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  1. According to this I was both right and wrong ! ! ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroudeurs_de_Pia_XIII
  2. Have a good time but hope the entertainment is better than the Johnny Haliday lookalike they had when I saw Villeneuve v St Esteve plus no thunderstorm this time!
  3. Interesting read but I have always been told Pia Barouders are a separate side to the previous Les Anes who were in Elite 1. Not sure either if Pia is now a suburb of Perpignan due to urban sprawl or still classed as an independent village?
  4. How many schools still run trips? First final I ever attended was as part of school trip (train from Hull with many other schools, trip round London, final, evening at theatre then train back with special buses laid on as train arrived around 2am!)
  5. Possibly but as it's council owned depends on them. Running the stadium has been taken back in house by Harringey Council as Fusion were useless. They may be open to long term lease perhaps by RFL if they also run football, gym, athletics etc?
  6. Remember the interest Rugby League Raw caused. The old TVS reckoned it was the best viewed programme in it's timeslot in an area hardly rich in TGG! Was getting calls for when my amateur team were playing from people who'd seen the show and were interested in watching a live game. OK, some only came to one game but others became regular or semi regular spectators.
  7. Would have thought a more worrying comparison would have been with speedway. Apparently second largest spectator sport in the 1970s (their figures so may be suspect but certainly well attended) and now on life support, even with TV money.
  8. I remember being at St Esteve for World Cup game (PNG & ?) and the buffet. Wonder whatever happened to M Rosbif?
  9. Brunel Ducks, Bracknell/Thames Valley Tigers, London Leopards all gone! Remember Virgin Radio giving away tickets for Leopards in competitions (won and got to meet a former Miss World who was handing out signed basketballs) but even at that game there were at best 600, in the London Docklands Arena (didn't know who opposition were and turned up in Sheffield Eagles shirt to find it was the Steelers!) Tigers played at local sports centre and when I moved here they had full main hall, by the end they were in smallest hall with crowd under 100. Locally basketball has a decent and well attended academy for 6-18s but not sure where they go after reaching 18?
  10. The campaign against the Cathars is often referred to as the Albigensian crusade, one branch of christianity persecuting another. BTW Villeneuve sur Lot apparently was the place built for the locals after the destruction of Pujols
  11. Beware of on street parking as this year has seen introduction of a match day parking zone that extends about 2 miles from Tottenham's stadium - Skolars ground falls within the area and is about 1.8 miles away as many people parking on the road outside have discovered to their cost! https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/parking/controlled-parking-zones-cpzs/tottenham-event-day-cpz/tottenham-event-day-cpz-map Oh and it's inside ULEZ so add on another £12.50 for a car.
  12. I suggest he has a strong word with the person who negotiated the deal they currently have in place!
  13. Took the 12225 number from Wikipedia and Thestadiumbusiness so apologies if they are incorrect.
  14. Maybe once Hull FC were an exclusively west Hull club but how many of their supporters today live on the likes of Bransholme, Sutton Park etc?
  15. Largest Hull FC crowd for 2022 (so far) has been announced as 10081. Current capacity at Hull KR ground is 12225 so around 80%, hardly a struggle. Plus hasn't there been an announcement about new stand being built at south end?
  16. Does that mean that as land is so cheap there that Mr Pearson will be investing there for this new stadium he has mentioned? Surprised if it was so cheap he hasn't already decided on a location for his club's new ground (should it ever be built!).
  17. How about "We can only look on in envy at Hull KR getting their own ground for a small fee" ? All articles I've read say it was sold at market value! If it's been sold to them for 'a small fee' then council open to taxpayers taking action.
  18. Click on the link for the 'Platinum Lounge' and that is for Widnes game on 30th January!
  19. Ran into him many times over the years and happy memories of drinks in several bars in Carcassonne. Last saw him to talk to at launch of Lost In Spain in Marlow and he looked unwell but his mind was as sharp and witty as ever. RIP Dave, hate the thought won't see you at the Ibis on Gambetta ever again.
  20. Surely there is a slight difference in that the 3 games are in different locations. Visit to Perpignan 3 times in one season is not the same. Suspect that as it's a new place, many fans will prefer to travel to Toulouse as, unfortunately, Perpignan is not the novelty it was.
  21. Different grounds looking at it with 1976 one looking much larger. Assuming 1972 ground was Carcassonne home ground but can't identify 1976.
  22. Delivered to UK, took about 3 weeks but did have shirts personalised so 'bog standard' may take less.
  23. Just used link and worked fine thanks.
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