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  1. I'm in the stuck with it all along camp. Also have a Spotify Premium account that I stream to my amp via Chromecast Audio. Have a CD player that I occasionally blow the cobwebs off but it's mainly a waste of shelf space.
  2. Funnily enough, I don't think my Mrs was aware of that side of Diana Rigg's character when she was eleven years old.
  3. My wife has always reckoned Diana Rigg was a fantastic role model for a young girl growing up in that era.
  4. One of the best I can remember. Can't recall a finish like it since Greg Lemond broke French hearts in 1989. Pleased for Sam Bennett too as he put the icing on the cake winning the sprint on the Champs Elysee.
  5. The stages so far have almost looked like a normal Tour but Paris looks really eerie with no crowds in places like the Rue de Rivoli that are normally rammed.
  6. Can't remember the exact wording but the only rule I strictly adhere to is the one that says we ride so that we can drink beer.
  7. Same here. When I'm watching the Tour de France I'm constantly trying to convert the riders' speeds from kph to mph.
  8. When the teams came out I was thinking if they're the lightweights I wouldn't want to play against their big lads.
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