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  1. Never bothered me, always wore whatever was cheapest, hence the pair of canary yellow boots, after all, once they're muddy who notices ?
  2. Comes up as a closed group you need to join to see content.
  3. 12 point deduction, applied this season if they finish outside of relegation slots, next season if in automatic relegation spot. Either way any buyer will be getting a side playing what was old 3rd division.
  4. How long before the stories start that Sale are going to buy the ground ? ?
  5. Is he the gent in the article in last edition of Private Eye ? If so then heaven help Wigan Athletic
  6. RIP. Had disagreements with him on here but it was always differences of opinion and never personal. He'll be missed and a sad loss to both his family and TGG.
  7. IIRC Skolars have fair representation in Jamaica squad, both playing and coaching. On mobile so hopefully somebody can find names etc.
  8. Thought Aberavon were in MASWARLA and only associate members of London League (played teams with an off week) but happy to be corrected, after all it was many years ago !
  9. Videoed for Villeneuve at Castleford years ago and, in the company of the cameraman from the UK company covering it, went to the pie stand. He knew me from other games and knew I was from Hull but we kept up pretence I was French as I put on awful accent (Villeneuve top helped). The staff serving were less than amused when I pointed to the mushy peas and asked if it was avocado ?
  10. Population around 105000, ground capacity around 81500 for Lambeau Field.
  11. IIRC Maxime Greseque is coach at Limoux in Elite 1.
  12. Hope the FFR XIII have improved their gear as seemed to be at one time they just painted their logo on with Tipp Ex !
  13. Ask Michelle how her nose is ? Was at the game she broke it and it wasn't a pleasant sight. Wasn't Ron the one who arranged for the excavator to 'improve' the banking at Chiswick that Bob Evans managed to turn over ?
  14. Ron and Mo Snares, one daughter played for Fulham Women's side (Michelle ?) and a son was involved with East London side as player (Kevin ?) with Ron and Mo involved off pitch. Remember several happy post match sessions in the bar, both at Chiswick and East London.
  15. Was that the Irish social club ? Have vague memories of playing there last match before Xmas one year and were made very welcome, especially when the poteen (check spelling) came round.
  16. Carcassonne used to have a good selection when they were running the Bar Devilla then an office in town, but last time I visited you either had to buy at ground on match day or at their new office and good luck finding that !
  17. Makes perfect sense, especially when they already have Jordan Johnstone. ? Of course you are privy to his plans for the future and if he's leaving Leeds perhaps you'd like to tell the Rhinos ?
  18. But as neither plays for Hull FC what does that have to do with the topic ?
  19. Very big question on who replaces him. Agree he can't keep up that work rate for too many more seasons and even had he just moved on to retirement/dropping down a division etc will be a big hole in the side to plug. Who do you suggest they bring in to replace him ? Can't think of many available players with those tackle numbers either on the market or coming through ? Or is it a negotiating tool as he's OOC at end of 2020 season so perhaps him or his agent are using the bogeyman of Toronto to nudge the club ?
  20. Big blow to Hull IF TRUE !
  21. Wasn't this what Batley did a few years ago ? My one share in them means I get a letter from them every so often. PS I was once offered Fulham shares (during the Chiswick days) but never took the offer up.
  22. Most French clubs are poor at marketing kits etc. But at least those 2 have got their act together. Dragons website is good but has nothing for their Elite 1 side on sale.
  23. Any use ? http://soavignon.com/categorie-produit/promotions/debardeur/ https://boutique.to13.com/225-727-debardeur-race--101033702.html#/2-taille-m
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