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  1. Would be more impressed if you did not refer to the 2019-20 season in your survey. Surely you know SL is a summer game and takes place in one specific year ?
  2. Never when I was involved with either club, in fact it cost volunteers money, if only in travel costs and time spent.
  3. Over 2 weeks and no response, either via direct email or using contact form on website ! Magnifique ? Non !
  4. IIRC it was around 1991-2. (Might not have been Rugby League Raw but was programme featuring lower league clubs, certainly pre SL but can't remember title) Plus managed to get mention of our fixtures quite a few times on 'Late Night Late' though how many were watching at 3am is another matter !
  5. Years ago when Rugby League Raw was shown on TVS (franchise covering south coast of England) it got highest rating for the time slot ever. It also sparked interest as I was club secretary for a club in London League and was taking calls from people interested in either coming to see a live game or trying the sport. Majority of people had never seen the game in such depth and were impressed by what they saw. Very few of them were displaced northerners.
  6. Perhaps he reads what's on here and decided not to use what was one of his favourite words last week !
  7. If he's on the commentating team for the 2 CC games today, how many tries will be described as 'simple' and how many times will they be 'simple,simple' ? He does also overuse a couple of other words but, for this, keeping it simple !
  8. Is there any other way Davies can describe a try other than 'simple' ? Does he know any other adjective apart from 'brilliant' ? Seems lockdown has seem him revert to his customary in depth analysis ! Now opening a bottle of wine and will take a sip every time he uses the word 'simple' or 'brilliant' and probably have the bottle emptied by final hooter !
  9. Says nothing bad about either club or sport from reading what he's said. He came back to TGG, he didn't make it as a regular starter so is returning to a sport probably better suited for him. Sure that at whatever club he goes to he'll be approached by other players about his experience in TGG and may well be a useful recruiting tool (albeit unwittingly). He's admitted his failure to reach the level he wanted so made his choice and hope he flourishes in the other code in his last few years there.
  10. Thought I'd ask FFR XIII so went onto their website and found 2 contacts for e mails (Paris and Carcassonne offices) so sent e mail to both via the link on the site. One was rejected by system ! Tried again using e mail account rather than link. Same again. Not very impressive.
  11. Presume they have to plan now for next season but they can't control events outside their hands ? If they hadn't released fixtures then they'd be hung out to dry for ineptness. I hope it goes ahead as planning to go to magic weekend but not booked yet.
  12. Have they decided on a location for this yet ? Last I heard it was between Perpignan and Toulouse.
  13. Elite 2 starts weekend 3/4 October. Elite one starts weekend 30 October/1 November. All fixtures here https://www.ffr13.fr/competitions/
  14. If it's any help, found Catalans, Toulouse and Avignon websites and response very good for ordering items. With others it depends on who is running things either on the website or at the club for that season. FFR XIII Federation website has got better and a number of clubs (Limoux, Villeneuve, Montpellier, Lyon, Palau and Catalans) use O'Neills for kit so might be worth you looking there. FYI, first game I went to in France (France v Australia 1990 in Avignon) I was told at the merchandise stall if I wanted a France replica they were available from the suppliers - Bulldog Sports in Leeds ! https://www.oneills.com/uk_en/shop-by-team/rugby/rugby-league.html
  15. Apart from a couple of clubs, marketing seems to be something they find difficult to do online (and often at the grounds too !)
  16. Is the Fabre any relation to Felix, the ex municipal police chief who was one time hooker at XIII Catalan and had at least two sons playing ?One (Arnaud IIRC) had half season at Broncos/Quins under 20s (or that season's age group) but seemed to plateau and was at Pia.
  17. No problem with train but on this occasion would be dodgy as must be somewhere in UK midday Monday. 2150 flight from Toulouse means I'd be home by 0030 ish. Have used train before and it's a nice option.
  18. Done the drive in the past, both Brittany Ferries and Dover/Calais but as it'll just be me, easier to fly this time and get hire car at airport. Plus time constraint this time round. Need to be home for Monday midday. PS When we drove last time it was Bordeaux for lunch then Villeneuve for dinner
  19. It'd be either Toulouse or Marseille for the flight. Wine festival is on the Thursday so Friday to recover then to either Carcassonne or Perpignan for MW. That just leaves me to work out how long I have to get to Blagnac (flight from there to Gatwick at 2150 on a Sunday) or Marseille after last game. Any idea of rough KO times ? Presuming something like 2, 4 and 6pm on Sunday ? Did consider Barcelona or Girona airport but given current problems . . . .
  20. Any idea when they'll confirm location for Magic Weekend ? Going to Avignon wine festival so can take it in before returning but location depends on where I book flights to. Carcassonne means either there or Toulouse for flights and can get back on Sunday night. Perpignan makes it bit more difficult.
  21. So would I hence I just floated the idea. After all, say London Skolars or WWR had to play Barrow and Newcastle away then say Sheffield at home, would it be worth their while even if guaranteed £13000 ? Financially perhaps but not in other respects. Probably end up with 8 or 9 clubs entering.
  22. Just to float the idea, say it was played in 4 groups of 4 with top of group progressing to semi, followed by final. 12 teams that finish 2-4 in group get £13000, semi losers get £19000, final losers get £23000 and winnners £33000 ?
  23. Interesting reading, especially the bit about cleaning the stadium and seating. Club I go to hasn't had stadium cleaned since* . . . . . . . . * Though some seats do get washed when it rains. "● spectator areas, including seating, concourse areas and toilets, should be cleaned more frequently than normal, including between each competition session,"
  24. Potential being the operative word. Until RFL has some concrete proposals then we're all just speculating.
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