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  1. 2 sad losses. Dave H was a true leaguie. 

    My favourite memory of David Stephenson was at a game in York. The autumn light was fading as he lined up a conversion from the touch line. A spectator climbed over the fence, and held his lighter above the ball as David ran in to kick it. After it went over, they shook hands and David trotted back for the kick off. 

    God rest their souls. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Saint Toppy said:

    Did it ? - seems what I saw in the video is exactly what the disciplinary panel saw with first contact on the chest with the arm then coming up and not hitting the head. And they have all the camera angles to review not just the one in that clip.

    The way Lees went into that tackle was risky, Get it right and it hurts the defender trying to tackle him (which is what happened), get it slightly wrong and hit the defenders head and you end up copping a lengthy ban.


    Good work. You should never take a backward step. You are a one man/woman SDL -  our very own Lavtopski. 

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  3. I can see why people are looking to extrapolate into infinity Wigan’s challenges, and I can understand the reasoning behind that, but I would be inclined to wait and see what Good Friday holds before getting too worked up.

    It was essential we hit the first few games really hard, and threw the ball around, and so we built our style on that. We are a work in progress but have already shown we will be more entertaining and have more grunt in the pack this year than last. 

    I suspect yesterday’s game mattered far more to Catalans than it did to us, and our huge error rate in those conditions (compared to their immaculate approach) meant we were bound to be toast. As our approach is built on offloads and ball movement, in foul weather we were bound to be second best against a resolute defence, with a great kicking game. 

    We will be fine, and my money would be on us leaving nothing out there on Good Friday. Once the dust settles on that game, we will know where we stand. 

  4. 14 minutes ago, Chris22 said:

    The word that comes to mind ti describe Saints is ruthless. In 2015, when we won the league the previous year, I got the impression we were satisfied with what we had achieved.

    This side isn't. Our line speed is incredible. Our commitment in defence is excellent, just 28 points conceded in 5 games. Our attack looks sharper this year too. Woolf and the squad deserve huge credit.

    Didn't think Warrington had too many ideas apart from throw it wide and hope. Not much that Williams or Widdop could do to influence the match.

    Saints fans are very lucky to have this team and I'm going to appreciate them while they're here. Long way to go this year but delighted with our start.

    Indeed, and when they fall away, they will all disappear from here again. 

  5. I think these 2 clubs have different aspirations: for Catalans it is to continue to fight for the big prize. For Wigan, it is to be competitive, have a team the town can get behind, and to entertain us for the first time in a decade (and of course to give everything on Good Friday). From what we have seen so far, comparing us to the side which was destroyed last year, we are bigger, and far more dangerous. I doubt we will have fully bridged the gap, and more Catalans players would be in a combined 17, but it feels like something of a free hit.

    I have a sneaky feeling we will win, with the motivation of putting right last year’s debacle sufficient to get us over the line. We have already beaten a good (and bigger) Giants side, and so have proven that we are a different side. 32-26 to us. 

  6. Like others, I think that Connor and Johnstone should definitely be picked, as they are not just potential squad players but potential starting 13 players. As for Wigan players, I think Farrell and Marshall and Marshall are too small, and hope that KPP has been picked as a centre, as he appears (early days I know) to have huge potential in that position. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, Davo5 said:

    Or maybe it’s just your anti NRL bias but I think you’ll find plenty of knowledgeable non Wigan RL fans rated Sutton be he left these shores.

    Is not playing for a “top” Superleague club a deciding factor in judging the quality of a player ?.Maybe we should limit England selection to only include Saints,Wigan,Wire,Leeds players then.

    I can’t say that Sutton loss was felt that keenly. I think he has exceeded people’s expectations at Canberra. He was young and a lot of props either develop or stagnate at the age he went over there. If you are big enough, skilful and can do a job, there will be a place for the Suttons of this world. Super League develops young forwards very well, I’d say. It’s in the spine where the game over here needs to improve its hit rate. 

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  8. I think that each club faces different challenges. In Wigan’s case, league has very deep roots in schools, clubs, families and in the sense of identity for Wiganers. So, league as a game is well developed and understood. When it comes to crowds there are a few things the club can - and must - do around community initiatives, school visits and the like, but above all people want to see entertaining rugby. People will pay money to watch a player like Field in person. The buzz around the town, and the extended support base, around this new style - with KPP and Mago getting mentioned in dispatches - has given the club a far better chance of increasing the crowds again.

    We have had to put up with some of the most unwatchable rugby I can remember for the last 7/8 years where winning was prized above flair. It is no wonder people preferred watching on TV, because the performances, even the ground out Waneball victories,  were no longer events. It has taken them ages for the penny to drop, but Peet seems to get it. 

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  9. This could run and run - by my reckoning we are down to 2 Wigan tries that Leeds fans and “neutrals” haven’t chalked off. Given that we have had nearly 20 hours (!!!) to work on this why oh why are those last 2 not being chalked off.

    I know it’s early season but the Leeds fans in years gone by - where is m j m when you need him? - would have produced signed affidavits from the referee and Wigan coach looking to reverse the result by now. 

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  10. I do think that last week’s game will have taken a lot out of Leeds. So much of the difference between the sides was down to energy (made worse by Leeds losing players during the match). That said, the 3 moments of genius from Field “here you are, have the outside”, gap/what gap and billy whizz (with a fantastic assist from Mago) honestly provided more entertainment than we saw all season in 2021.

    If you can find it anywhere, you could check out our competitors for 2021 “tries of the season” which were all so dull they could have been compiled by an energy vampire... 

  11. I have spent a lot of time in Cumbria, and have always found it to be very open to our game. Wonderful county. Some people wherever you go are oblivious about all sport, and pretty much every sport aside from football (and F1 I suppose) are niche. Our kids know their league players but wouldn’t be able to name a single cricketer. 

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