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  1. To be fair, it is a discussion about whether a redeveloped Elland Road would be of benefit to rugby league when it comes to staging big games.
  2. Hull won the right to be in Super League on the field by finishing top of Division One in 1997.
  3. Or Heineken UK as it is now. It really is brewing on an industrial scale. The site seems as big as the whole town.
  4. That's because it's in the East Riding. You've clearly being going to the wrong parts of Yorkshire (Leeds perhaps?).
  5. One thing I like about Goole is that the the docks are still in the heart of the town. In larger ports they've all moved further out of town to bigger and deeper facilities so you don't get to watch the shipping movements. As a kid I used to love walking under the bows of ships almost on the pavement poking out of Princes Dock smack in the centre of Hull.
  6. Aye, it might seem like a nonsense to transport it from the other side of the world but sea freight is so cost efficient it costs less to bring a TV from China than it does to get it from the dealer to your house.
  7. Me and my mrs were on the train from Hull to Doncaster a couple of years back. As we crossed the Ouse the conductor announced "Ladies and gentlemen we are approaching Goole, yes I'm afraid we do have to stop there".
  8. You might be thinking of Woodhead tunnel between Sheffield and Manchester. It was closed to rail traffic several years ago.
  9. Yes, a 62-0 hammering followed by Shaun Wane's bizarre let them book their coaches to London comment.
  10. I'm sure Hatfield Main was still standing the last time we went past on the train.
  11. There's something truly evocative about pit winding gear.
  12. If you like your Victorian engineering then "The Architecture the Railways Built" on the Yesterday TV channel is well worth catching up on.
  13. Desperately sad news Always enjoyed reading his posts about developments in Germany.
  14. “Albert and Ratu I envisage as being our only departures." Thanks for the link, good news.
  15. Heard then saw a couple of reed buntings in a field of oilseed rape near Hilston this morning.
  16. The Hull Daily Mail? It was on their website this morning a few hours before this thread was started.
  17. The chirpy goldfinch in the tree opposite our bedroom window has been making a determined effort to wake me up at that time every day.
  18. On a positive note I'd like to point out that the sun doesn't set any earlier for another week yet.
  19. Yeah, well done folks. Good work
  20. That's a great spot. Well done. It's in the classic Hull Telephones cream livery too.
  21. My view is there's no point wasting time discussing the pros and cons unless Pearson himself confirms it's the case.
  22. I can confirm that the public toilets in Withernsea are also open.
  23. Although he didn't quite match his father's great achievement, George Gilbert Scott Jr. did design these fine buildings. They're my favourite buildings for two reasons a) they're beautiful and b) they're down our street. Picture by Ian Colquhoun - Chris Coulson. Avenues Design Guide, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23297316 b
  24. The colossal statue of the Red Army soldier standing on the smashed swastika is a sight once seen never forgotten.
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