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  1. Except in Lee Radford's case the vast majority of Hull supporters never turned on him. There was far too much residual respect for what he achieved and the way he worked his knackers off for the club. I'll be forever grateful for what he gave us and wish him all the best for the future.
  2. Thanks for that, mate. Puts into perspective some of the ill informed rubbish some people have come out with.
  3. TBH I don't think there was much point letting Radford go through the charade of the post match interview in the circumstances.
  4. Pearson has been loyal to Radford way beyond the point at which most chairmen would have given him the boot. He was clearly genuinely upset.
  5. Let me guess. Wigan made hard work of beating a poor side and only a very poor referee saved us from a hammering.
  6. Hopeless, the website has even got the live score the wrong way round.
  7. I wouldn't like to see the sport carry on behind closed doors. Setting aside the financial impact, the various competitions would become little more than an academic exercise. If the situation escalates to that point then suspending the season is the lesser of two evils IMO. It would also be a more effective containment strategy and would reduce the (admittedly low at present) risk of infection for players, officials and the various staff members involved.
  8. No complaints from this Hull fan about the entertainment value on offer so far this season. We've been involved in some cracking games and scored some outstanding tries. There are things the team should be doing better and we should be a couple more points better off on the league table but that's a different matter.
  9. I'm watching Stage 2 of the Paris-Nice bike race and its operating under very tight restrictions. No crowds allowed at the start or finish and no spectators allowed within 300 metres of the finish.
  10. What a load of utter ######.
  11. Yes, Castleford look as if they have the makings of a half back partnership that could stand them in good stead for many seasons to come.
  12. Good luck to Joe Cator who makes his debut for Hull and starts at loose forward.
  13. I like the show but I always record it and fast forward that bit. His heart's in the right place but...
  14. Lovely little things that we occasionally get in our garden. There's a larch tree just down the street that attracts them.
  15. Saw a pair of lapwings doing their impressive aerial display a couple of days ago at Wallingfen. Always a great sight.
  16. Not looking good, mate. Only the seagulls have turned up for training at County Road this morning.
  17. Don't get me wrong, I was as disappointed as anybody that Hull didn't close the game out but trying to be objective it would have been a great game to watch.
  18. Infuriating way to lose it from our perspective but if that game had been on TV people would have been raving about the quality of the entertainment. There was some outstanding rugby from both teams.
  19. It's a technically very accomplished Scandinavian racket so that's probably not far off. The Scandinavians knock British rock and metal into a cocked hat these days.
  20. A mate of mine who's sadly no longer with us was a massive fan of The Carpenters. Naturally we ripped the ###### mercilessly.
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