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  1. In the 1990s London Broncos shirts on sale in Windsor as they had the word LONDON on them and most tourists hadn't a clue who they were! Oh and vintage RL shirts on sale at a clothes shop in Slough market. Caribbean gent who ran it again had no idea what they were, he just liked the design! Now as for the Hull KR away (explosion in a paint factory) shirt on sale at Bluewater . . . . . . . . .
  2. Try here - https://www.ffr13.fr/competitions/elite1/
  3. Friends' son on holiday in Paris and said he was going to ra ra game today. Switched it on via Premiers Sports to see if I could spot them in crowd only to be greeted by Dewsbury v Batley game from Championship! Wonder how many complaints they'll get as ra ra watchers are greeted by a proper game?
  4. High tackle. Player admitted he'd got it wrong but Skolars player didn't dwell on it. Watching it again on video, was bad technique and whilst sending off according to letter of the law, doubt anybody would have protested had he got 10 minutes in sin bin.
  5. Very encouraging given their previous tteatment.
  6. Perhaps he did but the only names I heard him use were from members of the Wigan squad.
  7. Is it really the job of the referee to tell players from one side to go and get a drink as they've got plenty of time?
  8. Pre Covid, used to see somebody in Staines in FC Lezignan kit which must have confused him as I often had SO Avignon gear on! Will have a look next time I venture into there and may wear my 2021 FCL replica to confuse him further!
  9. IIRC the horse racing they advertised was Royal Ascot which finished last Saturday!
  10. Tried reloading couple of times but again ran for 5 seconds or so then buffered. Thanks for the answer.
  11. viaoccitanie kept freezing but was fine on sportenfrance. Watching on Chromebook so any suggestions why viaoccitanie keeps freezing as had same problem with final and couple of previous games?
  12. Thanks, was looking on BBC1 and 2 which used to have link to red button. New technology baffles ###### old technophobe !
  13. TBH result could have been far worse for Oldham as Skolars missed a few scoring chances and on another night could have hit 50. Looked like Skolars were matching the opposition in the pack for first time this season. No criticism of previous squads but they were (almost) newcomers at that level and couple of older heads made the difference.
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