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  1. Ive got such a rush on this morning. got to get some washing out of the machine, make sure the rats are fed and watered, get ready for work, wash my hair, have a shave, all in the next half an hour.
  2. Blink 182 - All the small things http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=QDV4E9ldelM
  3. Im off work today. Got to work tomorrow though, im not too fond of that arrangement.
  4. Any bloke who plays a game of league, wearing any type of peircing, is just asking for it to be ripped out!
  5. Indeed. You need to take your drunken falls and hangovers like, well, errrm, a man!
  6. Ive had a nice roast for tea, but ive no beer to wash it down with
  7. My girlfriend is ace! driven an extra hundred miles this week to pick me up from work at night this week.
  8. Alright for some. Working till 8pm, and we dont even have dress down fridays
  9. Get it off. Nothing like a good cold winters day with the chill on a freshly shaved face
  10. Philistines. There are some albums and some songs that should never be covered. DSOTM is one of them.
  11. It looks decieving today. Blue skies then 5 minutes later its raining and windy
  12. Was just considering making a run for it but its just started again
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