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  1. Surely he was on loan from Catalans, not a fully signed TO player?
  2. He has the right to support his friend, he does not have the right to denigrate the victim. If Hayne appeals and is found innocent then comments can be made but ATM Hayne is the guilty party, not the lady involved. Wonder what his view is on the events in the US whilst Hayne was in NFL and how he describes the lady involved?
  3. Around being the operative word. Been told plenty of figures for certain clubs, from how much central funding to what the coach was on.
  4. Where did you get that figure from and can you supply me a link? Insider information from their last L1 season lets me know how much they actually got.
  5. Number of kit suppliers have option on their sites to design your own kit and they'll then quote you a price. May take longer as it's custom made but last time I looked it was around 6-8 weeks. If the club has already decided on a kit then how about the options of tracksuits/warm up shirts/jackets/polos etc? Sure any new club would welcome a volunteer to help with open arms. Ignore the nay sayers on here and offer your services, even if you think they may be limited, every pair of hands helps lighten the load, especially at a new club. PS Really cheap option is look at likes of Spor
  6. Hopefully have the kit to broadcast live this week . . . . . . . .
  7. Any update on how things are progressing or on hold due to medical reasons?
  8. Try Crystal Palace with at best 100 in, despite what the official crowd figure was, for a 16000 capacity stadium. Just one of many stories from the Strudwick days, I'm sure many have others, as do I.
  9. My main concern is his seeming lack of passion in his commentary, he'd probably describe the Titanic sinking as his feet getting wet and the inflexibility of the iceberg, it was just holding it's line. Like his summarising and think he'd be an interesting addition every 3 or 4 games but not every week. Breath of fresh ATM but believe familiarity would breed contempt if he was covering every game. However, as for some currently on the Sky/BBC teams, they leave a lot to be desired.
  10. Injured according to my source at SOA XIII who should know.
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