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  1. 41 minutes ago, Lowdesert said:

    Who are the other 2 added?

    I wasn’t sure if Alex Godfrey or John McCracken played a game for the Hull 1st team.  No.

    Some obscure names from the past also.

    I couldn't tell you without comparing the two lists side by side.

    The stats that caught my eye were the great Mick Crane's. If you include his spell at Leeds he must have played a colossal number of games in his career.

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  2. 19 hours ago, Wiltshire Warrior Dragon said:

    One of the last summer migrant arrivals is now being reported from the heathlands of Hampshire - the nightjar.  Do any of you in Yorkshire ever get a chance to see or hear this fantastic bird?  I believe they occur in Wykham and Cropton Forests in the North York Moors, and on Thorne and Hatfield Moors near Donny; also possibly at Skipwith and Strensall Commons, near York.

    I know most of those places very well but have probably never been at the right time. The only jars I can recall in Cropton were in the New Inn. There were loads of swifts though. I've cycled across Hatfield Moors many times but you wouldn't catch me out there when it's getting dark.

    Skipwith Common is well worth a visit for anybody ever in the area.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    The pair of magpies that have nested in the big tree behind my house for at least the last 5 years have been evicted by a pair of crows, who have completed repairs on the nest. Not sure where the magpies have gone but when I saw the crows building I realised I hadn't seen them for a while. Also the last few days I've spent some time early afternoon watching the local heron get harassed by the more local crows when it's made its daily fishing trip to the nearby pond - must try and get some pictures.

    Crows are always up for a fight. I regularly see them in aerial combat with the buzzards over a nearby field.

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  4. On 04/05/2020 at 22:14, Wiltshire Warrior Dragon said:

    But is retained in Hull, I believe, where I think there is a cricket club of this name.  I look to Old Faithful, Futtocks, hullfan or some such to confirm or correct this.


    On 04/05/2020 at 22:26, Gooleboy said:

    I don't know if they are still around, but there used to be a few local Cricket Clubs called Zingari, there was definitely one in Hull called Hull Zingari, maybe one of our Hull posters will know if they are still going.


    On 05/05/2020 at 10:37, Lowdesert said:

    Yes, still going.  Been around a long time and play down Chants Ave I think.

    Correct mate, just round the corner from us at Hull & East Riding Sports Club on Chants Ave North.

  5. 17 hours ago, Futtocks said:

    When I were a lad (no, wait, come back!), I hated Kraftwerk and electronic music in general. Over the years, it sort of got under my skin and I eventually got it. Those wonderful analogue synth tones are now filling my flat as I play the 'Trans Europa Express' album.

    I always loved them, right from the Autobahn days. They created some fantastic melodies.

    Another sad loss to the world of music.

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  6. 8 hours ago, longboard said:

    Dave Greenfield's keyboard playing gave The Stranglers a different sound from most of the new wave bands around in the late 70s & early 80s. They were arguably the best band of that period and one of the best British bands ever. I remember vividly seeing them live the first time. RIP Dave.

    Saw them only a couple of years ago. They were a still a fine live band and a great reminder of what an outstanding back catalogue they have.

    Really sad to hear he's gone.

  7. On 01/05/2020 at 12:49, Wiltshire Warrior Dragon said:

    Eventually saw my first swallow this morning, while my wife and I were out walking our puppy, which, incidentally, is a Catalan sheepdog - could there be any other choice for a fan of Les Dracs, like me? 

    Maybe there is a new thread in that; 'does your pet in any way reflect your RL loyalties?'  Or maybe not...!

    First swallow this morning.

    Along with a grey heron, a buzzard and a kestrel.

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  8. 4 hours ago, 17 stone giant said:

    It must have been a great occasion for the city of Hull to have both teams reach the CC final.

    I didn't know much about the rivalry, but according to the RL project website it's 47 wins each, with 2 draws. Plus the honours are similar too - just a few more CC wins for Hull FC.

    It looks like a fairly even rivalry.

    It was huge at the time. We had camera crews from all the main networks in the city in the build up to the game. Even BBC Newsnight did a worthy piece on the Trans River Hull rivalry. Of course, the Challenge Cup Final was a much bigger deal back then and had a much higher national profile. Shame it was such a dull game.

    What a lot of people forget is that Hull were a newly promoted team that season. Just getting to the final was a major achievement (not that it felt it when the final hooter went). Hull also finished third in the league and won the BBC2 Floodlit Trophy. No promoted team has ever come close to matching those achievements (that said it was much easier to make the transition in those days in an entirely semi professional sport). Rovers were already established as one of the top sides in the game and the composure that came with that saw them home for me. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, Marty Funkhouser said:

    As a teenager watched a Club side beating the Queensland Origin team  ,  the famous Bradford, Jeff Grayson led, walk off  in the Premiership Trophy and  The Invincible's of '82 giving British RL a rude awakening.

    Sheffield beating Wigan at Wembley another that stands out. 


    Was it ever. My abiding memory of the Boothferry Park test is Les Dyl's attempt to stop Mal Meninga en route to the goal line. Dyl nearly landed on us such was the force of Meninga's hand-off. The Kangaroos were playing a different game to us. 

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