today

    Brisbane hoping to keep him. 

    Why are we not promoting the World Cup around these exciting young England stars playing all over the world? Make it feel like a global event. 


    Because we can’t be sure that we will see any of them play internationals, given who pays them and the alluring call of pre season games?

    Plus, how many people over here will have any idea who he is, compared with Newman and Percival, and even Gildart?

    Finally, he’s a good player, but he’s not Steve Renouf, so I am not sure what you’d be selling: “Roll up for someone you’ve never heard of who is better than Lyne, and probably a good option alongside Percival and Newman...”

  10. I am not sure why Wane is getting so much stick, when none of us knows what he is thinking. No NRL players were named in the recent squad, and so we don’t know how he views any of them. Oh, and if he picks Bateman ahead of Whitehead he may argue that Bateman played better when they both played on the same team. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, Mr Frisky said:

    Not sure what the AFL has todo with it, we may as well compair, SL, NRL and AFL to the English Premier League football attendances- pointless comparing different sports.

    It has nothing to do with anything. It’s just a typical trolling shoehorn from an occasional “contributor”. Though, that said, some UK AFL games attract crowds that almost reach 2 figures, so we can be pretty pleased with how we’re going on that basis.

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  12. Salford’s crowd was fine. Everything is relative. They have put together a very exciting side, and the more people that see it the better. I think SL crowds are holding up fine. Neither brilliant nor disastrous. 

    Meanwhile, I am really looking for the Aussie Rules “guy” to post his AFL World Cup crowd figures so we can do a compare and contrast. 

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  13. On 16/03/2022 at 20:12, Padge said:

    After  a Russian style abysmal invasion of France, first a slow lucky victory and then a completely bogged down humiliation, Wigan to return to form and actually score in this round.

    I am not sure I am entirely happy with Wigan’s role in that analogy. 

    Both teams could be quite good once they cut out their errors. We know these players can catch and pass, it’ll come with time. 


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