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  1. That's the one. Knew it had wharf in it but couldn't remember the first bit.
  2. A realistic and at the same time positive assessment IMO.
  3. My mrs had always fretted about my not wearing a helmet. I had always resisted but I had a nasty spill when a jogger ran out from a side road without looking and ran straight into my path. When my mrs saw the blood and the gash in my forehead she insisted in rather colourful language that that was that, I was wearing a helmet from then on. I wear one more for her peace of mind than my own. I nearly flung the bloody thing in a ditch the first few times I wore it but I've (almost) got used to it. I still hate the way your head boils when you wear one in summer.
  4. We were in Hebden Bridge a few weeks back, walking along the canal tow path when it started siling down in true Pennine fashion. Fortunately there was a handily placed boozer to shelter in. Really friendly place and the cask beer was superb.
  5. His studio stuff with Hawkwind on Levitation was very good indeed but my brother saw them on the subsequent tour and said he played as if he couldn't give a monkey's.
  6. Ride my bike no handed around corners. Ride my bike without a helmet.
  7. That toad no longer squats on my life either. I'm pleased to say.
  8. Really pleased for you and Tony and all the other Salford fans on here. I'm also really pleased that your team has prevented a Saints v Wigan final. Best of luck next week.
  9. Well remembered, mate. According to the Hull History Centre website, the old stern trawler Swanella was donated by the City of Hull and renamed Sir Walter Raleigh. http://catalogue.hullhistorycentre.org.uk/files/c-tlor.pdf
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