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  1. It does. I've noticed it with some TV games before. You watch them when you get back from the game and the atmosphere bears no relation to what it was like in the ground.
  2. Don't know what it's like in the ground but it's coming across as incredibly flat on the TV. Sounds like a library.
  3. I'd say so yes. The new guidance placing the onus on the defender not to cause a head clash makes a lot of sense but what we saw last night was a complete misinterpretation of when it should apply.
  4. Not the most egregious misinterpretation of the night by the VR but you're absolutely correct. That's how the conversation went.
  5. Good perspective. Hoy made an absolute mess of that. He was coming from the side with the whole body to aim at, the easiest tackle you can make in rugby, yet he somehow manages to go over the shoulder.
  6. He came across very well in that interview. Seemed to have plenty of time for the fans afterwards too. Always good to see.
  7. Well said Sam Burgess, nothing Nu Brown could do about that contact.
  8. Hugely encouraging performance from Hull in the circumstances. I actually thought we were getting on top until the red card.
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