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  1. A couple of things to interest Thin Lizzy fans on BBC2 on Saturday night. There's a new documentary on the life of Phil Lynott at 10pm followed by an old BBC Sight and Sound live performance by the band.
  2. That's just one of those daft myths that people (particularly our fellow Brits) trot out. People just get on with it the best they can. Same as they do everywhere.
  3. The Hives at Nottingham's Rock City last night. Still a great live band.
  4. Heavy snow showers overnight and into the morning have left a decent covering here. Rapid thaw underway already though.
  5. I thought you summarised very well how we've got to where we are but if Dimmest Star can enlighten us further I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.
  6. Kestrels seem to be thriving in this part of the world. Saw three of them this morning alone.
  7. The Humber is a great place for spotting birds at this time of year. Among other recent sightings I've seen pochards, wigeons, redshanks, curlews, a big flock of lapwings and more little egrets than I've ever seen in one place. Seen some huge skeins of geese too but they were too high and far away to tell what they were.
  8. Yes, very difficult to develop the ability to think more than a couple of moves ahead. I was in the chess club at school and used to think I was a half decent player. Then our club entered a Yorkshire regional competition where you play against the clock as well as your opponent and I got absolutely annihilated.
  9. Too many for me to list. Watching the programme would give you a good idea of his talent though.
  10. Really enjoyed Lindisfarne's Geordie Genius: The Alan Hull Story on BBC4 last night. What a brilliant songwriter he was, surely one of Britain's finest ever.
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