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  1. The Leeds left edge is starting to look a real threat. Some really nice passing movements.
  2. Just turned the TV on and was struck by how good a turn out it is. And we've even had the old crowd pleaser of the ref falling over.
  3. Number of games for Hull didn't sound right to me so I checked. It's actually 14 in total, made up of 12 Super League and 2 Challenge Cup games. Doesn't answer your question I know but I'm sure next season will provide an answer one way or the other.
  4. Well said, mate. As soon as our team's season fell apart I was hoping the Dragons would go on to be champions.
  5. Thought to myself that McIlorum surely couldn't have been stupid enough to do that on purpose. Then saw the replay.
  6. He almost got away with it until the border guard at Drypool Bridge asked to see his papers and spotted the Hull FC membership card belonging to his mate Barry.
  7. Danny Wilson has already gone the other way to Cas from Hull's academy set up. Guess it's a case of Lee Radford building his own coaching team.
  8. Being pedantic I don't think that's quite right. I'm sure the win at Craven Park was a little more comfortable for the Catalans. Certainly more than one converted try in it. Don't disagree with your point though. Think it could be another close one.
  9. Articulate, thoughtful individual who will bring a fresh outlook. Looks like a sound appointment to me.
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