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  1. For me number 1 then 4 but that could be used for several European countries that have mountain goats
  2. 'An utterly impartial history of Britain' is also a good read
  3. If you say it 3 times whilst looking in the mirror, does it appear behind you ?
  4. They were one of the organisations with a stall at the Capital Challenge game.
  5. OK, which Tony Gigot turns up as he can be a Jekyll and Hyde player.
  6. Match was reduced to 10 a side due to waterlogging on the pitch (side speccies normally stand on) and was a compromise as HAC wanted to call game off.
  7. Just done but having reread it see it was in Australian Dollars, not US ! 20 donated but every little helps
  8. So having come late to this topic, how do you contribute money ? Is it via Paypal or some other method ?
  9. Just as long as they're careful with the fireworks . . . . . Hope it's a great day for all and looking forward to seeing the restored ground later in the year.
  10. Used to have an advert on local radio for a funeral directors' that said you could have your funeral any way you wanted. Did think of ringing them and asking for a quote for the full Viking ! Body on longboat floated out into North Sea then set alight by a flaming arrow ! Often wondered what their response would have been ? On a different note, when MIL died I had to arrange her funeral and still not sure what undertaker meant by 'we have a date for the burial but there's a bit of a wait, however we have put in for a cancellation' ?
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