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  1. Brutal snow in Sowerby Bridge - dread to think what it's like up in Queensbury. Xmas do this afternoon and evening in Ripponden - if we can get there
  2. Sometimes only certain songs will do Tim Buckley had the voice
  3. Nice bit of snow in Queensbury overnight - nowt down in Sowerby Bridge though so lots of pointing at the car* on the way in to work. * The snow on the car, not the car itself, Sowerby Bridge has had cars since last year
  4. Nowt in Queensbury yet. Honestly, what's the point in living 1200ft up if you don't get snow in December. Come on weather, sort it out
  5. Cocteau Twins - Ivo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-AWEkkgoko My heart misses a beat when i hear this band
  6. Crosby, Stills & Nash double CD collection - bits of all sorts on it - CS&N, CSN&Y, C&N, Manassas etc.
  7. An old favourite - Rainbow, Stargazer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhA-XXExobc Just superb
  8. I saw Nirvana before Grohl joined them, their drummer at the time looked like a gonk, all long hair. I saw Dave Grohl drumming with QOTSA, that was good. Anyway, my infatuation with Fairporrt Convention and Sandy Denny continues
  9. Sorry, I wasn't. Things have become rather matter of fact here by neccesity. I am looking forward to that pint, and a few others
  10. My daughter moves in with us halfway through next month. It's for her.
  11. Sandy Denny again. No idea what she is on about but it's just beautiful
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