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  1. Word of warning for spectators. From Monday 25th October 2021 New River Stadium falls within the expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and if your vehicle qualifies it'll cost you an extra £12.50 minimum to drive there. This is NOT the congestion charge but a separate fee and if not paid within a set time attracts a £160 PCN (reducing to £80 in some circumstances). See here for more details - https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone/ulez-expansion
  2. What was the final score in FCL/St Gaudens match? I thought it was 66-16 but FFRXIII website saying 72-16?
  3. Do you remember the 'Gentlemen Tigers' logo? Had the dress shirt with 'Gentlement Tigers' (shame nobody proof read before production) on it but must be 25 years old and can't find it any more. Bought from old clubhouse in town centre, close to Mercure hotel.
  4. I have been paying attention but last new news on Ottawa website was posted 30th April 2021 so . . . . . New York website has nothing about their joining the RFL set up I can currently find. Currently NARL due to launch in 2022 as this article says https://www.nyrlusa.com/post/narl-2022
  5. Seems to have gone rather quiet about these two joining League 1 in 2022. Anybody know what's happening at either club or can we assume both will not be troubling us with their presence?
  6. Was told because of the earlier start to 2022 season due to RLWC it didn't fit in with their schedule but that info was 3 months ago . . . .
  7. Never forget the look on his face as suddenly the crowd started cheering and he thought it was for him, not seeing the two teams emerging for the second half!
  8. Like the Lord Derby final when Villeneuve played Lezignan at Narbonne? Still singing his last 'song' when teams kicked off for second half . . . . . . . . .
  9. Plus he has failed to say who these 3 clubs would be playing, if there would be promotion/relegation back to/from 'pro' game or what future prospects, if any, these clubs would have. Maybe an incentive for the clubs he wanted to remain in the 'pro' game would be that if they went broke, one of these clubs would replace them the next season? Now remind me of the financial record of certain clubs?
  10. Except Maloney will be playing for Lezignan which is roughly the same distance from Avignon as Manchester is from Whitehaven. Jouffret is from Avignon and started his playing career there plus his family live there.
  11. Chatanooga Choo Choo - plenty of performers but I'll say Ray Conniff Stay alive, here we go
  12. Yes they have with enough on Facebook, usually with match photos online evening of the (home) game and video of match on You Tube. Problem is person who updates the website is away till Thursday on holiday (as season finished for the club) so expect updates once he's back in office.
  13. So Neil Thorman or Ilies Macani to coach Skolars in 2022?
  14. According to this on Facebook, referee suffered broken nose. In that case I hope he prosecutes. https://www.facebook.com/TheRugbyLeagueFanClub
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