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  1. Speaking from experience, they can be underwhelming with the naked eye. The camera can exaggerate the colours.
  2. Visible from East Yorkshire a couple of nights ago.
  3. Got a big cheer in our house when they got those two late tries to win it. What an absolutely brilliant spectacle the game was.
  4. That was a high quality game. It was intense and ferocious but played in the right spirit. Saints' execution was on a different level but Leeds refusal to buckle and their ability to counter attack kept the game alive as a contest.
  5. With Danny McGuire 100%. I really like Knowles as a player but he shouldn't be playing in this game.
  6. I know one old trawlerman who used to do exactly that if the skipper got them back to Hull in time. I'll bet he wasn't the only one either. The only bit of the ground that looks any different is the "Best" Stand. I think the Luftwaffe's urban clearance programme had something to do with that.
  7. I remember him well. He was a very good referee.
  8. Beat me to it, Dave. I don't where this myth about the referee being certain comes from. The laws of the game are as per your quote.
  9. Really enjoying this. Thought Leeds weren't going to be able to live with the intensity with which Wigan started the game but you've got to admire the way they've dug in.
  10. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. -Mike Tyson
  11. DS reminds of that episode in The Simpsons where the insurance assessor tells Homer that his policy only covers actual losses, not made up stuff.
  12. Enjoyed listening to what Tony Smith had to say but it was also interesting to hear Adam Pearson say that the club is in a better financial situation than a year ago and is recovering from the Covid financial hit. Also that there is a much better relationship with the stadium management company since the Allams thankfully cleared off. Not that it could have been much worse of course.
  13. Signed for Gateshead and ended up back in Hull. The removal firm weren't happy.
  14. Hull's most recent Challenge Cup win was in 2017. Warrington's was in 2019.
  15. You just reminded me of the moustachioed ugly set of bastards who made up the Hull KR pack in the 80s.
  16. Joe Kilroy had a corker of a tash during his spell at Halifax.
  17. He got a great offer to go back to Salford. It would have been stupid and pointless to stand in his way. Pleased it's worked out so well for him.
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