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  1. An absolute stalwart of the greatest ever TV sitcom.
  2. Really coming down in Hull, flakes the size of half crowns.
  3. In that case I think the only bit you'd recognise is the fruit and veg stand and the butcher's at the Trinity House Lane entrance. It's gone from a place that was dying on its backside to one that's regularly packed out (pandemics notwithstanding of course).
  4. For some reason, the legendary film about the Paris-Roubaix bike race springs to mind.
  5. Seems like a bit of a daft question at the moment but when did you last go? It's improved massively since that hideous bar Rumours moved out. Pre-lockdown it had become a really good place to go and have something to eat and have a beer or coffee. Some great quality food and drink available too.
  6. I fail to see how any of that is relevant to the matter in question, which is whether there has been an inappropriate use of public funds. The interim chief exec of Hull College clearly thinks that is the case. The fact that the college batted away a Freedom of Information Request for a year suggests somebody has got something to hide. I don't think anybody is suggesting any impropriety on the part of Rovers but it doesn't reflect well on the people at the college who were responsible for making those decisions.
  7. Got a great close up view of a redwing in a hedge by the roadside as I was heading up the hill to Skidby yesterday.
  8. Light dusting of snow here in East Yorkshire, very festive! Best wishes to one and all and I hope everybody makes the best of it. Still plenty of ale and top scran to be had.
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