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  1. Was cycling home just as it was getting dark on Wednesday evening. Had a barn owl and several bats for company.
  2. Put it this way, I don't fancy our chances of getting our bikes any further than King George Dock on our planned cycling tour of Holland in a few weeks. P&O suspend mini cruises from Hull but explain why ships will still sail
  3. I can only echo your comment, hats off to him.
  4. Great to see Arthur chomping on his trademark cigar. His teams could play a bit too.
  5. I thought they'd flogged them all to ScotRail.
  6. We were both desperately trying to avoid getting hammered by Wigan at Wembley.
  7. One visited our garden the other day. Never seen one anywhere in Hull before never mind in our garden. Wonder if the reduction in traffic and air pollution levels is leading some species to be a bit more adventurous.
  8. Hadn't heard one this year until a few days ago. Now they seem to be everywhere.
  9. My son started showing symptoms last weekend. He had a pretty rough couple of days and by Monday he had lost all sense of taste and smell. I spoke to him yesterday and he said he was feeling fine now. I asked him if his sense of taste and smell had returned. The conversation went something like this: "Can you taste anything yet?" "I can taste beer and spicy food." "Anything else?" "I haven't tried anything else."
  10. "Glad to see you go" and "You should never have opened that door" - the first and final songs on that album.
  11. Only with us for a year but him and Greg Mackey were one of the best half-back partnerships we've ever had.
  12. So good it even had a name and its own beer.
  13. I'm guessing it was the Mick Crane who used to play for Dockers. Immortalised by the "Crane lifts Dockers" headline in the Hull Daily Mail sports pages.
  14. Wouldn't worry about that, mate. He usually goes on his bike.
  15. I'm maintaining my usually practice of self-isolation by cycling round the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Wolds. Most of the time I'm several thousand metres away from the nearest human being.
  16. What do you think this is? Earl de Grey?
  17. You think that's bad? It's karaoke night tomorrow.
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