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  1. I think you've almost done it for me ? but the reference was for Jacksy's benefit really.
  2. Pretty impressed that Rovers knew how far it was from your house to Craven Park. They'd done their homework.
  3. As a non-neutral very much leaning to Castleford, I didn't think there was anything in it.
  4. That's exactly how it looked to me when you saw the replay from behind the sticks. But as you say, it would have made little difference to the final outcome.
  5. Looking at the pictures on Channel 4 News just now, it looks like it's got much worse in the Snaith area.
  6. That was the moment Adam's status changed from "well respected" to cult hero. We used to call him Unsung because every match report in the Hull Daily Mail referred to him as unsung hero Adam Maher (despite the fact we all realised how good he was). I was both shocked and saddened to hear he'd passed away so soon after his visit to these shores. Thoughts are with his family and friends.
  7. I was concerned for you and yours when I saw the reports from Snaith in the local media as I remembered you said you lived there. Hope things don't get any worse.
  8. Can't remember ever seeing so many daffs out so early. Some have been out for weeks. The blackthorn has started to blossom in this part of the world, weeks ahead of when it usually does.
  9. Not seen this week's yet but I've been very impressed so far. They just seem to get better.
  10. Sounds very dubious to me. Phil Lowe bending his back in defence? Pull the other one.
  11. He was banned for two games and Hull have had two games since the ban was announced. It just doesn't make sense even if the HDM have got it right.
  12. Loads of kestrels out hunting this morning. Must be rich pickings in those waterlogged fields. Skylarks not singing like they were last week though.
  13. Very impressive stint from Ellis. Even at his age the team seems diminished when he goes off. Also thought Ligi Sao was superb again. Looks like a great piece of recruitment.
  14. The Saints fans gave us the heads up when they started singing that song about Warrington being wonky.
  15. Very clinical from Saints in that spell after Connor's kick went out on the full. Don't think Hull touched the ball for the next 15 minutes. Hull had their opportunities but came up with too many errors early in the tackle count in the opposition's 20 whereas the game was out of reach before Saints came up with an error on Hull's line in the second half. On the positive side, Hull would have thrown in the towel last season. The team stuck at it and came up with a couple of excellent tries to give the home fans some encouragement, which is more than can be said for any of the three games against Saints last year.
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