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  1. my boiler requires repairing and the parts come to over
  2. and you put up with this....? god give me strength...
  3. good grief woman!! what the hell did he (or didn't he) do to you...!!
  4. aah, but in these hard economic times everything is negotiable!!
  5. quick tip....never elaborate or even better, never explain....
  6. aahhh...cinema 'dates',2 hours sat in an armchair watching a tv....sounds a bit 'marriagy' to me....
  7. sounds like you've got your very own stalker...well done you!!!
  8. my mate was the one speaking them...! its not playing games, stringing him along is playing games...sure, its a bit brutal, but it'll get the message across... its almost hard to believe i'm still single isn't it..!!!! who wants all that gubbins....a kebab and a knee trembler round the back of morrisons will do fine....
  9. an old school friend of mine went out for a few dates with a bloke a few months ago, he was mad keen, she wasn't, so she said those immortal words, 'i like you as a friend'...unfortunately, he took this as, 'i don't fancy you massively, but i may in time'....and she got her very own stalker for a while, until she lied about seeing someone new...to which he said he'd been seeing 2 other women at the time anyway and wasn't that bothered!!! it may be my advanced years, but from experience boys/girls 'fall in love' loads before they hit 20ish, so yeah, he'll be p!ssed off for a bit, but it'll soon pass... i probably am, yes!!!
  10. ooh, you said 'snogging'..... being told, 'i like you as a friend' isn't exactly a painless way of doing it either... maybe i do, but i'll never admit it....
  11. i'm a good catholic boy, i've no idea what you mean!! she won't be hurting anyone, merely clearing up any ambiguity... and as for the last bit, see above and the whole catholic thing!!!
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