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  1. I always felt his main role was to slap Stevo down and he did a pretty good job of it. Once Stevo retired, Cummings seemed to have outlived his usefulness.
  2. Well until today that is. Saw a really big flock of them in a field west of Walkington this morning. They'll no doubt be tucking into the abundance of hawthorn berries in the area this season. The holly and hawthorn around here have been absolutely laden with berries this year. If you believe the folklore, it's a sign of a severe winter ahead. Also saw a really big flock of goldfinches near Benningholme as well as three kestrels and a couple of buzzards (no partridge in a pear tree though) so not a bad morning for bod sightings.
  3. AC aren't exactly my cup of tea either. As for Ginger, saw The Wildhearts a few weeks back. He was on fine form and the band were too.
  4. Was round at my mate's last night and he brought out a bottle of the 21 year old Balvenie Port Wood. Bloomin' marvellous
  5. Must admit my money was on the grindcore band Anal C***.
  6. Really like Clutch's version of the Creedence classic:
  7. Saw the first redwing of the season I've seen in this area a couple of days ago. There's been absolutely no sign of the large flocks of fieldfares I saw this time last year.
  8. I can hardly believe I made such a ludicrous statement.
  9. Must admit I always thought "Trump Pence" sounded more like a currency than a campaign slogan.
  10. As heard on the BBC News a few minutes ago "one pence".
  11. Earlier today I went past the lagoon down Middledyke Lane that forms part of the Cottingham and Orchard Park flood alleviation scheme. There's an absolutely enormous amount of water in it. Not difficult to imagine what it would have been like without that in place.
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