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  1. I really like that Erasure version of Gaudete (as well as Steeleye Span's).
  2. My Mrs has just dropped the "I think Ghosts US is funnier" bombshell.
  3. Fieldfares have arrived in numbers if the last week is anything to go by. Seen a few flocks of them. Lots of kestrels and sparrowhawks around in the East Yorkshire countryside too.
  4. Watched it a week or two back. Really enjoyed it.
  5. Australia bursting my bubble in a World Cup has a familiar feeling to it.
  6. That's desperately sad news. Always came across as such a nice bloke.
  7. Used to enjoy that. Did we ever find out who nicked the ha'penny?
  8. Just heard the sad news from a mate. Wilko was one of the greatest live performers I've ever seen.
  9. I still can't figure out how you and James have managed to pull off a sting of that magnitude.
  10. I've had it for weeks since my mrs generously shared her cold germs.
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