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  1. London V Warrington at Carcassonne a few years ago ?
  2. 42-8 to Avignon last I saw with couple of minutes left. Got called away so uncertain if conversion kicked by Lezignan and game had finished by time I got back
  3. Well it's cooled down to 31 deg C now !
  4. Now showing the game. KO was approx 2205 French time !
  5. Nu U19 ATM as it's just showing item about Stade Toulouse.
  6. So any bets on next figure being 1510 ?
  7. Don't think the Coleman axis worked either in this game or at Whitehaven. Just off key and needs to click into gear PDQ.
  8. 2 points Game live on SKY in UK Commentators saying crowd around 10000
  9. What odds on opening Ottawa game being against London ? Remember you read it here first !
  10. Do remind us what happened to the London Leopards plus their predecessors ? Brief flowerings then . . . . . .
  11. Skolars decided after being told it wasn't allowed. Easy decision . Idea was floated after seeing how UGAG under Lionel were live streaming but after enquiries were told from RFL it was a no. Don't know how UGAG got away with it.
  12. All I can say is that Skolars decided not to live stream. IIRC SKY said nothing to UGAG but may be they never knew about it.
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