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  1. Wilkin told us all they were female vikings.

    They were not, they were the servants of Odin who gathered up fallen warriors and transported them to Valhalla and when not doing that were serving those in Valhalla with mead.

    They were not warriors. A female viking was a shieldmaiden.

    The Amazons are from Greek mythology and were warriors. The Valkyrie from Norse.

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  2. On 20/01/2023 at 18:03, THE RED ROOSTER said:

    London Skolars 18 - London Broncos 58 (HT 6-30)

    It never ceases to amaze me that the Capital Challenge has favorable weather conditions, if a tad on the cold side. spectators lined up on the oppodsite side this year to previous years and a drinks tent set up. Also- praise be - a scoreboard spolied only by a couple of old blokes standing right in front of it for the whole of the second half blocking the view from the sidelines.



    They've been on that side past couple of years as HAC been working on cricket pitch and/or drainage and didn't want anybody near it.

  3. 1 minute ago, Jughead said:

    I think they’d have to move or stump up to buy a sports centre, which would not be cheap. The athletics track and other athletic sports facilities (shotput etc) would have to be removed if there was any development and I can’t imagine that happening at a sports centre.


    Why would the athletics facilities have to go? Sheffield was happily accepted with the running track? Midlands with their SL ambitions have just had approval to move to an athletics stadium?

    As for the local council, handle with care is all I'll say and mention the rugby pitches across the road and how they handled their running!

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  4. On 09/01/2023 at 11:36, barnyia said:

    The footage is firstly filmed for the coaches and disciplinary. Most teams only have stands on one side high enough to film properly. Yes it would be good, at Carcassonne they film towards the new stand and crowd, Avignon don't, Lézignan can't, neither can Albi, Toulouse, Villeneuve, st Gaudens, Catalans, limoux, nor Pia,  

    Hence why I said "Appreciate online footage is essentially club's own footage and broadcast online as bonus but maybe they could consider where to film from ". Few years since I've been to some of the stadiums and see Toulouse have demolished stand and Avignon back at Parc des Sports instead of St Ruf. However, temporary scaffolding or hoist not beyond the realms of possibility at grounds? Even a cherry picker on the back of a van?


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  5. 14 hours ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

    Yes however it was a professional set up with a paid for TV crew.



    Appreciate online footage is essentially club's own footage and broadcast online as bonus but maybe they could consider where to film from to 'enhance' crowd for any footage they or FFR XIII send out to potential sponsors etc?

    Realise 'geography' of stadiums does not always make this possible due to location of video gantry, power sources, cover etc but might be worth suggesting to clubs? Even to casual viewer bums on seats looks far better than empty stand? Remember when London played at Brentford and SKY footage nearly always showed opposite stand empty? Oddly Micron footage filmed from other side showed other stand where seated spectators were located.

  6. Result. Left site linked to via email from RFL and logged into my Our League account and process ran smoothly (apart from them wanting £4.95 to post me tickets! That on top of £1 admin fee!) so booked.

    My gripe is that if RFL is sending this email out to people without Our League account and they have similar issues, 1, How many potential sales have they lost? and 2 How does it make the RFL look to any outside party?

  7. Anybody else having problems with this site? Click on ticket selection, tells me ticket will be held for couple of minutes then get spinning circle of doom as ticket times out!

    Have tried on both Chromebook and iPhone, same result.

    Now giving up till tomorrow to try again but if same result then that's sales lost to RFL. Will stay home and watch on telly instead.

  8. 1 hour ago, Griff said:

    But do you need to know that at your first game?


    Would have preferred play the ball backwards rather than backheel but know what you mean.

    Yes you can legitimately knock the ball forward, prime example being if you charge the ball down from a kick in open play. Maybe a technicality but have to tell causal viewer they're normally not allowed to project the ball forward.


  9. 21 hours ago, Griff said:

    Accuse people of playing Union!  You'll be claiming I want them arrested next!

    Well, I'm guessing that you won't be changing your opinion any time soon - but I will answer your points.

    If there are no names on players' jerseys, perhaps there's some other reason for players having their own kit.  It's been suggested to you that a more tailored kit is the reason.

    One of the recurring debates on this forum is that positions are no longer the traditional ones.  Interesting that you should refer to soccer earlier, which has changed probably more than any other sport.  When I was a lad, folk were still talking about wing halves and inside rights, even though formations had already developed into 4-2-4 and 4-3-3.  Now we hear talk of holding midfielders and wing backs and folk "in the hole".  I heard someone comment recently that a player was "more of an eight than a ten".   I've no idea what that means but it's ironic that we seem to have turned to terms like eight and ten in these days of squad numbers.

    Times change and we need to change with them even if we don't think they've changed for the better.

    You don't actually need to know much to start to enjoy watching the game.

    • How to score
    • You can't throw or knock the ball forward
    • If you're carrying the ball, somebody might knock you over
    • Once you've been knocked over, you have to get up and backheel the ball to a team mate
    • Once players on your team have been knocked over six times, you have to give the ball to the other lot

    Everything else can be picked up as you go along.

    No I will not be changing my opinion.

    BTW, you do not backheel the ball to anyone, you are coached to play it with the flat of the foot as using the heel gives far less control. You can kick the ball forward and in a couple of moves, knock the ball forward.

    As for soccer, I'm sure even the casual observer knows the difference between a goalkeeper, a striker and a defender? Perhaps they need to go back to for M and W formation?

    I appreciate your point of view, though it seems we're travelling in circles so leave you to hold your views and me to have mine and thanks for raising the points you did.

  10. 5 hours ago, Griff said:

    My answer ?   It wasn't my point, fella.

    Why ?   What does it matter ?  If they're enjoying the game, who cares who's playing where ?

    But you did accuse my team of playing the other code with no hesitation! Odd how many teams I saw last season with no players names on shirts, must have been over half of that division playing 13 a side union then, oddly enough with RFL appointed referees.

    It matters as you'd hope they wanted to be educated about the game and try to find out the specialisms of who does what. If they just want to enjoy the spectacle then fine.

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