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  1. Read the letter and it says nothing about what would happen with League 1 games. Would they play games at a neutral venue ? If so, when ? Saturday/Sunday or midweek ? Given the geographical spread of League 1 and the fact it's a part time set up, when would players be tested and what would the risks of them having to go to work and coming into contact with a virus carrier between testing and playing ? Who would be recording the League 1 games ? Our League or down to individual clubs ? If individual clubs, are we looking at a return to the days games were uploaded to Vimeo but with access being available via subscription to supporters ? Nice to see he has made proposals and has opened up the debate but find his letter raises as many questions as it answers.
  2. When being the operative word !
  3. Played junior and open age, been club secretary and chairman, been on local league committee (PRO and IC disciplinary), videoed for 3 pro clubs and RFL, still videoing for 1 (Skolars), helped set up 2 amateur sides, taken training from schools sessions to open age, , set up scheme to bring French juniors to UK clubs (Tony Gigot was one of those to come across to Broncos), refereed, sorted out kit and other clothing and now thinking about just spectating after I reach 60.
  4. Enjoy your mental exertions. However, if your head is spinning like in The Exorcist, I fear even Mr Ambulance will be unable to help.
  5. 1980 All Hull final. 1990 1st test at Wembley. 1990 Regional select v Australia at Cascassonne when Australians refused to pass to Dale Shearer who was on the wing and he eventually came in field to try and touch the ball. Sat next to Mal Meninga in stand who knew about this in advance. 1994 12 man GB beat 13 man Australia at Wembley 1994 Meninga's last test.(and then record winning margin for Australia in a test) 1997 London Broncos beat Canberra Raiders Catalans cup win. Toronto first league game (as opposed to friendlies)
  6. Yes, if only to see what the standard is like.
  7. As she is trained in psychology she's used to dealing with those who exhibit delusions of adequacy so will only charge mates rates for dealing with your complex. Being in possession of a watch and knowing how to read the time, I have no use for the second number but happy to pass it on to enlighten one less fortunate.
  8. More than happy for you to call me, just use the number 999 and ask for Mr Ambulance or 0871 976 2839 and tell them you'd like a nice time.
  9. But as they we're travelling forward then . . . . Unless you want me to believe you're going to take them backwards to a time they've already experienced so they already know 561BC wasn't their year ! (Unless you also propose a mindwipe to erase memories ?) As for time travel, depends on method used as seems to differ between arriving at a specific date or travelling in a linear method. After all, Doctor Who goes to specific dates whilst the Time Traveller passes along a line. BTW, if you believe everything focus groups say then I suggest you ask Dominic Cummings for guidance.
  10. Must have an odd mirror as 561BC preceded 560BC so they would have already known if 561BC wasn't their year ! Do remember years BC count down to 1BC then start rising from 1AD onwards.
  11. Not at all. Whilst nobody likes the idea of a club folding, to suggest had positions been reversed there would have been a discreet silence from west of the river is naive at best. Think the criticism is aimed at Adam Pearson rather than Hull FC as any loan application, even in these dark times, must be open to due diligence so to be rejected apparently 5 times is interesting.
  12. Had this been Hull KR in that position are you telling us the silence from the other side of the city would have been deafening ?
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