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  1. Was forward as was in line with it and arguably the game breaker though Scotland added couple of legitimate tries following. For a team of relative novices, very impressed by Greece and they fought to the end though looked bit tired in last ten. Not impressed with Childs refereeing as his onside was atrocious all game.
  2. Eminence grise or in case of an agent, eminence greasy ?
  3. And therein lies the problem with him. Those of us who saw him play for Skolars at Oxford know about his moods.
  4. Referee overrules TJ des[pite TJ saying pass was forward. How is that fault of TJ ? And yes, I was at the match and talked to ref after game and he explained why he made that decision. Might not agree with him but he had to make the decision in real time and all 3 (ref and 2 TJs) had watched incident on both Our League footage and Hunslet club footage. He'd just been given copy of Skolars footage (directly in line with incident) but hadn't watched that yet. FYI, TJ closest to it said it was forward, far side TJ said it was OK and ref believed it was OK (won't go into his reasoning as was private conversation). Anyway, couple of Skolars tries looked potentially forward so . . . . . . .
  5. Do wonder if Villeneuve will follow through with going to RFL competition. Their joining has been proposed before (when both Dave Ellis and Grant Doorey were coaching) yet never went forward. Sometimes clubs in FFRXIII say they're going, to put pressure on leadership of FFRXIII. Remember ASC saying they were going to join RFL during dispute with FFRXIII. IIRC Villeneuve lost interest in joining RFL after the then chairman (and main money man) left. However, potential is there should they join but not sure Agen move their best option (though they have played games at the stadium there as their current stadium hadn't got suitable floodlights for TV games) .
  6. London V Warrington at Carcassonne a few years ago ?
  7. 42-8 to Avignon last I saw with couple of minutes left. Got called away so uncertain if conversion kicked by Lezignan and game had finished by time I got back
  8. Well it's cooled down to 31 deg C now !
  9. Now showing the game. KO was approx 2205 French time !
  10. Nu U19 ATM as it's just showing item about Stade Toulouse.
  11. So any bets on next figure being 1510 ?
  12. Don't think the Coleman axis worked either in this game or at Whitehaven. Just off key and needs to click into gear PDQ.
  13. 2 points Game live on SKY in UK Commentators saying crowd around 10000
  14. What odds on opening Ottawa game being against London ? Remember you read it here first !
  15. Do remind us what happened to the London Leopards plus their predecessors ? Brief flowerings then . . . . . .
  16. Skolars decided after being told it wasn't allowed. Easy decision . Idea was floated after seeing how UGAG under Lionel were live streaming but after enquiries were told from RFL it was a no. Don't know how UGAG got away with it.
  17. All I can say is that Skolars decided not to live stream. IIRC SKY said nothing to UGAG but may be they never knew about it.
  18. Depends which site it was streamed on. UGAG also used to live stream their games and SKY did nothing. Do Bradford live stream all their games ? If it's on Our League site then it's 'official' and approved.
  19. Skolars have looked into live streaming but on hold ATM as SKY deal means they have power to veto.
  20. All Skolars home games are videoed. Contact Tania for details. Apparently a production company has been hired by RLEF to cover Greece/Norway so don't blame Skolars for any problems with it.
  21. Was either late 70s or early 80s and ARL sent a number of juniors to France to play at FFRXIII clubs. Despite the fact they were 'professionals' and paid to play, apparently the perfectly amateur French RU clubs tried to sign most of them to their game ! Not sure if true but was told that at one point you could be paid up to a certain amount per game and still be considered 'amateur', this was match fee, NOT expenses as far as any sport in France was concerned.
  22. Doesn't say much for the state of the egg in them ?
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